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Friday, March 23, 2012

Remembering ~ A Healed Heart, More Time, More Memories

Yesterday, as I enjoyed an atypical heat wave, I watched the violent burst in the garden, the trees and lawn, desperately trying to accept the sun to full advantage, before Mother Nature's cruel tease of sun and warmth disappear for a month or two.

As delightful as the spring temptation was that day, I was concerned, seeing the leaves half unfurled, and tender grass and old friends from within my outdoor beds, reaching upward. Too soon, the weather will turn back to norm, bringing with it a great likelihood of defeat, leaves and buds to bend and curl from bitter frost. Saddening, what might have been glorious, new and lasting, cut quick and short.

With irony, I happened to catch the sound of memory, a long ago message, not yet dismissed.
My grandmother's voice, as vibrant and real as I could recall, etched in technology. Stinging and comforting, at the same time. How long has it waited to remind me today? Well beyond a year, perhaps four? A yesterday and a forever ago, at once.

Both happenings together, the sun, the buds, the voice bring violets to my mind. The icon of my grandmother, the scent of my youth, the focus of my gaze during her illness, my jubilation at her recovery, my gift at her death.

Though she left, nearly two years past, I was granted a reprieve from the ache many years before. A fright, a fight and then a normalcy that was difficult to trust, to test. Her heart, beyond normalcy,an angel, a procedure, a prayer, a gift. A gift of time, more than hoped for, precious beyond imagination.

Her voice now, a gift to be protected, cannot compare, to the gift of time from years ago.

Fifteen years ago, my grandmother, underwent extensive heart repair, after suffering mild symptoms. The miracle in the exploration, anticipated to be minimally invasive heart surgery, ended up a much for involved and extensive procedure. The efforts of gifted physician extended her life, both in length and in quality significantly. Allowing her to know not one but eight great-grandchildren, and bringing us all a wealth of history, family and love. The elderly are often reluctant, reticent to explore the unknown of their changing health. Please help them and yourself in monitoring changes and ensuring regular examinations. Give yourself, your family and them the gift of time.

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brich2222 said...

very nicely written and good reminder for us all to embrace life and every new day.

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