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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Mother's Treasure ~ Reflections On Children

Our children are miracles,
they are the most interesting persons
we will ever meet.

Full of imagination and creativity
the likes of which
we can only marvel upon.

Both brilliant and beautiful,
with none other just the same.
Yet while we know,
in the quiet of our hearts,
that they are truly the most precious creature
whose toes were ever tickled by new grass,
or whose laughter rippled through the evening air
as they chased fireflies.
With smiles brighter than the sun,
and hearts full of adventure,
they are
in the simplicity of their desire
to conquer any challenge
the epicenter of their universe
and mine.

Dandelion Bouquet Image.


Grace said...

Children are special and absorb so much that we don't realize which is why I'm always careful with what I say towards them. They are our future so they do need to be nurtured.

Samantha said...

i am afraid of the day when he is not simple to please anymore....

Terri said...

That would be the teen years ;)

Karen F said...

I feel am so thankful for my two kids ! thanks for the nice poem

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