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Monday, April 30, 2012

Top 3 Tips For Choosing Summer Reading Books For Kids ~ Giveaway

Pamper The Earth Collection, 2012

With lazy, warm summer break days fast approaching, Moms everywhere are looking for ways to keep their children engaged in learning.  One of the best ways to prevent "summer learning backslide" is to have quality, educational materials available that are both engaging and entertaining.  Reading every day is a must.

When selecting titles to add to your home library, consider these top three tips for choosing summer reading books for children.

Tip One:  Match content to your child's interest and passions.

While reading is an excellent way to expand your child's knowledge base, starting with titles on subjects that are of especial interest will help eliminate potential battles to slow down and enjoy their reading.  With sunshine and fun pulling at your child's attention, establish a cozy reading corner and time each day to devote to reading together.  Once you've established a consistent, accepted pattern of reading every day, begin to introduce books written on other topics to broaden their knowledge base.

Tip Two:  Select books that offer education and entertainment.

Take time to read through new title possibilities, ensuring that message beyond the appealing book cover offers more than just a cute story.    What is the educational message?  Will the story provoke a meaningful conversation between you and your child?  A quality children's title will inspire your child to want to know more about the subject matter.  Make time to explore their questions together.

Tip Three:  Look for books that offer extra.

Beyond educational message, quality childrens' books text should be paired with engaging illustrations, drawing young readers interest into the story.  Additionally, seek out titles that offer educational facts and a peak into the subject matter, to assist you and your child in your further exploration.  Take the time to learn about the author and illustrator, as well as any interesting non fiction facts that may be offered.

This Mom Recommends

Having recently been given an opportunity to explore a collection of children's books from the Endangered Species, Empowered Communities Project, this Mom and her son are delighted.  Not only do these books highlight an endangered species in each title, these books are written by young women and volunteers from around the globe.

Based on stories written by 225 young women and children from 8 countries and produced by dozens of volunteers, the Endangered Species, Empowered Communities set of children’s book embodies the spirit of global collaboration and collective creativity.  The goals of the project are to empower girls, protect endangered species, and promote global education and awareness.
Filled with wonderful illustrations and unique and delightful text, each book features a different endangered species and corner of the globe.  Beyond the enchanting stories, parents will appreciate the full collection of related information to discuss with their young reader included within each book.  With facts about the endangered animal, the young authors, their corner of the world and more, sharing these titles with your child will be an educational adventure unto itself.

My son, although eleven, was immediately drawn to this collection, calling the illustrations, "Amazing," the stories, "Really interesting,".  As for the wealth of additional information:

These are really cool, Mom.  Can I take them to school?
For your family's summer reading needs, as gifts or as a donation to your local school or children's organization, this Mom highly recommends the Dot to Dot Endangered Species, Empowered Communities Project series of books!

Through the generosity of the  Endangered Species, Empowered Communities Project, That's What She Said readers have an opportunity to win a full set of these extraordinary books!  This giveaway is open to residents of US, 18+ and will end on Sunday, May 27, 2012 at 12:01am EST.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

From Fabulous To Family Friendly ~ Explore the Give It Away Gala #CMM

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

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What Mom Wants Delivered ~ Easy Mother's Day & Gift Solutions ~ Gourmet Gift Basket ~ #Giveaway

Everyone loves receiving packages, from young to not so young.  Moms are no exception.  Truth be told, even our furry boy Rex is developing a kinship with the Fed Ex fellow!  Pressed for a gift that will impress?  Look no further - I have an easy gift solution for you, appropriate for any recipient or occasion!

If you are like this Mom, best intentions only get you so far.  I am the queen of "I'll think about that tomorrow!".  No matter the upcoming event or occasion, I'll certainly think about it in passing, briefly considering what I might like to do or what would be most appropriate for this year.  Of course, at the mercy of my family's uber hectic weekday schedule, these brief thoughts are cast aside and placed, often without much care, in my cognitive "tomorrow in box".

The result, as you might expect, is that holiday, special occasions and events have a tendency to sneak up on me, leaving me pressed for a fabulous, quick solution.

Fortunately, this Mom knows Gourmet Gift Baskets!

Classic Spa Gift Basket™
With specialty baskets expertly created in a variety of themes, you will be certain to find a tempting collection to suit any Mom this season!

