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Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Community Asunder, A Need Beyond Great ~ Kentucky Tornado Relief Efforts & Donation Opportunities

In the aftermath of furious storms that recently swept through the midwest, families are grieving, searching and struggling to put the fragmented pieces of their lives back together.  CNN Report.

While an outpouring of supplies and assistance to the effected areas has been reported, a fellow blogger of the region and in the know has shared:

What I can offer is a perspective on the amazing relief efforts taking place here in our small communities.  Cars and trucks line up along the entrances to our schools, delivering much needed items like water, cleaning supplies, food, and blankets.  People young and old are carrying, organizing, and ensuring these items reach those who are in great need of them.  Local volunteers, telephone crews, electric crews, and the National Guard are working diligently to clean up and repair the affected areas.

It is a beautiful sight to behold when you watch the big hearts of small towns working together to rebuild the community and offer some hope to those in need. Despite the best efforts of the local community, we are still in desperate need of Food!  RuralMom.com

Please consider making a much needed donation to the relief efforts to assist those affected by this most cruel natural disaster.

Interested parties wanting to make donations should go tohttp://kyem.ky.gov/recovery/Pages/VolunteerCoordination.aspx  for directions and list of registered charities and affiliates.

More donation information and local volunteer opportunities can be found at http://www.moreheadstate.edu/msucares

Friends or family who have been unable to locate loved ones since Friday’s storms are encouraged to register the missing person’s information on the Kentucky Emergency Management website atwww.kyem.ky.gov or through the American Red Cross Safe and Well Program atwww.americanredcross.org.

Our Thoughts and Prayers.
Please share your own.

Thank you to RuralMom.com for sharing her insights into the relief efforts.


Grace said...

This was such a tragedy. Several Indiana towns were also effected and one completely demolished. So sad and is so important for us to be supportive.

Lorna England said...

So horrible that this happened! I truly love the Kentucky countryside and all the friendly people who live there. My prayers are with them all ♥

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