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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Hair Repair Tips ~ Keeping Locks Lovely

If your summer plans include spending significant time out of doors, you likely have a quality sunscreen at the ready to protect your skin.  Whether you'll be filling your days with relaxing trips to the beach, lounging pool side, creating horticultural master designs in your garden or kicking it up with the kids, protecting yourself and your beauty from sun damage is essential.

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Summer Hair Challenges
What of protecting your hair?  Over exposure to the sun's damaging rays can wreak havoc on your tresses.  Sun damage can cause dryness, breakage and split-ends, slow growth and brittle texture.  Bleached and chemically lightened hair is at particular risk for sun damage.

Certainly, a girl has options to protect her hair from the sun, such as wearing sun hats or bonnets and staying in the shade among them.   For this Mom, I prefer options that do not limit my time in the sun's glow or avoid the pool.  Between the Teen Diva and myself, we love to explore new hair products that strengthen and protect our long locks.

The Solution
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Utilizing ionic technology, H2 Ion penetrates deep into the hair shaft to infuse moisture. Other treatments are silicone based. These conditioners build up and weigh hair down.  H2 Ion is specially formulated with MIM, a unique moisture infusion microbead derived only from Sonoran Jojoba plants. MIM works to infuse vital moisture into damaged hair and keeps the body you love!
Styling your hair with heated hair tools causes havoc to your hair's health and appearance.  Both the Teen Diva and I were pleased to be given an opportunity to test H2 Ion Thermal Activated Hair Repair.  Attractive in package and pleasant in scent, this intensive hair repair therapy worked wonders on strengthening our long hair!  H2 is formulated to strengthen hair from the inside out, both protecting your hair from damage from heat styling and to work with the heat of your hair tools.

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Simple Steps
H2 Ion Thermal Activated Hair Repair is easy to use.  The sleek bottle is designed with a quick release cap for pump dispensing.  With only a dime size dollop needed for each treatment, the 1.7oz bottle will handle both the Teen Diva and my hair needs for some time.  The simple treatment steps making working H2 Ion into our regular hair care routines a breeze.

  • Wash hair as normal and towel dry
  • Work dime sized dollop of product into hair, with special focus on damaged areas and ends
  • Let soak into hair for one minute, no rinsing required
  • Style your hair with your favorite heated hair tools and let the magic begin

Our Take
Both the Teen Diva and I loved the sleek, strong effect of using H2 Ion Thermal Activated Hair Repair.  From the simple directions, easy to use dispenser, pleasant scent and sleek results, we're sold!  In particular, with the Teen Diva's enhanced color, we were thrilled with the lovely condition of her hair after treatment.  While this Mom may not use heated hair tools every day, the Diva typical does.  Although this Mom doesn't necessarily use heated hair tools daily, the Diva typically does.  She found it exceptionally easy to style her hair after treatment.   After such a wonderful result from the H2 hair treatment, we're anxious to try the H2 shampoo and conditioner, as well!

Stay In The Know

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I received a product as part of a campaign with Living Your Moment in order to write my review. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255 concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Some information and images sourced from various H2Ion sites.  Beach Image. 


Pam said...

I certainly need this. During the summer my hair has a tendency to become dry, dull and lifeless.

Jai M. said...

My Fiancee was talking about how her hair has dryness problems in the summer here. I'll point this out to her. Thanks!

Closer to Lucy said...

I could use something like this to help ward off the summer crispiness, I'll have to take a closer look, thanks!

Crystal said...

My hair is crispy all year round. This sounds great

Turning the Clock Back said...

This sounds like something I could use. The strong southern sun and the chlorine in the pool is combining to turn my hair to straw! Thanks for sharing your experience with it!

Grace said...

I seem to be in the majority as I think I could use this as well. Thanks for sharing this.

Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack said...

I need this. My hair gets awful dry.

Daisy TrendyMomReviews said...

I never heard of this until now but it sounds nice!

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