Pretty In Pink™ Gardening Gift Basket

Designed with busy Moms and shoppers in mind, Gourmet Gift Baskets does all the work for you!  Fabulous pre-created baskets in a wide range of tastes and pleasures are ready to go!  The easy to navigate system guides you quickly to the right selection for your gift giving needs.  With baskets priced from modest to "knock her socks off" and oh, so speedy shipping, even Moms like me can save face for important occasions with Gourmet Gift Baskets!

Gluten Free Gift Basket Premium™
From gifts to pamper to decadent delights,  from collections for connoisseurs to baked goods, fresh fruits and flowers, Gourmet Gift Basket has you covered.  Need to get it there now?  "I'll think about it tomorrow" shoppers will be thrilled to discover the Same Day Gifts selections!

My Take ~ 

This Mom was given an opportunity to test the new line of Baked Goods now offered by Gourmet Gift Baskets by way of a Brownie Sampler.  Oh, and how heavenly, rich and decadent those brownies were!  Individually wrapped for freshness, with several gourmet varieties, this soft, chocolate goodies were almost too good to share with my full testing crew.

Brownie Sampler Bakery Gift: 
Belgian Chocolate Chunk, · White Chocolate Macadamia Blonde, · Butterscotch Blonde, · Cheesecake, Peanut Butter and  Fudge Walnut
While each scrumptious brownie was beyond delicious, this Mom was particularly partial the the Cheesecake Brownie variety.

Gourmet Gift Baskets is generously offering That's What She Said readers an opportunity to win their own tempting 6 piece Brownie Sampler!   This giveaway is open to residents of the US, lower 48 states only, and will end on Monday, April 30, 2012 at 12:01am EST.  Special Note: The winner must respond by Monday, April 30, 11:00am EST.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eco-Friendly Gifts ~ Why Customization Helps Boost Your Green Factor ~ Zazzle ~ Pamper The Earth Collection 2012

How many gifts does your family purchase each year? Between birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, special occasions and the holidays, the number is actually astounding.  Certainly more than a hundred gifts each year, and, perhaps in hundreds!

Of those gifts you select, how many times are you challenged to find the right gift.  Are you left frustrated, resorting to gift cards or feeling that the odds of your gift being returned are great?  Even worse, are you worried your gifts will be appreciated for the thought but left unused?

What happens to all these not-quite-right gifts?  Best case scenario, they are exchanged or donated, however many may simply add to an already overwhelmed source of discarded items, only to be replaced with the right item.

Even beyond purchased gifts, how many times have you purchased an item that was close to what you really wanted, but not quite what you were looking for.  Perhaps the store was out of stock on the color you had hoped to find or the design you had in mind was unavailable.  Although we will often purchase something that is not quite right, even for ourselves, more often than not, at some point in the future, we'll find the right item and purchase that as well.

Finally, get exactly what you want.
Excited to discover Zazzle, a site that offers seemingly every customizable gift under the sun, this Mom couldn't help but to explore!
What's Zazzle really all about? Describing our company is hard, so - we cheated - and made you a video instead! The punch line: we believe in a future where you can finally get exactly what you want... and make anything your own. The best part? Customization helps make our planet a cleaner place. It enables local manufacturing to thrive, which lessens shipping pollution and reduces landfills – both rampant problems in the prevailing economy of mass production overseas. Join our community of millions and help make this future possible. And, stay tuned… we may surprise you ;-)
I'll admit,  typically when I think of customizable products, the first words that come to mind are not quality, selection or even desirable.   Zazzle quickly changed my mindset!  Rather than an eclectic collections of pens, plastic mugs and frizbees of questionable quality, I discovered a tremendous selection of desirable gift and personal items that spoke loudly of careful selection for inclusion, as well as quality.

Stylish Pet Bowls
Home & Pet Department
With an easy to navigate site and specific category departments, brimming with all manner of customizable products, this Mom would be challenged to not find an ideal gift for any recipient or for any gift giving occasion!

                   Paul C├ęzanne - Annecy Lake Print

Gorgeous reproduction art prints
from Art Nouveau to Post Impressionism to Ukiyo-e
My Take ~ 
Having been given an opportunity to personally explore the quality of items offered by Zazzle, again, this Mom was pleasantly surprised.  With the spring sports seasons upon us, every member of the family needs a refillable water bottle at the ready.  The selection of recycled aluminum refillable bottle designs from Zazzle was simply astounding.

