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Friday, April 6, 2012

Creating Memories of Fleeting Childhood ~ Picture Me Studios ~

As Mom to younger children, is seems the camera was always at the ready and we were regularly bundling the kids off to another studio appointment to have memories and stages professionally documented.  As the children aged and our lives became filled with a seemingly never ending schedule of activities and sporting events, the camera, as well as the trips to the portrait studio were set aside, as we documented more of our lives by way of video cameras.

Now that my daughter is the ripe old age of sixteen, soon to be off to college and my son has just celebrated his eleventh birthday, it occurred to this Mom that my opportunities to capture moments of my two children together are flying by.  With days filled to the brim, a trek across town to the studio we've used in the past would wreck havoc on this Mom's carefully orchestrated transportation schedule.  With a Picture Me studio much closer, inside our local Walmart, I was tempted to investigate.

I discovered convenient appointment times were available during prime afternoon hours and quickly booked a slot that matched a rare opening in our personal calendar.  Immediately, I found myself impressed with the level of service we received.   From the wealth of detail available at the Picture Me website to the friendly call I received the day before our appointment, any concerns I had about using a studio located in our local Walmart were quickly assuaged.  My comfort level, prior to our appointment, was high, after speaking with our photographer, who inquired about the ages of my children and what we had in mind for our portrait session!

Although Picture Me certainly offered some fantastic deals for single poses packages with multiple prints and sizes for as little as $7.99, my goal for our session was a bit different.  Rather than quantity, my aim was larger pictures, with multiple shots of both the children, together and separately.  My hope was to have enough larger portraits to share with close family, a CD of our session, as well as to explore the intriguing collages I had found at the Picture Me website, in the Speciality Products section.  While I knew I could certain request all of those items, I needed assistance from our photographer to ensure I could meet my goals, yet stay within my planned budget of $200.

Our portrait session went more pleasantly and smoothly than I had hoped.  Although the studio was small, we found it cheery and inviting.  With only one photographer on staff during our appointment, I was pleased that the interruptions were minimal and he was more than willing to spend as much time with us as was required, to  ensure our satisfaction.   The camera has always loved the Teen Diva, and she reciprocates.  Not one to hover unnecessarily during a portrait session, rather preferring to allow the photographer and my children room to relax and enjoy, from my seat nearby in the waiting room, it was easy to hear that a fun rapport was developing and that my daughter's solo session was going well.  My eleven year old son, however, is not a fan of the camera.  Despite his reticence to participate, our photographer's easy and friendly demeanor, with a good serving of humor and patience thrown in, ensured that I had ample shots of both the children separately, as well as together, to select from.

I felt very comfortable working through the session shots afterward and appreciated that I was given all the time I needed to explore the large variety of options available via the Picture Me computer station.  With a variety of tints and features, my photographer did a wonderful job of gently guiding and providing helpful suggestions, resulting in wonderful final shots for our package.  Our full session, viewable on Google+, was over an hour and half, in which time the fun, friendly atmosphere made everyone comfortable.  Passersby could certainly hear laughter and giggles as we shared "inside jokes" from our session as we determined our final order.

Taking advantage of a special portrait package deal, designed more to suit my goals, my photographer guided me through all the options available, discussing benefits and advantages of each.  In the end, although I exceeded my initial budget by a small amount, I was completely satisfied with our order, which included several sheets of 8 x 10 and 5 x7 shots, both of the children separately, as well as together.  We were also able to include a CD of our session with full rights, a free 10 x 13 portrait of one of my favorite poses, as well as the collage I'd had in mind from browsing the Picture Me website.  Although Picture Me does offer framing service for a modest fee, the one selection of frame did not suit my home decor, and I elected to handle framing on my own.   While I planned to share some prints with family, many of our pictures were for framing and displaying about the house.

Within minutes of completing our order, I had a CD in hand of our full session, and reassurance that our order would be available for pick up within two weeks.  All in all, I was completely satisfied and even a bit surprised by the level of service, full line of offerings and flexible packages available from Picture Me.  The close location and convenience of being able to shoot and shop in one trip certainly blends well with my family's hectic schedule.    Our final products were received as promised and I am very satisfied with the quality of our portraits.  I have no doubt that I'll be taking advantage of the convenience, stellar service and flexibility of Picture Me again in the future.

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This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. The opinions above are both honest and of my own experience. Some information and images sourced from Picture Me sites. #photofun #CBias


Pam said...

Well, the kids look happy in the pictures anyway. My kids are usually scowling in professional photos.

Deal Fanatic said...

I love the memories pictures bring regardless of how we got there. Love that you had the CD quick.

Crystal said...

It's been WAY too long since I've done photos of the kids. I always forget I can go right up to Walmart, thanks.

Closer to Lucy said...

Your kids are beautiful and the pictures captured them perfectly

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