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Friday, June 8, 2012

One Wish ~ What Would You Ask Of The Fairy Hobmother?

If you were to be visited by your Fairy Hobmother, what would you wish for?

Sophie Anderson:  The Fair Face Of Woman

For the purposes of our discussion, let's assume that the Fairy Hobmother already has a crew fast at work on the all important topics of world peach, ending hunger and preserving our environment.
This visit is all about you!

What Would Mom Wish For? 

Would you ask for a new bed?

A bathroom remodel, complete with an oh, so deep garden tub?

A romantic getaway for just you and the Hubs on some warm, white sanded beach?

Perhaps a shiny new appliance for your kitchen, 
like a top of the line refrigerator with all the fancy new bells and whistles?

Beko state of the art refridgerator, appliancesonline.com, purchasing appliances on line.
Beko Refridgerators ~ appliancesonline.co.uk

My Wish
While all those ideas are quite tempting to this Mom, as of this moment, would love for the Fairy Hobmother to grant me a pool boy!  The Hubs, the usual keeper of all things aquatic in my backyard haven has wholly fallen down on his pool responsibilities this year.  Although it is certainly true that he was out of town at a family wedding over the Memorial holiday, our traditional pool opening weekend.  Mother Nature has also played a part, most inconveniently, bestowing us with rain and dismal weather the weekend before and after the holiday.  Even so, this Mom is more than ready, with the summer season temperatures climbing, to see something inviting and attractive, other than the hideous winter cover in the backyard.  My willingness to avail myself to the luxurious relaxation to be had in my backyard oasis is beyond significant.

in ground swimming pool, relaxing in your own backyard, outdoor living

Thank you, Fairy Hobmother 
Although slightly disappointed that fairy labor laws prohibit my Fairy Hobmother from actually sending a pool boy my way, she was kind enough to grant me the new pool tools that the Hubs has been requesting.  True, he has been grumbling about difficulty in performing his annual pool opening duties due to lack of appropriate equipment.   No matter the reason, new implements on hand and sunny skies in the weekend forecast ensure that my in house pool boy will soon be busy at opening the pool  This Mom will be certain to remember her Fairy Hobmother fondly while basking in the refreshing waters and inviting sun in the days ahead.

Share your wish in a comment below 
and perhaps the Fairy Hobmother 
will be visiting you next! 

I received a gift from the Fairy Hobmother for the purposes of creating this post.  The opinions above are both honest and my own.  Fairy Image.  Beko Refrigerator Image.  Pool Image.


Grace said...

Very cute post. I'd ask for two new room additions to my house. If I have a fairy Hobmother...I'm going for the gusto.

Closer to Lucy said...

Lol....I'd be putting the pool boy before the pool on this wish. I'd just take a new pool, I have boys :)

Madeline said...

I'd ask for too many things! Cute post and cute blog!

Following you back!

Madeline @ Sunshine and Peanuts

Gretta said...

I would ask for a Ninja Blender (http://www.amazon.com/Ninja-622356527972-NJ600-Pro-Blender/dp/B003VWXXXK/ref=sr_1_21?ie=UTF8&qid=1339168162&sr=8-21). As a family of 5, we love to make smoothies and health shakes and a few weeks ago our blender literally burned up...meaning no fresh fruit/veggie shakes & smoothies for us. The kids especially are missing them and my husband & I are too! I'd love to have a brand new blender so we could keep enjoying these everyday.

bamagv at aol dot com

Veronica said...

I'd wish for a kitchen Aid. I love cookin, but hate kneading bread. The cooking tools the better. 8-)

Bridget said...

Love the post! Thanks for visting my blog. Following you back from What's cooking in the burbs. Have a great weekend!

Eileen said...

Well, I have 6 kids and now 6 grandkids, one of them a baby that lives with us...so for me it's really hard to ask for something for me. Really, I usually give everything to the kids. New babies, wedding, graduations...kids still growing out of shoes and clothes. I'm pretty practical so I'd probably say towels, new lights for our outside garage that are broken and pretty dark/dangerous out there, or maybe some home improvement like someone to come and replace our disgustingly awful original 32 year old floor and gold countertops. Pretty embarrassing.
Thanks so much!

ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

1955nurse said...

Ooooh - I could use a Pool boy, or a LAWN BOY maybe!!! My poor Hubby works so hard all week, some days 6 out of 7. Our yard is looking somewhat worse-for-the-wear this year, so I would wish for someone to come & do our lawn -- even ONCE would be a big relief!!! Thanks.... a visit from the Fairy Hobmother would be FABulous! ((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com))

Melanie said...

I would wish for more hours in a day! :)

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