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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Must Have Fab ~ Age Repair Trio from Exuviance ~ Give Away

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Now in my middle Mom years, I'm always on the prowl for products and tips for helping me battle the effects of sun, age, gravity and life!  Certainly diet, exercise and positive outlook help.  Unfortunately, the further into my middle Mom years I travel, the more extra help this Mom needs!

One of my favorite Must Have Fab resources is NeoStrata!  They offer just right kits and products for all manner of skin concerns, including Coverblend concealing treatment makeup, PSORENT specialty products for psoriasis, as well as products designed for targeted solutions for dry, oily and sensitive skin concerns.

My go-to line, of course, is the anti-aging solutions in the Exuviance collection of products from NeoStrata.
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Why is the Exuviance line this Mom's Must Have resource?    
I choose Exuviance products because of their high quality.  I've personally tested a number of these premium anti-aging products and have absolutely loved the results.  I can count on Exuviance products to deliver as promised.  NeoStrata's collections are created by blending beauty with science:  the perfect recipe for quality, skin care solutions.
I also appreciate that I can find specifically targeted products in the Exuviance line to meet my specific skin care concern. Other skin care lines I've tried offer products that are touted to cover a wide range of issues.  Although these products claim to be effective, I've found targeted products truly address my concerns, saving me beauty funds in the long run.  No misses with Exuviance!

Free Sample Trio with purchase, Exuviance, Anti-Aging, premium skin care

Bonuses, Free Gifts ~ Go ahead, Pamper Me!
As a customer, nothing makes me feel more appreciated than a company that knows how to pamper me.  Shower me with free samples, bonuses and savings!   Whenever I shop at NeoStrata, I always find special savings and bonus offers!   The perfect way to sample new products before purchasing!

Always Innovating

Anti-Aging, Skin Care, Anti-Aging Solutions, Premium Skin Care Products
NEW! Exuviance Age Repair Trio
Three potent targeted treatments clinically proven
to reduce lines and wrinkles and transform aging skin
with the power of Alpha & Poly Hydroxy Acids.

Always excited to try a new quality skin care product, I've never disappointed when I explore NeoStrata's online store!  This Exuviance Age Repair Trio certainly has piqued my interest!   Usually priced at $155, I can steal this anti-aging trio for only $105!  Infused with Alpha and Poly Hydroxy Acids, Exuviance customers have been raving!

  • 91% had smaller pores
  • 95% had increased elasticity and firmness
  • 100% had increased skin clarity
With Exuviance customers singing praises for the Age Repair Trios ability to improve their skin's clarity, texture and smoothness, I'm confident about placing this Must Have Fab collection in my virtual shopping basket!

Stay In The Know


NeoStrata is generously offering That's What She Said readers  an opportunity to win the Exuviance Age Repair Trio in the What's Hot in Style & Beauty for Summer 2012 ~Summer Social $700+ Giveaway

Do you have tried and true skin care tips?
How do you slow down the signs of aging?
Are you winning the battle against aging skin or fighting the good fight?
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you to NeoStrata Exuviance for sponsoring the introduction of the Age Repair Trio and for supplying a prize for the Style & Beauty Giveaway Event..  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  Some information and images sourced from various NeoStrata sites.
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