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Friday, June 1, 2012

Ready For Football? Sports Themed Costumes

One of my family's favorite things about autumn is that it heralds the beginning of football season.   Cool, crisp air, Friday nights in the stadium and Saturdays on the field with the junior team.  Not to mention, the family gatherings on the weekends to watch our favorite college and professional teams battle it out.

Junior League Football, Football game, Youth Football

Considering both our family penchant for football and our student athletes' passion for sports competition, it is certainly not a surprise that sport themed costumes are at the top of our list.  Whether for attending costume parties or celebrating Halloween, it has not been uncommon for the whole family to dress in a complimentary sports theme.

Referee Costume, Football Costume, Baby Football Costume

Of course, outfitting the whole family can be a bit pricey, unless you know where to find great values on quality costumes!   Although we used to shop at the seasonal stores in our area, this Mom has discovered I can easily find a much broader selection of costumes, sizes and family budget-friendly prices by shopping for costumes online.

Miami Dolphins Football Costume, Giants Football Costume, Quality Football Costumes

This Mom loves the convenience of shopping online for costumes, rather than fighting the crowds in the seasonal stores through picked over packages of over-priced costumes, only to discover the costume we wanted is missing components or is not available in the size we need.

Of course, there is an element of the unknown when purchasing items online so when this Mom finds a great resource for sports costumes for women, as well as for the rest of the family, it is a treat!  I do tend to be a bit skeptical about quality, especially when I find lower prices than I am expecting.

Football Costumes for the family, affordable costumes, quality costumes

Recently selecting a football themed costume for the Teen Diva from a new to this Mom site, we were immediately pleased.   Ordering from Wholesale Costume Club was easy.  Although the Diva had a particular costume in mind, we couldn't help but to check out the new costumes to see which would be the hot costumes for the season!

Teen Football Costumes, Family Football Costumes, Sports Costumes, Quality Costumes, Discounted Costumes

After finding so many discounted costumes at Wholesale Costume Club, this Mom was a bit skeptical about the quality of our selection.  After a surprisingly short shipping time, both the Teen Diva and I were pleasantly surprised.    Many of the costumes we've purchased in the past have been constructed of very flimsy material, with crooked seams and loose stitching.  This was certainly not the case with the football costume!

Teen Sports Costumes, Kid Sports Costumes, Family Sports Costumes
Made with a heavier material, solid construction and straight, secure seams, the women's football costume is one that will last well beyond this season.  We appreciated the detailing and bold and bright colors, making this costume one that will certainly stand out.  I have no doubt I'll shop at this online costume store again as their discounted, wholesale prices allow for me to purchase two costumes for the price I would pay at the chaotic, local seasonal stores!

Which costumes are on your family's list this year? 
Do you often dress in a theme or does each member select their own favorite look?
What have been some of your favorite past costumes?
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I received a costume to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.


Pam said...

That is a cute little costume. I'm glad to hear it is securely constructed. There is nothing worse than a costume ripping while the kid is wearing it!

Daisy TrendyMomReviews said...

Awe, the baby costume is the best!

Minta's Creations said...

I love baby costumes. Not sure what my boys are wanting to be this yr.

Closer to Lucy said...

I so love NOT watching the game BUT I do like the costume...really cute :)

Crystal Threeprncs said...

I LOVE football, but you know that..lol I'm trying to get the kids to do a sports theme with me this year. Not sure if it will work though :(

Grace Hodgin said...

All of those uniforms are so cute. I like the football theme.

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