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Friday, April 6, 2012

Nutritious, Fast Breakfast Products to Fuel My Busy "On The Go" Family ~ #SilkFruit #CBias

With our typical hectic spring schedule upon us, my son fully entrenched in Destination Imagination creation and competition and the Teen Diva in the throes of her Lacrosse season, this Mom is on the prowl for easy, fast and nutritious choices to keep my kids fueled up.

Although we love to slow down on the weekends, creating and enjoying family meals together, our weekday meal plans consist of fast, nutritious and portable, from breakfast to before and after activity snacks and often, even evening meals.

This Mom's challenge - to find easy to prepare and consume products that offer the maximum "go power".  Having recently learned of a new product from the makers of Silk Soy Milk, I went on the hunt at our local Walmart to see if I could find Silk Fruit&Protein.

With an ingredient list designed to provide a powerful boost, full of NON GMO protein from soy, as well as calcium, vitamin D and more, what a wonderful, possible substitute for the kids' regular morning choices of orange and grape juice from concentrate.

Silk is a brand we already know and trust, having tried and easily fallen for the Silk soy milk line last year after this Mom discovered she had developed an intolerance to lactose.  Although not a necessity for the full family, everyone enjoys the smooth, rich taste.  Both kids love to grab a single serve Silk as they head out the door on especially rushed mornings or on the way to an event, practice or game.

Discovering all three flavors of Silk Fruit&Protein in the Silk door in Walmart's refrigerated juice and milk section, I selected two flavors for my in house crew to test, based upon their typical preferences:  Mango Peach for the Teen Diva and Strawberry Banana for my son.

The Taste Test

With a quick breakfast ready for them, I offered both flavors of Silk Fruit&Protein for them to choose between.  To my surprise, my son wanted to try the Mango peach first, while the Teen Diva thought the Strawberry Banana would compliment her fruity bagel breakfast.  This Mom and the Hubs couldn't help but to join in the test.

Our Results 

We all appreciated the fresh, fruity scents of both varieties of Silk Fruit&Protein, as well as the creamy, rich texture and taste.  However, our overwhelming favorite was the Strawberry Banana variety - the clear winner of our taste test.  Will Silk Fruit&Protein become a regularly stocked item in our refrigerator?  This Mom thinks so!  The kids immediately asked for me to pick up the third variety, Mixed Berry Fruit&Protein, on my next shopping trip!

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How do you keep your busy family fueled up?
Tell me in a comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Pam said...

We have Silk Fruit in our kitchen too. I keep the kids fueled up with lots of Silk Milk.

Shelby Barone said...

This looks like a great breakfast on the go idea!

Just Short said...

I try to keep lots of healthy options available. Energy bars, silk milk, and fruit are the top choices :)

Closer to Lucy said...

I don't eat much meat so I struggle meeting my dietary needs because I don't follow a vegetarian diet either...I've been adding Silk to my daily breakfast routine and really do feel full longer, not to mention that I'm not stressing over getting enough protein.

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