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Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 3 Reasons Why I Love That My Walmart Has A Subway #CBias

When you are a Mom on the Go, finding new ways to ease the pressure during your hectic week is always a blessing.  From rallying the kids around for school in the morning, to work, to the endless after school commitments, to a quick dinner, and homework; by the time this busy Mom puts her feet up at night, my day has often been hours longer than I'd like.  To this family, being able to wipe out two needs at once is called winning!

The availability of a family favorite quick and easy meal from Subway, conveniently located within our local Walmart store is a perfect example of how to accomplish this.

Top Three Reasons Why I Love That My Walmart Has A Subway

1.  While I consider myself to be a multi-tasking master, there are inherent flaws in my household management system.  When I'm helping my son with homework, playing with the pooch and trying to create a grocery shopping list in my head from memory, invariably, some minor item, like milk, is omitted from the list.  End result:  another shopping trip in an already packed evening.  Being able to count on the convenience and wide variety of Subway at Walmart means I can pick up milk (so I don't awake to a bowl of dry cereal and a sad kid face in the morning) as well as a quick dinner for the family, without losing precious time.

2.  Although the members of my family number only four, the tastes of we few are wide and varied.  Trying to satisfy everyone's preferences in one quick meal stop can be challenging.  Not so at Subway.  With a wide variety of offerings, from subs to salads, soups and more, there is always something for everyone in the family at Subway.  With combo meals, monthly specials and budget friendly pricing, I can satisfy the entire crew and feel good about the food that is fast, but also healthy.  January's featured footlong for $5 is the Chipotle Chicken and Cheese.  Yum!

3.  Variety is the spice of life and there is no end to the variety of options at Subway.  My husband is first to try any of the new offerings and Subway's sandwich creativity always leaves him satisfied.  My ten year old son, still in the "keep it simple" phase, appreciates the simple construction of the Turkey and Roast Beef offerings on the Subway kid's menu.  Of course, the Teen Diva is always looking for her own path and has creating her own personal combination, found no where on the Subway menu.  With willing and able Subway Sandwich Artists always at the ready, her tasty creation, if not the leanest choice, is one that leaves her smiling and satisfied.

Just this weekend, as she prepared for a pre finals evening of relaxation and fun; a girl's night in for movies, giggling and manicures, we girls stopped at Walmart so the young ladies could pick up some new shades of polish while I shopped for groceries.  So close to the lunch hour, the girls elected to dine in at the Subway shop while I finished selecting groceries.  This was absolutely fine with me.  As the experienced mother of a Teen Diva, whether the sleepover is one friend or a whole gaggle of teen girls, feeding them up before they reach your home is never a bad choice.  Although snacking in the late hours of the evening is still expected, by offering them a filling lunch from Subway, there was left a small chance that our pantry wouldn't be completely bare by morning.

With an eye on carving out some extra relaxation time for my husband and myself and the girls enjoying the Diva's own personal Subway recipe, I made sure to pick up some tasty bowls of Broccoli and Cheese soup, as well as an enticing salad for my husband and I to enjoy at home.  The extra time we didn't spend making lunch or cleaning up afterward was well invested, relaxing together with feet up and easy conversation.

My Recommendation
This Mom says, Go Ahead.  Kick back and enjoy.  Let Subway do the cooking every now and again, especially when the Subway is so conveniently located in your grocery store!  

What are ways your family saves time during busy weeks?
Share your tips and tricks for easy family meals on the go!
Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear your ideas!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  The opinions and experiences above are both honest and our own.  #CBias 


Grace said...

It is nice to have one of these where you shop. Lots of times I stop in there on my way home from grocery shopping so we have something to eat quickly so I don't have to cook and can just put groceries up ect.

Africa's Blog/Debbie Mc Loughlin said...

I love subway!! And love that i can grocery shop and get a healthy snack to avoid that 'hungry' shopping I usually do!!

Samantha said...

yay for subway! we had lunch there the other day :)

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