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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Organic, Natural Pet Beds For Pampered Pups ~ Savvy Doggy ~ Savvy Rest ~ Pamper The Earth Collection 2012

As my family continues on the quest to find new ways to increase the green factor of our collective footprint, we have been exploring all manner of eco-friendly options, including responsible choices for home decor and dressing.

An essential area to not overlook ~ eco solutions for pampered pets!  Savvy Doggy™, a product line from the makers of  Savvy Rest organic mattresses, offers green comfort solutions by way of premium pet organic and natural latex mattresses.

Solid Latex Core Mattress ~ Savvy Doggy™

Although Rex, the Lab, our in house canine expert, is happy to rest his head anywhere that keeps him close to his family pack, usually on this Mom's side of the bed, he does enjoy occasional respites in his own den.  Although his den has offered a standard polyester filled furry bed, we've found his pup mattress too warm for the humid Michigan summers and difficult to keep clean.  (Not too mention, this Mom is hopeful that a more pup-friendly solution will result in more bed for Mom in the long run!)  A natural and organic bed from Savvy Doggy™ seemed a hopeful solution for both our pampered pooch and this Mom in need of a few more inches for sleeping comfort.

Shredded Latex Core Mattress ~ Savvy Doggy™

Pampering Your Pooch ~ It's All About Choices ~ 
Savvy Doggy™ offers a full range of pet beds, in generous sizes small to large.  Although our furry boy is a large 100lb+ Lab, the medium sized bed, measuring 26" x 37" is a perfect fit for his XL den. With every dog's needs a bit different, I was pleased to see that Savvy Doggy™ is customer-centric, offering custom size service.

If one's dog bed selection includes a preference to hue, Savvy Doggy™ further offers options of either natural or black for the mattress covers, created of organic cotton flannel.  With a outdoor romp loving Lab at hand, we felt the black cover would hold up to less than pristine paws.  This Mom loves that the organic cotton covers are machine washable.

Choosing between the solid latex and shredded latex mattress was a puzzler for this Mom.  In the end, although I would prefer to sleep on a solid mattress, our boy's bed time routine always includes obligatory shuffling and adjusting of his "spot".  With this in mind, we selected the shredded latex version.  As the Savvy Doggy™ pet mattresses are constructed with a sturdy, organic cotton canvas core, my furry boy can root to his hearts' content, without this Mom needing to fear of rips or tears.

Our Take ~

After nearly a month of testing, this Mom is happy to report that although I am still occasionally sharing my side of the bed, our boy has taken to his new Savvy Doggy™ mattress like a Lab to water!  He has found the cotton cover much more pleasant to rest upon and I'm thrilled that the cover and core are withstanding his natural tendency to root his nest into just the right position.  We have found that the cover easily withstood a washing, following the directions to use a gentle, cold cycle and hang to dry.  Although Rex's Savvy Doggy™ mattress usually stays within his den, this Mom has often found both sons (furry and non-furry alike) enjoying a snooze or movie together in the family room!  Two thumbs (and paws) up for Savvy Doggy™!

Savvy Rest 
Purity. Comfort. Integrity. Value.

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Does your pooch need a pampering new mattress?
Are you looking for ways to green up your family's eco-footprint?
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I was provided with a Savvy Doggy™ mattress free of charge to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Some images and information sourced from Savvy Rest.   

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