Recycled Aluminum, Recycle Design Water Bottle
Available in 13 background colors and two sizes
My son loved selecting from the hundreds of eco design water bottles.  Being able to select his favorite background color was an added bonus.  Created "fresh", exactly to his specifications, as opposed to being pulled from stock, the bottle arrived in about two weeks time.  Fairly quickly, all things considered.  The quality certainly met our expectations for a bottle described as "rugged".  The sturdy design assures this Mom that this bottle can withstand the riggers of 11 yr old use.  100% BPA free and dishwasher safe, I'm happy to know this bottle will be carefully guarded by my son and not forgotten in his daily travels.

Stainless Steel Travel Mug in Leopard
Perfect for the Teen Diva
Now that the Teen Diva is driving, she's always on the go.  Between school, lacrosse practice and games and even her part time job, this Mom isn't surprised that she loves to have a cup of her creamy coffee delight on hand.  She was absolutely tickled to find a mug to match the leopard print theme inside her car!  (Oh, yes...it's all diva-fied!)  She happily reports that it is both easy to drink from and does an excellent job of maintaining both hot and cold beverages at their desired temperatures.  This item arrived within days and this Mom is happy to note, despite a thorough testing period, the much admired leopard design is showing no signs of wear!

Explore Zazzle ~ 
With both Mother's Day and Father's Day fast approaching, I highly recommend a visit to Zazzle to explore the wide selection of gifts you can personalize.  Make this year's gift an eco-friendly choice and something you'll be confident that they'll love!  Take advantage of a special FREE SHIPPING offer for Mother's Day with code FREESHIPFORU. Special restrictions apply.

Stay In The Know


I received Zazzle products to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experience.  Some information and images sourced from various Zazzle sites.  Gift Image FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Take Over Social Media Tuesday ~ Gaining Blog Followers In All The Right Places

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Three Simple Ways To Achieve A New Look For Your Home ~ Mohawk Home ~ $399 Floor Covering Giveaway ~ #CMM

Invariably, every spring, I get bit by the redecorating bug.  The spring sun shines on all the things we didn't get around to updating or improving last year and my husband starts slinking around the house, trying to stay out of sight, for fear of the emergence of the annual, dreaded 'Honey Do' list.  Beyond comical, his mute efforts are something akin to my memories of playing hide and seek with my children at age two.  I'm certain you remember.... they close their eyes so tightly while hiding behind a floor lamp, they are convinced that they are completely invisible.

Although I love to gets my hands dirty in our home improvement projects, the simple truth is that I am the 'brains'  and my husband is the 'brawn' in this DIY team.  Truth be told, the Hubs has been known to describe our arrangement a bit differently.  In fact, in the midst of my redecorating planning frenzies, he has been known to use a more personal pet name for me, one that has four words and starts with 'P', and it isn't  precious little pumkin' pie!

As any good manager knows, the key to getting quality work from your crew is to set realistic goals and to bake up plenty of their favorite treats.  With this in mind and so much home improvement work to do, this DIY manager has had to make some temporary compromises to ensure that larger projects get their due attention and effort.  (That, and the fact that my 'crew' threatened to quit if I put too many projects at once on his 'Honey Do' list!)

To keep the DIY peace, while the Hubs works away at a larger project, I've found three easy ways to get a great new look that require both minimal effort and are budget-friendly.

Add a splash of color
With a simple changing of window treatments in a new hue or the addition of a variety of throw pillows in complimentary patterns as well as solids can add a fresh new feel to any room in your house!  Transitioning from a monochromatic look to pulling in colors opposite the room's main color on the color wheel, or the opposite, can make a dramatic difference.  Easy to accomplish on any budget and within a day time, you'll can take your room in a whole new direction.

Transform your room with a new rug or floor accent piece!  

Whether you are sprucing up a foyer, bath, bedroom or living area, creating a new look can be as simple as replacing your existing floor coverings that have seen their share of spills and muddy foot prints.  When we purchased our home, having moved from a fully carpeted condo, an striped area rug was all we had available for our new formal dining room.  Although I still loved the colors, it was wholly inappropriate for its temporary home in the dining room.  I found a gorgeous pattern from Mohawk Home that was a gorgeous improvement, both a style better befitting the space and complimentary our antique dining set in pecan and soft walls already painted in Moroccan Sand.

