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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Weekend Family Fun ~ For One

What an atypical Memorial Weekend this is turning out to be.

Usually filled with all manner of hustle and bustle, with the whole family in an excited frenzy opening our in ground pool for the season.  This Mom bustling to keep the crew in line, fending off my furry son's attempts to paw test the water and the the kids' friends efforts to draw them away from their outdoor work detail.  Despite the consistent distractions and largely due to the Hubs perseverance, our outdoor living area become, by some magic combination of sweat, tears and no small doses of the 'Mom eye", transformed into our backyard oasis.

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The work of a long day and effort into the next makes such a significant difference.  Seasonal flowering plants chosen with care and placed strategically, serve to set the welcoming and festive tone.  Sparkling and inviting blue ripples of the pool replace the month's long eyesore of the hideous winter pool cover.  The welcome site of the Hubs busy at the grill, preparing an outdoor meal for the family to enjoy.  Cozy and invited wicker chairs placed to at a safe distance from the splashes certain to rule the summer season, as well as a ready rank of chaise lounges on the deck, soon to be filled by the Teen Diva and her friends.  My son thoughtfully exploring all things inflatable and capable of shooting spray, seriously considering what new water toy additions are needed for his summer arsenal.  The familiar clink of the gate, as the steady stream of guests begin to arrive.

This Memorial Day weekend, however, there is a stillness about the house, uncommon and somewhat unsettling.  My furry son, Rex, considers me with doubtful, doleful eyes, as he considers the level of play I might be capable of, yet on restrictions, only just beginning to wobble about in my blasted boot.  Beds yet wait for their blooming new residents and the ugly winter cover remains in place, hosting all manner of birds for a drink and a quick bath, much to our senior cat's delight, as she watches from her favorite wicker chair.

With the rest of the family away for the weekend, attending a family wedding in Chicago, the pets and I are left to our own devices.  A mother's weekend of peach and quiet - certainly something I would crave and delight in, under normal circumstances.  Months of slow down, due to the surgery, have had a dramatic impact to my welcome of this respite.

I will, no doubt, find enjoyable ways to fill my time.  The uncommon quiet will allow for a book or three, a movie of my own selection, rather than the usual compromise and certainly a welcome opportunity for luxurious late morning sleep, as well as the luxury of an unfettered bath.

Despite the inherent benefits of this weekend on my own, I predict that Rex and I will look out longingly at the pool and backyard frequently, thinking ahead to next weekend's family activity with no small amount of anticipation, just as we'll keep a ready ear for sound of the door on Monday as our family returns.

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