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Monday, April 16, 2012

Do You KNOW Hunger? ~ #TysonBreakfast Bowls & Hands Up For The Hungry ~ #CBias

My family recently renewed our membership to Sam's Club after a lapse of a few years. In the past, we'd always enjoyed purchasing in larger quantities and the great values it afforded our budget.  As this year, my family has been actively donating to a local rescue shelter, what better time to renew our membership to take advantage of giving more for less!

My husband was very enthusiastic about shopping at Sam's Club, and, I must admit, I was excited to revisit the warehouse store again myself.  Beyond being able to purchase our favorite grocery products and brands in larger quantities, saving us time and money, we've always loved exploring the non grocery offerings at Sam's Club.  Our "new" trip was no exception and the Hubs and I found ourselves immediately distracted by a variety of items we'd love to add to our home.

After a lovely and tempting tour through the general merchandise side of the store, we explored the grocery department.  With both the children in the midst of busy sports and activity schedules, our weekday schedule is, as typical in the spring, utter chaos.  Weekday meal planning?  Not the slightest practical chance!  With every member of the family coming and going at different times of the day and evening and little time to enjoy a family meal together, having quick, filling and tasty quick meal solutions readily available is a must.

Although our shopping experiences at Sam's Club have never been speedy as we find it difficult to pop in and out quickly, rather finding ourselves enchanted and unable to leave without exploring every aisle, we did find some wonderful bargains and new solutions in our quest for new weekday meals "on the go".  In particular, we were very excited to find Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls in the frozen section!

Our freezer is often filled with quick meal solutions for everyone in the family. As we explored the frozen breakfast aisle, the Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls certainly stood out among the rest of the offerings, both as a new to us product and from the tempting image on the front of the package.

So tempting, in fact, that this Mom found herself looking around for sample station or unmanned microwave, immediately craving a chance to try these tasty looking bowls!  Tyson is a name my family knows and trusts.  In fact, we have recently discovered a great number of new quick meal solutions from Tyson at the grocery and one can typically find several options in our freezer, from Mini Chicken Sandwiches to Anytizers and more!  The Tyson Breakfast Bowls will make a wonderful addition, finding themselves quite at home, although I strongly suspected my family wouldn't leave them in the freezer for long!

We purchased two boxes of the sausage, egg and cheese variety, with a plan to share this new delight with the children, as well as donate a box to the City Rescue Mission of Lansing.  During a recent visit to Tyson's website, exploring some of their tasty new offerings prior to another grocery trip, the KNOW Hunger campaign had caught my eye.

What a perfect opportunity to spread tasty hunger fighting goodness through the kind souls at the City Rescue Mission and reinforce the importance of giving with my family!  Picking up a few more items to give at Sam's Club was perfect, as the large package values stretched our giving budget tremendously.

Upon arriving home, as I had suspected, it didn't take long at all for the children to discover the tasty Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls after my husband and I began unpacking our haul!  Toasty little bowls of goodness, packed full of their favorite breakfast fixings, this Mom isn't surprised.  So quick to prepare and easy to eat on the run, this little delights are the perfect addition to our supply of "on to go" quick meals!

Fortunately, this Mom was quick to point out that the second box of Tyson Breakfast Bowls was off limits. (I knew I should have picked up a few more boxes!)  The kids readily agreed that these tasty bowls would make a wonderful donation to the City Rescue Mission.

The kids, after wolfing down the Tyson Breakfast Bowls, were happy to help pack up our items to donate while I told them more about the KNOW Hunger program.

In an effort to help raise awareness of hunger in the United States, Tyson Foods initiated the KNOW Hunger campaign in early 2011.  The project is designed to encourage people to KNOW the scope of hunger in their own communities and get involved in relief efforts, so someday there will be NO hunger in our country.
Tyson has been committed to making a difference regarding hunger in America and has partnered with numerous organizations and programs over the last ten years, including Share Our Strength (SOS), Lift Up America (LUA), Feeding American and FRUC.

At the end of 2010, Tyson had donated enough protein to have served one meal to every American citizen (78 million pounds = 312 million servings), and the company intends to continue protein donations as it increases its efforts to raise hunger awareness.

Facts About Hunger 
  • More than 25 million Americans—including 9 million children and nearly 3 million seniors—receive emergency food assistance each year from the Feeding America Network.
  • About 70% of the clients seeking emergency food assistance are living below the federal poverty line, and nearly 40% have at least one adult working in their household.
  • Volunteers and faith-based organizations are the lifeline of America’s emergency food distribution system. More than 65% of food pantries and 40% of soup kitchens rely entirely on volunteers and have no paid staff. 
How does your family give a hand up to help the hungry in your community?
Have you heard of the KNOW Hunger program?  What do you think about it?
What inspires you to take action to help?
Tell me in a comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Stay In The Know ~ 

Tyson ~  Website    Facebook     Twitter
City Rescue Mission of Lansing  ~  Website    Facebook

Join The Discussion ~ 
Join us for a fun filled Twitter party with discussion of tasty Tyson Breakfast Bowls, feeding your family on the go and the KNOW Hunger program on Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 1:00pm EST!  Be certain to RSVP for the party to be eligible to win great prizes ~ Sam's Club gift cards!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. The opinions above are both honest and of my own experience.  Some information and images sourced from various Tyson and City Rescue Mission of Lansing sites.  #TysonBreakfast #CBias 


Pam said...

These look tasty. I think it is wonderful your family is participating in volunteer projects to help the needy. :)

Crystal said...

I have to try these. It's great to see you getting the whole family involved with helping others in need.

Jen @ BigBinder said...

My sister lives in Lansing and has a very soft spot in her heart for the City Rescue Mission - I know they appreciated your donation!

Amy F said...

What an awesome way to support the community. I love that Tyson is encouraging people to help with the issue of food insecurity.

Closer to Lucy said...

I had not thought of putting perishables into a lined shopper. I know our Mission would be grateful. I totally plan on making this idea my own :)

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