Concord Ruby Collection ~ Mohawk Home

Already familiar with the quality and durability of Mohawk Home products, this DIY decorator loves that I can find a wide variety of accent pieces to match or compliment a larger room rug.  The Concord Ruby pattern I fell in love with is available in numerous sizes, from small accents, up to 10' x 13', and even in round.  Oh so soft, yet durable and up to the challenge of withstanding the wear of pets and teens, this stain and fade resistant rug is perfect for adding an elegant touch to my dining room!

Shed some light on the subject!
Adding or improving the quality of your room's lighting can have a dramatic effect on the overall look!  Whether you update a dated fixture, add recessed lighting to spotlight particular features or add a stylish new lamp, making a change to the lighting in a room can be an easy way to make a difference and highlight your decorative skills, as well as change the mood of your space.

No matter your home improvement plans for this spring, keep your in house DIY labor crew moving forward on the big projects by tackling the easy solutions yourself.  Mohawk Home makes it easy for you with hundreds of styles of quality floor coverings to choose from!  You'll find just the right piece to suit your style and the new look you seek from Mohawk Home!

Stay In The Know


Mohawk Home is generously offering That's What She Said and Collective Media Magic readers an opportunity to create a new look in their home!  Winner may select the rug of their choice from any of the Mohawk Home retailers, up to 8' x 10' size and up to $399 value!  This giveaway is open to residents of the US, 18+ and will end on Saturday, May 12, 2012 at 12:01am EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

Can't get enough of Mohawk Home?
Enter to for chance to win your choice of stylish, recycled rubber entrance mat from Mohawk greenworks!

I received a Mohawk Home rug to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions and experiences above are both honest and my own.  Some images and information sourced from various Mohawk Home sites.  Sponsor is responsible for supplying and shipping prize.  Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are not involved in this giveaway, nor responsible for it in any fashion.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

From Fabulous To Family Friendly ~ Explore the Give It Away Gala #CMM

Welcome to the Giveaway Gala. 
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Week 4/01 Featured Host Giveaways:
Just Like June:
Nimble Mother's Day Prize Package 4/30
Guylian Belgian Chocolates 4/30
Rubbermaid 2-in-1 Recycler Us/Can 4/30

Have Sippy Will Travel:
Teach My Preschooler 5/1
Aromafloria Bath & Body Prize Pack 5/30
Zoobie Zoo 5/5

3 Princes and a Princess 2:
iBounce Kids Trampoline Bundle (RV $130) 5/23
$20 Red Lobster Gift Card 5/3
Pampers 150ct & 72ct Wipes 4/28

Closer To Lucy:
EatSmart Precision Retro Scale 5/8
Keurig Mini-Brewing System 5/6
Rubbermaid 2-in-1 Recycler US/Can 5/15

That's What She Said:
Savvy Doggy™ Natural & Organic Pet Bed ($119) ~ ends 5/13
Dutch Dog Design Eco-Friendly Dog Collar & Lead Set ~ ends 5/02

Friday, April 20, 2012

Unique, Eco-Friendly Gifts For Every Occasion ~ Uncommon Goods ~ Pamper The Earth Collection 2012 ~ Giveaway

Growing weary in the hunt for unique, quality gifts?  Growing tired of finding the same offerings in all your local stores?  This Mom certainly has experienced the Gift Shopping Grumps.  

With so many to buy for each year, from Mother's Day, to Father's Day, birthdays and  for holiday gift giving the hunt for the perfect, unique gift had been half the fun!

Handmade, recycled Hot Air Balloon Hummingbird Feeders
Hummingbird Feeders

Tiring of the cookie cutter commonality, I was thrilled to discover the diverse and eclectic collections at Uncommon Goods!  Better yet, so many of their featured products are handcrafted and eco-friendly!  Score another for going greener! 

Handmade, Recycled Butterfly Puddler
Gifts for the Gardener
As I am currently on the prowl for just the right Mother's Day gifts, for Moms who certainly have all the essentials but have a twinkle in their eye when presented with an unexpected and  unique gift, my only difficulty is in choosing between the fabulous offerings from Uncommon Goods!

