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Friday, May 25, 2012

Simple Home Recycling Solutions ~ Rubbermaid

Has your family taken your recycling efforts as far as they can go?

Our Problem
If your family is like mine, we are full of passion for greening up our eco-footprint however making recycling the natural reaction has been an ongoing project.  This Mom can be frequently heard shouting about the house, "Who put the ........ in the waste basket?!?"  What's a green-minded Mom to do?

With a bit of extra spare time on my hands, at home recovering from foot surgery, I have taken up temporary residence on the first floor of our home, in our family room, which happens to be adjacent to our kitchen.  That's right!  Strategically placed in view of both the kitchen waste receptacle as well as the interior door to our recycling center in the garage.  The view has been illuminating, to say the least.

My Discovery
Taking advantage of both my time and location, this Mom employed a bit of stealthy spying at strategic times of peak kitchen activity and came to a disturbing albeit not completely unexpected conclusion.  The culprit  - the whole family.

After witnessing each member of my family, both casually and not so casually, toss recyclable items in our kitchen waste receptacle, I found it necessary to hold a green family meeting.  While giving my crew the full force of my sternest "Mom look", one by one the members of my family muttered and stumbled on with pleas of

"I forgot we were recycling those"
"I don't have time to go to the garage in the morning"
 and even a sheepish 
"Sorry, Hon"

To be fair, our family does have an incredibly hectic weekday schedule and are constantly on the go.  From the Hubs to my youngest, especially during my recovery, they've all done a fantastic job of stepping up.  With the kitchen waste so accessible, how is a green Mom to tackle the lure of quick convenience and make it easier for my family to do the right green thing?

The Solution
In truth, everyone in the family is a fairly good "shot" and with less than 15 steps additional steps required to travel from the kitchen waste to the interior door to the garage and our recycling containers, I could stand firm with my family, however the big green picture is truly most important.  Making recycling easier for my family, so it becomes the norm rather than an extra effort is key.

Rubbermaid, In Home Recycling, Green, Storage Containers

Having the right convenient tools to help my family recycle is key to our efforts and consistency.  With high hopes, I was thrilled to be given an opportunity to review a new product from Rubbermaid, the  2-in-1 Recycler system in our kitchen.

Made from Recycled Products, Rubbermaid, 2-in1 Recycler System, Recycling At Home

Flexibility and convenience is what this recycling unit is all about.  With two handy containers, this unit is perfectly suited for whatever your kitchen needs might be.  The large lower compartment holds a standard eight gallon trash bag and works well for either an out of sight waste receptacle or for recycling.  The upper unit is deep and generous, perfect for holding even recyclable gallon jugs.  Both compartments are removable, with convenient carrying handles for transporting your items.  The LinerLock™ feature prevents slipping, holding your liner bags firmly in place.  A foot release bar allows for hands-free tilting of the lower unit.  Best yet, this recycling solution from Rubbermaid is made of recycled materials!

Rubbermaid, Easy, Convenient, Recycling Solutions

My Take
I appreciated the compact, non-obtrusive size and design of the Rubbermaid 2-in-1 Recycler but was impressed by just how much each generous compartment held.  For the time being, we've elected to maintain a separate waster receptacle and use the 2-in-1 Recycler for the two recyclable items my family most commonly has forgotten to put in our bins: tin cans and paper waste.  Having found room for both our regular waste container and the Rubbermaid unit within the kitchen, I plan to replace the old waste container with another Rubbermaid unit, allowing for waste to be stored safely out of site (and from the interested nose of our Lab) and another recyclable compartment for plastic containers.

Rubbermaid, Recycling, Green, Simple Steps

The LinerLock™ is a great feature, enabling me to keep the compartments clean when family members cut corners in rinsing out recyclables, by keeping our liners in place.  Both compartments are easy to remove for transporting the recyclables when its time to make a run to the recycling center.

The Result
Although this Mom still maintains a close eye on the waste receptacle for recyclables, I am happy to report my family has really stepped up, with additions placed in the convenient Rubbermaid 2-in-1 Recycler system daily!

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What challenges do you face in encouraging your family to recycle?
How have you made recycling easier at home?
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I was provided with a Rubbermaid 2 -in-1 Recycler free of charge to explore for the purposes of creating a product review feature and giveaway.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Some images of Rubbermaid products sourced from Rubbermaid.  


Monique said...

Thanks for sharing. We don't have much to recycle. We take out egg cartons back to the farmers market. We buy milk in glass jars and reuse them. The worms get our toilet and paper towel rolls. I don't buy soda. I can't think of anything we use that needs to be recycled. Oh - newspapers. I need to check to see if our city recycles newspapers.

Closer to Lucy said...

I love my 2-in-1, I am thinking about getting another :)

Crystal said...

I love this. I actually started using it this week for dog food in the bottom and treats in the top. With a family of six our need for recyclable space is growing daily, so my husband bought 2 big trash cans for the garage as recycle bins last weekend. I was still using the 2 in 1 and dumping into the larger bins and then had the bright idea to use it to hide the dog food. This can has so many uses for us.

Pam said...

I love this recycler. I use it in my kitchen and the whole place looks cleaner!

Samantha said...

makes the space look clean and neat!

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