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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Best Mom Tips: Saving On Pool Supplies

After spending the better part of the last two weeks researching in ground pool products and seeking best prices online, this Mom has learned a few things about shopping for pool equipment and supplies.

Local Pool Supply Stores
There is no doubt about it!  When you are in a pinch, a quick run to your local pool supply store can be incredibly convenient.  If (that can often be a big if) your local shop is stocked with the product you need, for a steeper price than you'll typically find online, you can walk out the door and put everything right with your pool in short time.  This Mom's experiences have been to expect products to be available in smaller quantities, with the larger, more economical sizes of pool chemicals and treatments only available through special order locally.  You'll expect to pay a 20-30% markup in price for the convenience of shopping locally on most items, especially those used most frequently.

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On the upside, your local pool store staff can be an excellent resource for the novice or befuddled in ground pool owner.  From free water testing services to referrals for pool service experts in your area and sage advice when you are simply stuck, the ability to avail yourself to a local pool expert's tips can be worth paying the higher price for convenience and promoting your community's economy in the process.

Large Pool Retailers
Always touting large sales, savings specials, free shipping and often next day shipping, the major online pool retailers are often a tempting choice.   To be certain, when your backyard swimming pool has turned from a blue oasis to a green swamp, the most pressing thing on an anxious pool owners mind can be "how fast will it get here?".

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This Mom suggests taking a close look at the details for deals and fast shipping offered.  If you are counting on Next Day delivery, check to make sure your area is included in the Next Day delivery zone.  Free Shipping sounds great but some retailers will tack on handling charges that tend to make your Free Shipping offer a bit more expensive than "free".

Despite flashy ads and prices that may not be the best available, larger online pool supply retailers may offer a bigger selection, an easy to navigate online store and monthly payment plan options that ease the bite to your household budget for larger purchases, such as pool pumps, slides and winter safety covers.

This Mom's Recommendations
Even after three seasons with our in ground pool, the Hubs and I do like to support our local pool store at least a couple of times each season, purchasing some of our start up and closing chemicals, as well as emergency replacement items

For our larger purchases, however, this Mom loves the convenience of shopping online through Amazon.  With the best of both worlds, through Amazon I have access to online retailers both large and small.  The ability to compare prices and shipping rates is incredibly convenient.  With customer reviews prominently featured, I can shop for pool supplies, both large and small, with confidence.

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 The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Images sourced from various Amzaon.com retailers.


Curtis Gantt said...

I got my Davey pool pumps online because I don’t have time to visit the store in downtown. I should try visiting local pool supply stores because I want to discover new equipment and gadgets for my pool.

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