Recycled, Handmade Fire Extinguisher Vases

My Mother loves to entice hummingbirds to visit her summer garden.  With numerous, striking feeders with in their collection, Uncommon Goods is a source I'll depend on again and again.  With boutique offerings at extraordinarily reasonable prices, creating an eco-friendly basket of outdoor and garden gifts for Mother's Day would be easy within my typical budget!

Ceramic Counter Top Compost Set
Handmade by Beth Mueller

Beyond perfect gifts to pamper Mom this spring, Uncommon Goods offers collections of items just right for every occasion, as well as everyone on your list!  Inspired by the discovery of Wildflower Seed Bomb kits, this Mom couldn't help but to give them a try.  With an under-loved area near our neighborhood, my son and I have planned to include spreading these seeds of hope to beautify the area for Earth Day, along with our other annual earth friendly efforts!  Watching the progress of our guerilla gardening effort will be something we look forward to and share together all season.  Uncommon Goods has thoughtfully offered a variety of Seed Bomb kits, designate your regional area during the ordering process!

Wildflower Seed Bombs

Help the grass stay greener on the other side of abandoned fences with a beautiful new concept in urban landscaping called "guerrilla gardening." Simply throw and grow! Choose from six pouches packed with five ready-to-grow seed balls, each suitable for one U.S. region. Each reusable muslin pouch holds five seed balls made from clay and worm castings to enrich depleted soil. 

While thinking of my son and how much he has grown this past year, now the ripe old age of eleven, I simply couldn't pass up an opportunity to present him with an important young man first ~ his first young man wallet! Along with this special milestone gift, this Mom captured the opportunity to reinforce our family's pledge to seek out more responsible choices to maximize the green factor in our family footprint.  Selecting a handcrafted and recycled wallet proved an excellent way to illustrate that style and responsibility are not exclusive, rather, easy to find when you know where to look!

Recycled Bike Tube Franklin Bi-Fold Wallet
Stylish, sleek and water resistant ~ the perfect first wallet for a discerning young man!  Created from recycled inner tubes and of 99% recycled materials, this is a gift that gives more.


Join the Uncommon Goods Earth Day Celebration!  Explore the fabulous green gift collection at Uncommon Goods and enter for a chance to win over $1000 in green gifts!  Be sure to enter before May 31st! 

Stay In The Know 


Uncommon Goods is generously offering That's What She Said readers an exclusive opportunity to win a $50 gift certificate to select and enjoy their own green gifts!

Handmade, Recycled Glass Tree Globes
This giveaway is open to residents of US, 18+ and will end on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 12:01am EST.

DirecTV Review: Not Just About Funny Commercials

According to statistics by AC Nielsen Co., you will be spending a total of nine years in front of a TV. If you ask me, it is a heck of a long time. Knowing this, you would surely want to keep yourself entertained. Fortunately, this is what the television is all about. Not all television sets, however, are the same. Some are more entertaining than others and others get boring faster than some. So if you don't want die out of boredom, you will have to choose the best TV provider in town.

DirecTV is one of the top competitors of the game. Based in El Segundo California, DirecTV uses direct satellite broadcasting to provide TV programs to their customers. Being a television provider to over 20 million subscribers, this TV network giant is worthy of our consideration.

In order for us to have a uniform and objective comparison between networks, I would like to propose six criteria to be used in this, and future reviews; namely channels, technology, availability, reception, after-sales support, and affordability. These criteria are the basic factors that consumers consider when subscribing for a TV network. For a network to be the best, it would have to excel on all of these aspects.

I will be judging each criterion based on this scoring system:

1- Bad
2- So-so
3- Fair
4- Good
5- Excellent

To begin, I would like to look on the bread and butter of TV networks which are channels.

Like basketball is to shooting, TV provision is all about the channels. Many would argue that there are other important factors such as rebounding, passing, and stamina; but scoring is the name of the game. So are channels in TV. In terms of quantity, DirecTV offers a great number of channels ranging from 140-285; second only to other giants such as Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse. But when it comes to channels, we do not just judge based on the quantity. What good are channels if no one's watching them? A good channel selection must provide quality shows. DirecTV is one of, if not indeed, the best in terms of quality. It offers the most number of exclusive and HD channels in a basic package. You will not be getting this kind of basic selection with other networks. I think DirecTV is great in this aspect; hence the 4 out of 5.

