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Monday, June 25, 2012

Shopping Tips: Staying In Style For Less

With a Teen Diva in the house, the battle between her passion for fashion and this Mom's shopping budget are frequently at odds.  In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that shopping for new looks with the Teen Diva does ignite a spark in my own shopping beast.  Left to our own devices, we can easily find our virtual shopping carts brimming with fab fashion finds, yet the nagging from the left hemisphere of my brain never quite lets me forgot our budgetary restrictions.

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What is a fashion loving duo to do?
We certainly are not lacking for inspiration to shop for fun, summer looks!  With seasonal family gatherings, weddings, and open houses filling our calendar, it is easy to justify a new dress or look is necessary.  The challenge is truly to maximize our ability to acquire new looks for less!

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Shop After The Season Begins
With the weather in Michigan often lagging behind in accommodating new seasonal temperatures, the Teen Diva and I have found that postponing our shopping for the new season by a few weeks is a wonderful way to avail ourselves to seasonal sales!  Rather than jumping on new looks before the season breaks, we take advantage of sales and clearances that are frequently available early in the season.  Retailers seem to be pushing the seasons earlier each year and even still in June, our Michigan weather is just now appropriate for full summer apparel yet online retailers are already offering great sales and bargains!  What fashion loving gal could pass up a great sale at Neiman Marcus?

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Never Pay Full Price
To keep the Teen Diva in style, this Mom never pays full price!  While it's certainly tempting to jump on a new look you discover, I've found that keeping a close eye on my favorite online retailers will often unveil a pattern of sales.  A particular retailer may offer better sales and special certain times of each month or rotate between dramatic sale prices being offered two weeks on followed by two weeks off.  Investing a little time to get to know the sale patterns of your favorite fashion retailers will pay off by allowing you to buy the looks you crave for less!  Grabbing a Deal of the Day from BlueFly.com is always a special, stylish treat!

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Maximize Your Savings With Coupon Codes
Shopping slightly off season and watching your favorite retailers ad cycles is only part of the solution to adding great new looks for less to your seasonal wardrobes.  Combining lower prices with saving money using Coupon Codes  can make a dramatic difference in stretching your shopping budget.  Creating my "own sale" at our favorite go-to retailers can be as easy with this simple strategy!  Of course, knowing how to go about finding promo codes for Maurices and other retailers on your own isn't always simple. 

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 I recommend using a coupon code search site, like CouponCodes4U, that offers great promo codes for a wide variety of retailers and specialty shops.  Although the Teen Diva and I are fairly short in stature, whenever I look for fashion gifts for my sister, I always take a peak to see if I can get free coupons for Long Tall Sally or my sister's other favorite online retailers.

Saving Means More Shopping 
The Teen Diva and I have found that using the techniques above and taking some time to explore before we spend can make a tremendous difference in how many items end up in our final virtual shopping basket!  We often save enough to be able to treat ourselves to a great new pair of summer shoes!  Nothing better for pampering a Diva or her well deserving Mom than that!  This Mom wouldn't mind treating herself to a new pair of summery heals from Piperlime!

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What are your tips for saving on shopping for fashion?
Do you have favorite fashion go to sites?
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you to CouponCodes4U for introducing Shopping Tips: Staying In Style For Less.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Images sourced from various Maurice's and Long Tall Sally sites.  


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