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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kyjen Innovative Dog Products ~ A Different Way to Challenge Your Pooch ~ Review

While our family loves to share the love with pets in need, admittedly our own furry son gets his share of attention, as well!  Always ready and willing to participate in any family events, from runs with the Teen Diva, to spectating and tail wagging at sporting events, he is all about hopping in the van or truck for a new adventure.

Despite his ever-ready willingness, there are often family activities he simply cannot attend, despite his winning dog grin:  work, school, weddings and the like.  Although he receives brisk, daily walks and romp sessions in the yard all year long and special trips to run and play at the dog park, there are certainly times when his energy level  is well beyond our own, especially during the hectic weekdays.

At times, such as those, having a ready supply of varied toys can be a saving grace, providing us with fun and easy ways to interact, especially during the blustery Michigan winter days.

Not being a pooch to pass up an opportunity to test innovative and playful products for pups, our three year old review lab extraordinaire, Rex, was all a wag about his recent assignment from Kyjen Innovative Dog Products!  Kyjen, a new to us site, is now one of our family favorites, two-legged and four-legged members alike; we are so glad to have found them!

We design and make toys, games, puzzles, travel products and other quality dog products at fair prices.  We have a passion for dogs, and thus feel that they deserve fun, functional products . . . products that last longer and challenge their minds and instincts so they can be happy and healthy, which in turn enriches all of our lives!
McMoose - one of Kyjen's official testers - testing the oversized Hedgie!
With fun and unique toys for play, as well as all the gear you need to make including your pooch on your family's adventures a joy, Kyjen is an excellent resource for fun-loving pups on the go!  Tested by canine team members at Kyjen, this puppy Mama is assured that the products Kyjen offers are well designed and safe, as well as carrying a pup-personal pledge of satisfaction.

...we continue to launch plush toys and travel gear. Don’t think we’re stopping there… we’ve branched out way beyond that!  Here in Colorado, we’re all active dog owners, and we find that if we have a need for a certain product, so do our customers and their dogs. We’re constantly exploring new categories and striving to provide the best of the best in quality, function, and fun.
 Here at That's What She Said, after a lengthy consultation with our own in house expert, Rex, we elected to test a product from the extensive line of Kyjen pup puzzles, products just right for keeping your pooch cognitively challenged.

With a wide range of puzzles and games to select from, fantastic product photos, descriptions and even You Tube videos, we felt confident in our choice of the Paw Hide medium skill puzzle.  While one might think such specialized and lovingly designed toys and gear might be quite pricey, we were thrilled to discover that the Kyjen line is actually quite modestly priced, with the puzzles ranging from $14.99 to $22.99, with the Paw Hide only $14.99.

Rex's Take 
Rex was more than happy to give the Paw Hide a thorough test and while we don't bring out the Paw Hide daily, rather once or twice a week to keep it fun and "new", he gives two paws up to any toy that combines two of his all time favorites:  fun and treats!   While initially, Rex was challenged to find the tasty treats contained within each of the seven treat compartment, clearly tempted to pick up the whole game and flip it, patience and good manners prevailed.  Once he had success in removing one of the cups, he was quickly able to move on to the others.  Rex is very excited, whenever we pull out the Paw Hide, knowing he will be rewarded with treats for utilizing his problem solving skills, as well as receive plenty of support from the rest of the family while he tackles the challenge.

Mom's Take
Watching Rex solve his pup puzzle is always entertaining.  He moves quickly to each of the cups that are easily removed, going back later to tackle any of those that are in a more challenging position.   Each cup has an opening, that is perfect for extraction by tooth, with each cup opening having an edge that is slightly lower. When the cup's opening is lined up with the lower edge, he can easily mouth his way into a prime removal position.

To make this puzzle even more challenging for seasonal pup pros, simply spinning the cup's opening away from the lower edge of game frame ensures, not only that the puzzle will take longer to solve, but that your pup will need to manipulate the cup within the opening or find a new angle of approach to ensure success.

The whole family enjoys rooting Rex on, as he tackles the Paw Hide.  As a pup Mom, I appreciate all the care and effort that go into each of Kyjen's creations.  I am comfortable with the products at Kyjen, trusting that they are safe, well designed and worth every penny!

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What toys are favorites for your four legged family members?  
Which are favorites that never lose their appeal?
Tell me in a comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Rex received a Paw Hide Puzzle from Kyjen to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions and experiences above are both honest and our own.  Images and information sourced from various Kyjen sites.  


Crystal said...

My pups like to play tug of war with each other as well as ball. My girl loves anything plush as well. However we don't get many plush toys as my big guys loves to tare them to sreads ;-) I am a big fan of Kyjen's puncture proof toys though

Grace said...

I think these types of toys are great and it is good to give them a challenge. We have a ball for our dog that has a mouth that holds a treat and when they try to get the treat it massages their gums. A 2 in 1 toy

Lisa Weidknecht said...

What a neat idea! My dog has 2 toys...a blue plastic ball and a bone pillow. Everything else he destroyed, so we just stick to those two.

Terri said...

@Grace - what a neat idea! Now, if only I could find a shirt that also massaged my back! :)
@Lisa - I so know what you mean! Our boy is a toy destruction artist but I'm so impressed with the Kyjen puzzle that I'm willing to try other products. That being said, he is NOT left unsupervised with the empty cups lol

Pam said...

Our pooch, Rio, loves his pull toy and his toy dog with a squeaker.

Samantha said...

that is awesome! i love the giant hedgehog!

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

my Sheltie (Dakota) is highly intelligent (as are all Shelties) and he has the Nina Otossen (spelling?) puzzles but these look quite good! We may have to check these out! Oh...while I am thinking of it, you can check out Dakota's blog at http://www.dakotasden.wordpress.com

Jim said...

Great product My dog will just love it

Tania Tani said...
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