This aspect is very important as, aside from being cool, added functionality allows us to truly enjoy our entertainment systems without the hassles brought about by our demanding lifestyle. In this aspect, we will consider the gadgets and software support that the network offers. In my experience, I am confident to say that DirecTV is the best in this category. The heart of a TV network system in a household is the DVR. Though all DVR's can do the same, record shows, manage multiple TV's and allows smartphone management, I'm here to tell you that the DirecTV HD DVR does them all best. It offers the best picture quality, best time recording, and most mobile application support like HBO Go. I'm giving DirecTV a perfect 5 on this area.

So what good is a TV network if it's unavailable? Surely, you wouldn't move to another apartment just to have the network; nor would you stop from moving into a place just because the network is unavailable in the new location. You would not have to worry about this with DirecTV. As was mentioned at the beginning, DirecTV uses direct satellite broadcasting. This means that it can reach you anywhere in the USA. DirecTV also offers service in other countries such as Brazil, China, South Korea, Philippines, Russia, Vietnam, and other countries in southern Asia. It will be of little surprise if DirecTV goes global soon. With excellent satellite broadcasting, DirecTV is getting 5 out of 5.

This area is the significant half of availability. You cannot truly consider one available if you can hardly see the program on your screen. Like GPS, DirecTV reception rarely experiences problems. And, like GPS, being surrounded by tall buildings or high terrains can really be a pain as they can, at times, block the incoming satellite signal. DirecTV's reception is not bad, but I would take direct Fibre Optic connection anytime. DirecTV's satellite broadcasting is getting 3 out of 5.

The DirecTV commercial itself would tell you that bad after-sales support will have you waking up in a roadside ditch. In its attempt to prevent you from waking up in a roadside ditch, DirecTV offers after-sales support via phone and computer. However, it was reported their customer service agents have poor communication skills and hardly knows anything but basic troubleshooting. DirecTV may leave you waking up in a ditch after all. Based on the reports, I would give DirecTV a so-so 2.

When it all has been said and done, it all comes down to the price. Even if the service is great, a bad price can really change your mind. DirecTV currently offers the following price plans:

$29 - 140 channels
$34 - 150 channels
$39 - 205 channels
$44 - 225 channels
$89 - 285 channels

Not the cheapest selection in town. But as was previously discussed in the channels category, even the basic $29 plan offers a good selection of HD channels. So you really are getting the most bang for your buck. And with zero start-up cost, you really are saving money with DirecTV. There are also other options to lessen the subscription bill if you know where to look. For instance, you can check some DirecTV promotions. With one of the best service for buck offers, DirecTV is getting 4 out of 5.


DirecTV offers a good number of channels with excellent HD and "exclusives" selection.

DirecTV HD DVR is the best thing in town.

Sattelite Broadcasting makes the service available almost anywhere.

The reception is vulnerable to interruptions.

This can leave you waking up in a roadside ditch.

You are getting the bang for your buck. Great discounts can also be availed using DirecTV promotions.

I'm giving DirecTV 4 out of 5. Certainly, this network is competitive enough to be considered as one of
the best. But is it THE best? There are still rooms for improvement before DirecTV can decisively put its
name on this throne; not to mention that DISH, AT&T U-Verse, and Verizon FiOS are doing a great job for themselves.

Please see my disclosure policy here.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

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The Beauty Benefits of Collagen ~ NeoCell Naturals ~ What Mom Wants ~ Giveaway

Spring time is an especially busy time for this Mom, as the kids' schedules fill up with oh, so many activities, team practices and sporting events!  Add to the hustle and bustle the spring time scramble to freshen and spruce up inside and outside your home.  To keep up with the frantic pace of your family, this Mom often feels as if she should be wearing a Super Mom cape.

It's no wonder Moms often find it difficult to take time out for themselves!  Never fear, Mom!  NeoCell offers natural solutions to help you stay super, inside and out!  After recently enjoying the beneficial effects of NeoCell's Hyaluronic Acid Blueberry Liquid, this Mom couldn't wait to explore other natural nutricosmetic products in the NeoCell line!

Beauty aids that are natural and formulated with powerful antioxidants?  What could do a better job to boost up a Super Mom?  NeoCell knows just what a Mom needs!  Designed by doctors with Mom's well being in mind, created of the finest quality natural ingredients, NeoCell's products pack a powerful punch of nutrients, aimed directly at Mom health and beauty concerns.

