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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Best Last Minute Gifts For Her

We've all been there.
Best intentions for early shopping for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and graduations begin with determination to find the perfect gift to ship early.  Of course, somewhere between my best intentions and the day before the special occasion, I seem to lose my way.  This Mom has tried calendars, both traditional and digital, reminders to my cell phone, post it notes to no avail.  Especially in the summer months, with so many special events and family birthdays lined up until the end of year holiday season, I invariably drop the ball in shopping ahead for gifts.

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I'll manage to stay on track for periods each year, until a cluster of upcoming events will task me beyond my ability to keep up.  During certain times of the year, I find staying on track with my gift shopping especially challenging and, with no small amount of mortification, find myself in peril of sending late gifts to the same recipients year after year.

In particular, I have a terrible knack for running tight on selecting presents for my youngest sister and her family.  Of course, they live the farthest away of any of our close family members, calling Alabama home.  Although I would always prefer to send her fabulous, just right gifts for all of her special occasions, hand picked and wrapped with care by yours truly, my lack of calendar coordination often necessitates a quick online selection with speedy shipping options.

Having become, most regretfully, quite an expert in ideal online gifts, you may find the list of my favorite last minute go to gift options below quite helpful.

Best Last Minute Gifts For Her

Fresh Flower Bouquets, Next Day Floral Delivery, Quick & Easy Gifts for Her, Stargazer Lilies, Pink Gerbera, Pale Pink Roses

Some may say diamonds are a girls best friend, but this girl never tires of receiving a fresh, lovely bouquet.  Although I love it when my husband treats me to a floral arrangement or bouquet of my favorite blooms, it is a special treat to receive unexpected fresh flowers from friends and family.  I often take advantage of gorgeous arrangements and fast delivery options from online florists to meet my last minute gift needs.  In browsing Interflora gifts for her recently and found a wonderful collection of summer floral arrangements as well as gift sets and tempting treats.  Perfect easy gifts any woman would love to be surprised with.

Spa and Salon Certificates
Every woman, Moms especially, need special time to themselves and pampering treatment.  Although we may rarely treat ourselves to a day at the spa and often sacrifice a manicure or facial to the busy family schedule, what better way to treat a favorite friend or relative than with an easy gift certificate to her favorite spa or salon.  Purchasing online is simple and your recipient often receives their gift the same day.

A Special Invitation
Although a hand written, personally delivered note would be ideal, in a pinch, a thoughtful email will suffice in inviting a special person to brunch, tea or out to their favorite restaurant for a meal.  The gesture of taking time out of your busy schedule to make time to treat them speaks volumes in regard to your appreciation of their friendship or meaning to your life.

Charitable Gifts
What of the woman that has everything?  Who, when asked for ideas, simply responds with an easy dismissal?  I often experience this conundrum with my own mother and grandmother and struggle to find the right gift or gesture, especially on short notice.  As quick as a click, you can make a charitable donation to many causes or charitable organizations near and dear to your recipient in their name.

What are your best suggestions for gifts for the women in your life?
Do you often find yourself in need of a last minute gift solution? 
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thought!

The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Please find my disclosure policy.  Gift Image.


Pam said...

THese are great last minute gifts. I am bad about forgetting gifts lately and I need give and easy suggestions!

Closer to Lucy said...

Oooohhh...love me some Star Lillies. I'd even send them to myself :)

Crystal said...

I always order off line with delivery for my MIL out of state - so flowers are always top on my list. Great suggestions

Turning the Clock Back said...

I am terrible about waiting till the last minute for gifts. I tend to buy food gifts...they get used up and no clutter left over.

Grace Hodgin said...

This is a great list and I'm a last minute shopper so can use these tips.
All seem like they would make a person feel "special" instead of forgotten :)

Daisy TrendyMomReviews said...

I love the flowers!

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