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Friday, February 10, 2012

Fabulous Prom Dresses ~ David's Bridal ~ Making Dreams Come True

While I am only blessed with one biological Teen Diva, this Mom has the good fortune of being able to enjoy formal dress shopping with two teenagers each year, with double the glamour and glowing smiles.  One of the Diva's devoted BFFs is a regular now, for all our formal shopping trips.  Three years ago, the Diva came to me in tears, after learning this sweet girl wouldn't be able to attend an all important semi formal dance due to hard times that had befallen her family.

Touched by both my daughter's concern, as well as compassion for her friend, I was more than happy to ensure that lack of formal attire would not stand in the way of her ability to attend that memorable event, nor others in the future.  No girl should have to miss out on such a special night.

Metallic Platform Sandal ~ David's Bridal 
This year, in particular, is quite special as both of my girls will be attending Spring Prom.  With high anticipation of the ultimate in fabulous, full length gowns, shopping for formal dresses can be an exhaustive affair; not just any formal dress will do.  Preparations and shopping for formal dances are special times for my "daughters" and I, from salon pampering to hunting for the dresses of their dreams.

While formal dress shopping for two has quite the impact on our budget, this year, That's What She Said was generously offered an opportunity to explore the David's Bridal 2012 Prom Collection..  Our experience was nothing short of magical, with expert staff on hand to guide us every glittery step of the way and stunning prom gowns to select from.

We visited David's Bridal on a Saturday afternoon, expecting the store to be fairly busy.  Upon arriving, the store was bustling with both shoppers and staff.  We noted the newly arrived 2012 Prom Gown display, prominently featured at the front of the large store upon entering, as we waited in a queue.  Despite a dozen shoppers in front of us, we were pleasantly surprised to be quickly acknowledged in a welcoming fashion and assigned to a consultant who immediately assisted in helping us to select our the first round of gowns and led us to our dressing area.

The Diva is now a Junior in high school, so we are well versed in shopping for formal attire, having previously traveled the state in search of the perfect gown for prior special occasions.  Immediately, I appreciated the expansive design of the store, clearly planned to accommodate the busiest of days.  I further found the organization of gowns to be quite easy to explore, with Prom dresses prominently displayed, yet near the other non-bridal gowns, which were organized by size, hue and length.  Had this trip been for selecting an attractive dress of great value, we would not have been disappointed, as we found an ample selection of gowns on sale.

The service we received was simply phenomenal and unexpected as there numerous soon to be brides shopping during our 3+ hour adventure.  However, the store was well prepared for a busy day and while I did not perform a precise head count, between managers and consultants, there may have been a dozen staff members on the floor.  Although our consultant also worked with another guest, she was incredibly attentive and pleasant; we never wanted for her for more than a moment before she was at our disposal.  With generous sized dressing rooms, a Mom could easily accompany her daughter within for assistance, although most of us shopping that day were relegated to wait patiently, taking advantage of the comfortable chairs that were positioned frequently about the store.  Thank goodness, as every shade and style of formal gown was explored, from dreamy ball gown, to sleek and sparkly, to fun floral designs.

With so many stunning selections, it was no surprise that the Diva had difficulty in narrowing down to just one gown.  Fortunately, our consultant was prepared for just such a glamour emergency!  Even the store manager made herself available to help out; she had stopped by several times during our adventure to admire and reflect with us.  With a ready arsenal of delightful "games", specially designed to de-stress the important final decision making process, they were skillfully able to help the Diva determine exactly which stunning gown was truly the dress of her dreams.

In the end, the dream dress was none other than the Cinderella style, flowing ball gown that she has been dreaming of since childhood.

For once, this Mom did not have much to say.

Fortunately, I had a ready supply of tissues handy.

David's Bridal offers a phenomenal selection of gowns, both in store and online, with everything from short and sassy, to trendy high-low styles, to sophisticated glitz to flowing ball gowns, exclusively designed.  In store, the selection of gowns rotates, to helping to ensure that your Diva's selection is specially her own.  With an in store fitting team on hand for consultations, you can be assured that the gown of her dreams, fits like a dream!  When alterations are anticipated, I strongly encourage you to shop early, not only for the best selection, but to accommodate scheduling a fitting appointment and allowing ample time for alterations to be completed before the big day.  Both online and in store, you'll find a wide variety of accessories to complete the dream look, including shoes, jewelry, hairpieces and bags.

That's What She Said thanks 
David's Bridal, 
the wonderful staff of the Okemos, Michigan location 
and Mom Central for facilitating this opportunity, 
ensuring both my Divas' dreams come true
 for Prom Season 2012.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of David’s Bridal and received a gift certificate to facilitate my review.  The opinions above are both honest and of our own experiences.  Some images and information sourced from David's Bridal online.


Linda said...

I never went to prom...so I never got to dress up in those pretty dresses. My three daughters did though...and so we have purchased lots of dresses over the years. And also lots of bridesmaids dresses and bridal gowns. Every girl dreams of looking like a princess!

Closer to Lucy said...

Makes me wanna buy her BFF a dress too... Selfless and beautiful are traits that any princess should have.

We bought two dresses at David's Bridal for prom this year and had a similar experience. The staff are amazing and the selection speaks for itself.

Pam said...

Those are beautiful! I love the dress the diva chose for herself. Having already had the pleasure of shopping for two prom gowns, I am quiet happy to pass the option to someone else. :)

Samantha said...

i love the dark blue one :) it's great she chose it for herself :) poor momma....baby is growing up

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

What a beautiful dress! Very cool that you helped their friend as well. Go Momma go!

Crystal said...

Beautiful dress! Ugh, my little girl is already so into what she wears I can't even imagine what it is going to be like taking her Prom dress shopping.. I guess I have sometime to prepare though ;-)

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