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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thinking Spring ~ Getting Ready To Shed Sweaters and Weight

As the weather outside teases and taunts, changing from sunshine to snow, my thoughts are focused ahead to spring.  Each time the sun shines through the window, I realize how much work there is to do in the weeks ahead, from cleaning windows of winter residue, to donating my family's unused items to switching out heavy winter wardrobes for lighter warm weather wear.

Of course, that leads me to other nagging thoughts, those of preparing myself for wearing lighter clothing, shorts, skirts and the dreaded bathing suit.  With a forty something birthday only days away now, I'm wishing a few Mom pounds were melting away, as well.  Each year, the battle seems to shift more from one to maintain to a battle to minimize the effects of my less than cooperative metabolism.

If only there was a Mom Fairy with a magic wand, that could kick start my metabolism, as well as supply a personal assistant, or, at least, an extra day or two in the week.  Accommodating a regular work out routine is something easily thought of, but much harder to maintain with consistency.  One of my aunts recently underwent lap band surgery and is fairing well, however her situation was a bit different from my own.

After both my pregnancies, the difficulty of maintaining my ideal weight seemed to become somewhat more difficult, in increasing degrees after each.  The last, a C-section delivery by necessity, seemed to add more than it's fair share to the challenge.

For the time being, I'll look forward to the warming days, eating more apples and plenty of brisk walks with the dog, as well as a bit of hope for just a little bit of fairy dust.

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Monique said...

I need to do the same thing. We're getting more serious about gardening this year, so hopefully the fresh fruits and veggies will help kick start healthy habits again. My co-worker and I are walking on our lunch tomorrow, so that's good. Good luck!

grace said...

I love Spring and the new opportunities it presents to work toward goals and giving us the opportunity to work towards them.

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