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Friday, February 17, 2012

Long Hair Care and Styling Tips ~ Detangling the Mystery

When I was quite young, long before I possessed the will and good sense to insist otherwise, my hair was styled in a very short bob, leaving me looking not unlike the Campbell's Soup Kids.

Although I've toyed with various lengths since then, I invariably let any shorter styling grow out to longer lengths.  The Teen Diva and I both have fine hair in plentiful quantities; a wretched curse if one desires a fuller, curly look but a blessing while straighter, sleeker styles are the rage.

Some time ago, through passive decision, I stopped having any significant length removed during routine trims, rather, letting my hair grow as it may, with a mind to donating the length to Locks of Love.  Resulting, my hair has reached unprecedented lengths, adding challenge, as well as a bit of mystery, to my daily styling routines.

Despite the fine nature, the thickness of my hair at longer lengths has necessitated a reconsideration of my typical daily shampoo regime, my schedule is usually far too busy to devote the necessary time to drying.  Although I prefer the fresh feel of daily cleansing, through trial I've discovered that a messy bun or variety of braid on the days in between shampoos.  Heavier conditioning with quality product and a routine of deep conditioning is a must!

Curiously, as my hair as grown to different lengths, its behavior and willingness to behave tends to vary.  Smooth and sleek, sans assistance just a few inches ago, I now find a stubborn wave that will only be tamed with aid of my ghd styler. 

Most troublesome, the longer length has made some sort of sleeping accommodation a necessity; neglect resulting in a mass of tangles, more severe than I care to tackle.  The prevalence of evening braids a mystery no more.

Renoir "The Braid"
Long hair care tips is brought to you in association with ghd.  The opinions and experiences above are both honest and my own.  Hair Image  Renoir "The Braid"{{PD-Art}} .


tannawings said...

I too have the fine hair... and as you age it gets even finer! My ponytail is at the 10" needed for Locks of Love and this spring it gets cut again. I have grown it out longer but, the braid has got to go soon- and I wore a pixie cut when I was a kid :)

Terri said...

We must be sisters :) Glad to hear of another whose using their tresses kindly!

Mimi B said...

Ugh, I had the Dorothy Hamill haircut as a little girl! I have always loved longer hair, but mine is fine and never thick. The longer it gets the more sad it is. LOL I'll have to think about braiding on those off days. My daughter did Locks of Love once. =)

Pam said...

The last time I got my hair cut my son told me I had gotten a classic old lady haircut. I told him nope, I hadn't. It was still below my neck. Sigh. But I have a plentiful amount of hair and it's definitely wavy.

Grace said...

I had really fine hair as a child and always got tangles and hated to have it washed. I wore my hair in braids or a pony tail all the time.

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