Next on my Super Mom hit list - NeoCell's Collagen + C Pomegranate Liquid!   Created from the natural goodness and benefits of so many pampering ingredients, Collagen + C is a product to bring out Mom's best! Collagen + C is made with pomegranate, elderberry, cranberry, agave cactus nectar, green tea and vitamin C.  The addition of Collagen makes this product powerful and effective in thickening hair and nails, strengthening ligaments, tendons and bones, as well as improving skin elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and moisturizing skin.

Why Does Collagen Make A Difference?
Collagen is the strong fiber that weaves throughout our body for strength and support holding the body together, similar to glue, yet stronger than steal wire. As we age, the body's ability to make collagen protein and its different complexes slows down. This is important since collagen makes up around 30% of our protein content, the most abundant protein in our body’s, so it makes sense to nutritionally support this large component of our body!  

My Take ~ 
Just as with the NeoCell Hyaluronic Acid Blueberry Liquid, I found the scent of the Collagen + C Pomegranate Liquid fresh and appealing.  The taste of this elixir was fruity and tangy, not dissimilar to cranberry, a flavor I love.  With long hair and nails that can always use a boost, I can't wait to report back on my results!  Stay tuned for an update after my one month trial!


NeoCell is generously offering That's What She Said readers an opportunity to a Three Step Nutricosmetics Gift Set (ARV $80)  to try themselves! This set is comprised of Super Collagen Powder, Hyaluronic Acid Blueberry Liquid and Resveratrol Antioxidant!

This giveaway is open to residents of the US, 18+ and will end on Sunday, May 13,  2012 at 12:01am EST.

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I received product from NeoCell to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Images and some information sourced from various NeoCell sites.  Sponsor is responsible for supplying and shipping prize.  Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ are not responsible for, nor involved in this giveaway in any fashion.

Green Up Your Outdoor Decor ~ Mohawk Home ~ Pamper The Earth Collection 2012 ~ Giveaway

As my family begins preparing for another long awaited outdoor season, we are looking for new areas to make a green difference.   One of the first outdoor areas I inspect is our home entrance.  So important in creating a positive, first impression and in welcoming our guests, simple, green changes can make a world of difference.

After a long season of snow, pet paws and foot traffic, a new doormat made of recycled rubber is a perfect way to freshen the look at our front door while reducing our family's eco footprint at the same time!   From a name that I already associate with variety and quality, choosing an affordable, recycled rubber doormat from Mohawk is an easy choice.

Mohawk Recycled Rubber
You can find our recycled products at all the largest retailers.  In 2009m we diverted over 18 million pounds of rubber tires, one of the largest and most hazardous types of post-consumer waste, from landfills and brought them to homes as designer doormats.  Put another way, that represents enough tires to outfit 225,000 cars.  The mat face or images area is also stamped with 100% recycled flocking. 
Choosing green, recycled home decor products doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on style!  Mohawk greenworks offers hundreds of designs in outdoor mats in a wide range of sizes and colors.
With an eco-friendly style to suit any home's decor, make a green statement about your family's commitment to support sustainable practices and products, right from your home's entrance!

To grace the entrance to my home, I found the perfect recycled Mohawk accent piece online at Kohl's!  An elegant design with colors to compliment the brick facade and lattice accents, this extra large mat was a perfect fit for my needs!
Finding and ordering your favorite Mohawk Home accent piece is easy from any of the Mohawk Home retail partners.  With familiar and trusted retailers like Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears, Kohl's and more, you'll find just right accents both online and in store!  Attractive, durable, affordable and green ~ a winning home decor combination!

 Mohawk greenworks ~ 
A better world through safe and sustainable products

Stay In The Know

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Mohawk greenworks is generously offering That's What She Said readers an opportunity to grace their own home with a stunning, eco-friendly accent piece!   One winner will be able to select a recycled rubber doormat from any of the Mohawk online retailers, up to a value of $59!

This giveaway is open to residents of the US, 18+ and will end on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 12:01am EST.

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Looking for more Green Giveaways?  
Explore the Pamper The Earth Collection of Giveaways!

I received a recycled rubber home accent piece from Mohawk greenworks to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experience.  Some images and information sourced from various Mohawk Home and Kohl's sites.  Sponsor is responsible for supplying and shipping prize.  Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest are not involved in, nor responsible for this giveaway in any fashion.

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