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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bravo Shows ~ Guest Post

Guest post 
Winston Stewart

I went to direct tv las vegas to look up different satellite services. My daughter got awfully excited when I told her what I was doing. She constantly complains that we do not have enough channels right now. I tease her and say that we should not be spending so much time in front of the TV anyway! She really wants to be able to watch some of the TV shows that she has seen at her friends’ houses. I think her siblings so far are too young to realize that we do not have as many channels as they may want. They are happy to watch cartoons on Saturday morning and the kids TV shows on the basic channels. I think if we do end up getting additional channels, I will be really happy to be able to watch Bravo. There are a lot of crazy shows on that channel; some of them are really dramatic. I am a little sick of some of the crime TV shows that come on the basic channels. I also get really tired of watching the news all the time. My husband is always eager to watch the news, but I get fed up with some of the negative stories. I just want a nice, fun channel to watch.

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Grace said...

Next time your daughter complains tell her how lucky she is not to live with me. We don't subscribe to cable and only watch DVD's. There are days I'd like to watch a show on t.v. though that I hear people talking about.

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