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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rex Reviews JW Pet ~ Intelligent Ideas for Happy Pets ~ Prize Pack #Giveaway

Rex Reviews...

My name is Rex.
I am a three year old Yellow Lab and I am a squeaky toy addict.
It's true.
I'm not sure just exactly what it is about squeaky toys that gets my pup heart a-pumping and my tail a-wagging but I love those squeaky squeakers.

When I was a pup, my Mom brought home some rubber squeaky toys. Ah, the memories. I squeaked those babies all over the house and then gutted them.

Mom and Dad picked up all the pieces of rubber, wrestled me for the squeaker and threw the whole business away. "Hey, I just got that squeaker out!" They aren't very good listeners.

After that, Mom started bringing home furry squeakers. I didn't mind. I'm an equal opportunity squeaker addict. They seemed to want to play with it, with me so I humored them for awhile. It wasn't easy, but I waited a couple of days and then gutted it. Of course, here she came again and took all of it away. "Woman, I was using that!" (sigh)

Every few weeks or so, Mom would bring home another furry squeaky. Dad would make some frowny face grumbling noises but, eventually, they gave me the furry squeaker.

I tried everything! I tried gutting them in my den, behind the couch. I even growled once, to let them know how strongly I felt, but that didn't work out so well. They can't help it; they are slow learners, but they mean well.

I have other human friends that look out for me, though. Like the mailman. I love that guy! Almost every day, he leaves a treat for me in the box by the road. I can hear him coming from a mile away! I bark at him from the window and his noisy box barks back. Kind of sounds like a goose.

Sometimes, my other friend comes in the BIG BOX and leaves little boxes at the front door. I think he is a little shy; I always tell him to come on in, but he never does.

When Mom gets the boxes, sometimes she brings them to me. I love those days! Now, the box itself is quite a treat because they have SO MANY smells to sniff and I could chew and rip on that baby for hours. Of course, I got to do that about twice. Mom usually takes the box away. (shaking head)

The last time a box came for me was pretty exciting. There were three rubbery squeakers inside! Aroooo rooo! There was a baseball with a squeaker, a bowling pin with a squeaker and a football with a squeaker. It was so exciting, I couldn't decide which one I liked the best! I ran all over the house, squeaking them as loud as I could to let my boy and girl know it was play time.

They seemed pretty excited, too. I let everyone get a turn to play with my new squeakers and even played fetch with the football with Dad in the backyard. He likes that.

It took a while to finally wear them all out, but when they went to bed, I hid the squeakers in different spots. I hid one in my den, one in the couch and one in the cat's climber. ( I didn't have to worry about her - she's just cranky and boring)

The next day, after my people left in the morning, I retrieved the bowling pin so I could gut it. I must have chewed on that thing for an hour, but no luck! I tried every chewy, gnawing trick I know - no dice! Not on the bowling pin, not on the baseball, not on the football.

When Mom got home and saw the squeakers, she was so happy. She was making excited noises to Dad when he got home and then they both came and looked at the squeakers. "Not sure what you guys look so happy about; these squeakers are defective", I said. When my boy and girl came home, they had to come look, too. Even my boy looked happy.

(I mentioned they are kind of slow, right?) So, I squeaked all the squeakers and pulled on the squeakers to show my people that they were broken. They just didn't get it. Dad wanted me to play fetch with him again outside. (sigh)

Now, I'm the kind of pup that likes to try to find the positive side in any situation. Even though these squeakers were clearly not of the same quality of all the squeakers I've had before (read: un-guttable) there are some advantages to them.

First, Mom hasn't even tried to throw them away. Second, I always have something to squeak. Lastly, Dad does seem to really like to play fetch, so I play squeaky football with him every night. It's good exercise for him.

Rex Recommends...
If for some crazy, human reason you want un-guttable squeaky toys, JW Pet is the place to go. They have stuff for dogs, cats, birds, fish and other small animals. Be warned though, they seem to be human (read: a little slow).

We know dogs love squeakers and they go wild for the sound. So, we wanted to find a way to make squeaky toys as safe as possible. After all, we care very much about every dog’s well-being. Our product designers began by considering a number of possible ways to build a squeaker into a toy. The goal was to make the squeaker as sturdy as possible. First, we surrounded each squeaker with a cone-shaped, hard plastic housing. Then, we created a unique and patented way to “lock” the squeaker into the toy and protect it. Of course, there are less expensive squeakers and faster ways to place them into a dog toy. But there is virtually nothing exactly like ours available from anyone else. No one takes as much care with squeakers as we do.

JW Pet ~ Intelligent Ideas. Happy Pets.TM

JW Pet is currently running a special Facebook promotion. Like their page and be entered into a drawing for a weekly giveaway each Friday for a featured toy!

JW Pet is generously offering That's What She Said readers a chance to win their own iSqueakers Prize Pack of three iSqueakers dog toys!

This giveaway is open to residents of US, 18+ and will end on Monday, February 13, 2012, at 12:01am.

Readers who already follow, like, and subscribe are welcomed to take those entries.
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Rex was provided with an assortment of iSqueakers toys from JW Pet to explore for the purposes of creating this feature. All opinions and experiences above are both honest and our own. Images and information sourced from various JW Pet sites. Paw Print Image. Facebook is not responsible for, nor involved in this giveaway in any fashion. JW Pet is supplying the prize for this giveaway and is responsible for shipping.


Donna D said...

I love the Ruffians Chicken toy because I think Jill would love it, she loves to play with squeaky toys.
chocho1957 at hotmail.com

NGS said...

