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Friday, June 29, 2012

Best Mom Tips ~ Simplify Shopping With MyGofer.com

Our hectic weekdays make it beyond difficult to fit everything in.  Errands, running the kids about, sporting events, meetings and more keep this Mom hopping!  It seems I am forever waxing about the reasons I need a personal assistant.  What luck!  I think I've found one!

I discovered a new to me service  MyGofer.com an online shopping service that allows me to shop for everything from groceries and everyday household items, such as laundry, cleaning, baby and pet supplies,.  The best part about this service is that when I place my order conveniently online,  MyGofer.com sends its personal shoppers out to local stores to pick and pack my order for same day delivery, whether I order during the day, at night or on weekends!

MyGofer.com, Convenient Online Shopping, Saving on groceries, manufacturer coupons

Although there may be some readers who aren't in the home delivery area or need their order particularly quickly.  For those situations, MyGofer.com prepacks your shipment and through their partnership with Kmart, customers can pick up their order instore or via curbside pickup within two hours at over 1000 locations across the US.  Beyond convenience, the MyGofer.com service is free, sans a modest delivery fee for home deliveries. 
home delivery, same day pet supplies

Even more convenient, I love that MyGofer.com has a host of other time savings features and tools on site!  One of my favorite is the list center that automatically stores my past purchases making creating a new order simple and speedy.  With our crazy schedule, I appreciate the ability to schedule new orders and reoccurring orders alike.  If I want to make changes to my orders, I can do so online or via  the MyGofer App, available for download to iPhone or Android.

Patio Set Sales, Clearance Patio Sets, Great Buys on Patio Sets

This Mom is all about saving money and time.  MyGofer.com makes it easy to do!  I can take advantage of Shop Your Way Reward points, see and shop weekly deals and find just what I'm looking for through their easy to navigate online search tool.  If I happen to have a treasure trove of applicable manufacturer's coupons, I can apply them during checkout if I select an instore pickup for my order.  With all of the great benefits, I’ll be hard pressed to find a faster or more convenient way to shop than MyGofer.com!

What are your tips for convenient shopping for busy Moms?
Have you ever used a home delivery grocery service?
Did you love it or what?!
Tell me all about it in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you to mygofer.com for sponsoring this introduction and for supplying this infographic.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  Some images and information sourced from various mygofer.com websites or its representatives.

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