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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Home Office Upgrades ~ Microsoft Office 2010

Although our primary focus at That's What She Said is so concerns ourselves with ways to pamper and celebrate the woman within the Mom, we should not overlook the importance of Dad in the big picture, especially with Father's Day fast approaching!  This Mom would certainly be in a pickle if Dad wasn't such a trooper about helping out all about the house, not to mention his ever growing 'Honey Do' list.  Hard working at work, hard working at home, Dad's deserve all the convenience and simplicity we can provide them in tackling their 'To Do's'.

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A great way to ensure Dad gets more time here...

Working Dads, Dad's To Do List, Dad's Honey Do List

is to ensure he has to spend less time here...

A great way to help Dad out is to ensure he has the software he needs to keep up with his on demand lifestyle.  My Hubs was woefully overdue as our home office computer had been sporting a shamefully outdated version of Microsoft Office (blush) 97.  While we were able to accomplish what we needed to do with this dusty old software, both the Hubs and I were finding ourselves drawn to a variety of online sites to accomplish our tasks.  The result of all this hopping about was a great deal of time wasted.  Precious time that could have been spent on his tremendous DIY list!

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Having upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010 within the last couple of weeks we are still in the process of exploring and learning all the techy tricks and fantastic features.  Quite frankly, I simply do not know how we ever managed before!

Our initial impression...PHENOMENAL!

Our new Windows Office 2010 -  Home & Office suite 
includes the following features:

  • Word 2010 ~ document creation 
  • Excel 2010 ~ analytic tools
  • PowerPoint 2010 ~ presentation creation
  • OneNote 2010 ~ information organization
  • Outlook 2010 ~ email & calendar tools

Getting Started
With the ability to easily purchase and download Microsoft products online, this Mom truly does not have a good excuse for not upgrading our home office into this decade sooner.  Navigating the Microsoft Office was simple; I could easily find just what I was looking for.  Software seekers looking to upgrade will appreciate the ability to select the Office 2010 product that is suited for your needs, without having to pay for features you do not need. Easy to follow instructions and helpful tips are at the ready.

Although following the downloading instructions with my product key at the ready was simple enough, due to conflicts within my system, in part from holding on to such an antiquated version of Office, I did require assistance from the oh, so patient Help Center crew.  These fellows were more than willing to provide me with assistance and not once did I feel compelled to hang my head due to my lack of techy prowess.

Microsoft, Office 2010, Home and Business Software, Tech Upgrade

Our Take
While the comparison between my dusty old Office 97 and Office 2010 is akin to the difference between using one's fingers to count as compared to using a graphing calculator, those of you who have not been torturing your families with being so out of tech will appreciate the new features as compared to Office 2007.  

With use of a Windows Live account, Office 2010 users can now enjoy the convenience of co-author compatibility, allowing simultaneous viewing of documents, spreadsheets, notes and presentations, as well as joint editing.  Excell 2010 introduces SparkLines, the ability to inject minicharts into your spreadsheets, lending a strong visual representation to your analytics.

Microsoft, Excell 2010, Home Office, Software Upgrades
Excell 2010

PowerPoint 2010 enables uses to instantly broadcast their presentations via link and is enhanced with the option to embed features and special effects to videos without the need for additional software.  Perfect for students, OneNote 2010 now offers the ability to link one's notes directly to sources; a tremendous boon according to the Teen Diva!  

Microsoft, Professional Presentations, Software Upgrade, Home Office
PowerPoint 2010

From this Mom and Dad's decidedly non-techy perspective, the Office 2010 features available are simply outstanding!  In regard to Word alone, I appreciate that my actions are remembered and even anticipated.  Unlike the lack of flexibility in the 'most recent accessed docs' of old, Windows 2010 allows me to pin docs to my Recent list, eliminating the need to search for items I want readily available. With numerous older files in tow, the ability to work in Compatibility Mode are certainly not lost on me.  The customizable Ribbon add even more time saving and I love the option to capture and clip screen shots, eliminating the time of popping about to various other programs and sites.

Microsoft, Home Office, Social Networking, Coordinating Email, Software Upgrade
Outlook 2010

The Social Connector in Outlook 2010 allows me to connect all my social networks and manage all our various email accounts from one location.  Just what this Mom and Dad need to make stay in touch and connected with ease and speed!

Office 2010, Customizing Software, Home Office, Helpful Apps
Microsoft Web Apps

Although playing and exploring within Office 2010 is an adventure on its own, you'll want to spend some time discovering the wealth of web apps and resources available from the Microsoft Office website!  From templates to downloads, as well as Education, Hiring and Recruiting and Resume collections, Microsoft Office offers the tools you need to create and develop as you need.

Stay In The Know
Whether you are using Office 2007, 2003 or shame on you something even older like I was, don't even bother dusting it off!  Scoot on over to Microsoft Office and upgrade!  You'll be so glad you did!

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Visit the Microsoft Office website to try Office 2010 for FREE for 60 days!

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I was provided with Microsoft Office 2010  to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  Some images and information sourced from various Microsoft sites.  Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ are not responsible for nor involved in this giveaway in any fashion.  Hammock and Desktop Images.


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