My kitty would love the Magneticat toy. She's seven months old and very playful! We're always trying to find new toys to stimulate her and keep her busy!

I love how you wrote this from the POV of your dog! Super clever!!

ShellieAndBrutus said...

Brutus the Boxer would love to have the Megalast Long Dog. He loves his toys and long toys are his favorite.
fatmeatloaf1 at gmail dot com

Pam said...

How sad that Rex is not able to gut his squeaky toys. I definitely need to try these with Rio. After a few days he manages to get the squeaker out of every other toy we have tried.

Closer to Lucy said...

I'd have to go with the "small" animal line and the smaller dog squeekies for our rodents...sigh

cstironkat said...

I like the JW’s Skid Stop Slow Feed™ bowl for my dog Milele because it helps prevent overeating and bloating. Milele eats so fast and this would slow her down while giving me peace of mind.

amyorvin said...

Canvas Butterfly with Doorknob Teaser


jill24295 said...

I have 2 standard poodles and I know they would love the Chompion toy.

mickeyfan said...

I think The Lads (2 domestic shorthairs) would like the Swatical, since the dogs can win your prize!

DebbyM said...

I think my Monet, a lhasa apso, would love a Dino Cuz...she loves to play fetch and LOVES squeakies...this would be perfect for her!


tamathamc said...

I think molli and do-low, dont ask; would like the megalast toys as they are serious chew machines

sarah shult said...

I like the skid stop bowls sheshult@hotmail.com

bored2quickly said...

My Pookie and J.J. would love the Swatica! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
Renee Walters

mogrill said...

I like the Magneticat toy
Thanks for the chance.

mogrill said...

I like the Magneticat toy
Thanks for the chance.

Miranda Ward said...

I like the Cuz toys!!!


Janna @ Feed Your Pig said...

cuz tail for my dog phrank!
Happy Blogging! Thanks! Janna Johnson jannajanna@hotmail.com janna@feedyourpig on gfc www.feedyourpigblog.com

Karen said...

LOVE the Ruffians Chicken toy for Sadie :)

ktgonyea at gmail.com

mverno said...

i like the bowls mverno@roadrunner.com

clenna said...

One of the toys I like best is the Megalast Ball with Rope.
I'd give it to my Golden Retriever Mazie. She loves to pull and to chew on toys. This one would be perfect for her.

clenna at aol dot com

Sarah said...

I like the Magneticat toy because it moves without batteries. I would give it to my 3 cats: Jewel, Buddy and Rocky.

Michelle Underwood said...

Titan would like one of the pull toys- Duck Dummies

Kim said...

The Hol-ee Toys for our new puppy because I like the idea of putting a treat in it.

Becca said...

I love the Megalast bone because it is extremely durable and infused with vanilla (my favorite scent). I would give it to my dog, Hunter, because he destroys every toy we give him LOL Thanks!

Laura Jacobson said...

My favorite toy is the Great Ape! How adorable! I have a new dog I adopted on Halloween that had been looking for a new forever home for almost 4 months. A local shelter rescued him from another state about a week before I found him at our local petstores adoption days. Poor guy had been thru so much and lost almost 20 pounds. Needless to say we are so happy and he is gaining his weight back. :) He would love some new toys!
landfjacobson @ charter.net

Sherrie Cruson said...

I like the Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowls. There non-skid which means I wouldn't have to go across the kitchen to retrieve my dogs food bowl after they've eaten.

I would love to have this for my 3 little furbabies.


rj7777 said...

I like the grass ball and hooee mole which are both treat balls that would be wonderful for my bichons. I have two of them and they are brothers. One of them is bigger and fat and the other is thin and not fat. They eat about the same. I would love to make Tuffy the fatter one work for his treats. Rita Spratlen rjspratlen@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Squeaky toys that last?? This is some mad scientist stuff! My dog and my wallet are begging for these squeaky treats!
- elsieisnotmyname@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I like the Treat toys for my 2 dogs.

Desiree Dunbar

Anonymous said...

My dog Angel has gone thru 8 Arachnoid Balls, it is her favorite toy, we get one for her everytime she breaks the squeaker.

morganowl28 at gmail dot com

Candace said...

I like the squeaky chicken (or bowling pin) for my little doggie.

Erica C. said...

The Megalast Ball with rope would be great for my dog Radar.

peppersalt said...

Any megalast toy would be great for my terrier, He likes to carry around long toys. saltpepper1_2000@yahoo.com

Ron Miller said...

Skid Stop bowls for Tooty, it won't slide when he eats!

barracudaron AT gmail.com

Lisa's Free Stuff said...

Lucky Horseshoe for Haley because she has chewed up every toy so far.

Anonymous said...

I would give my dog the Arachnoid Ball

kannw79 at gmail dot com

Diane W said...

I have a litte doxie that would go nuts over a small iSqueak Bone. He loves anything that squeaks.

diane dot wortman at gmail dot com

gnwg said...

I-squeak ruffian because my lab loves squeaky toys, I would give it to my lab!

Erika P. said...

My dogs love the Cuz Toys that squeak.
805chick7 at gmail dot com

Kate said...

Our dog would get a real kick out of the Dogs iN Action toy!! Thanks!


Claire said...

I'd love to give the large Megalast Ball to our great dane because it looks sturdy!

kaleidoscopequeen at gmail dot com

Breanne said...

I'd like the iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball for my sister's dog. He loves balls and squeaky toys

daveshir2005 said...

I love the cuz toys and I have four dogs but my dog Kia would most likely get these and play with them.


fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski
twitter,gfc,stumble/ daveshir2005
google +/ shirley pebbles

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