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Friday, June 15, 2012

Outdoor Landscapes ~ Adventures In The Garden

When we bought our home a couple of years ago, this Mom had grand plans for our garden.  Although I created modest beds about our old abode, as I knew we would not be there long, I couldn't bring myself to commit significant time or resources to developing an outdoor paradise I would have to leave behind.

The new house came complete with mature deciduous and evergreen trees, as well as shrubs aplenty. I was anxious to dig in, get my hands dirty and add much needed color and texture among the bland juniper, yew and arborvitae.

I was thrilled to discover a number of established, if not forgotten Hosta nestled around the yard, although most needed a new home with kinder lighting or pulled to the fore front rather than left tucked behind an overgrown shrub.

Flowering Hosta, Green Hosta, Variegated Hosta

Those shrubs!  Much like the interior of our home in need of love and attention, the outdoor landscaping was  greatly in need of attention and updating.   Although it was painless to commit to removing damaged and unhealthy inhabitants from the yard, I've found it difficult to order the felling of healthy shrubs, despite that they are not my ideal.

Beyond a soft spot for anything green, time to tackle major landscape challenges is certainly a factor.  To remove the yew and juniper in front of the house requires a firm plan to replace them.  Research, selection and purchase of more ideal species, not to mention corralling a commitment from the Hubs to make short time of the project, less we leave the front yard akin to a construction zone.

Of course, there are always outdoor tasks more immediately pressing; mowing the grass, trimming the trees and what is to be done about the natural fence of overgrown arborvitae that have decidedly slid further down our priority list each summer since our arrival.  The lack of focus on this eyesore is certainly not for lack of need, rather lack of knowledge.

So many tasks, so little time.  This season is even more difficult as temporary restricted mobility requires me to coach the Hubs through the tasks traditionally handled by me; such as hedge trimming.  Our prior season coordination of landscaping duties has generally left in to the heavier labor while I tackle the more sensitive tasks of shaping, planning and planting.

Coaching the Hubs through the trimming of the yew around the pool today, I found myself sighing.  'This is not likely the year we'll be making significant headway in our quest to upgrade our landscaping,'  is the thought that ran through my mind as I witnessed him cut the cord powering the electric hedge trimmer tin two.

Perhaps next year....


Pam said...

If it makes you feel any better, every year I plan this beautiful garden and every year something happens to disrupt my plans.

Crystal said...

We had three huge bushes in front of our home when we bought it. I would have to remember to trim thme weekly so we could see out of the window! After 3 years we finally pulled them out and planted a nice garden, last month.

Daisy TrendyMomReviews said...

We have a huge yard and part way through summer, I look forward to winter so that we don't have to do so much upkeep. lol.

Vicky said...

My back yard is a mess right now, I wish hubby would go out and do something to it...but I can't really blame him with the temp in the 100's!

Closer to Lucy said...

Your hostas make me so jelly...stinkin rabbits ate all my darn blooms before they even had a chance :(

Grace said...

I love your hostas and could just imagine what it looked like when your husband cut through the cord.
It is hard to train good help these days.

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