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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top Ten Pool Party Survival Tips

If you are the owner of an in ground pool, you are no doubt accustomed to regular summer guests.  In all likelihood, you will find yourself entertaining more often than not.  Now in our third year of pool side entertaining, I have discovered a few tips to help my family not only survive the summer entertaining season, rather to enjoy it as well.

Set Guidelines
With a Teen Diva and pre-teen in house, this Mom learned early on that setting guidelines with the children in regard to their ready invitations for friends to visit and swim was a necessity.  Sans a few simple ground rules, we were often astounded by the steady stream of swimming guests during our first season with the pool.  Although we still experience occasional unannounced guests, the frequency and quantity has significantly diminished after establishing the rules of asking before inviting as well as a ban on tweeting out mass swimming invitations.

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Know Your Limits
Although our pool is fairly generously sized, knowing how many enthusiastic swimmers our pool area can reasonably and safely contain is of significant importance.  Younger child guest and teen guests do not necessarily equate to one adult guest in regard to establishing your pool capacity limit.   Although your child may be quite adamant in wanting to invite twenty of their best friends for a pool party, once they begin their typical teen and child antics, you'll quickly realize that your pool area does not accommodate as many guests as you might allow for an indoor gathering.

Get To Know Your Guests
New friends have a tendency to come out of the woodwork during swimming season.  Having been a competitive swimmer in my youth, I find I  must remind myself that not all our guests are strong swimmers.  In fact, we have hosted a few guests with very limited swimming experience.  This Mom has learned to greet each guest prior to allowing them access to the swimming area.  Easy questions about teen and child guest's swimming experience helps to identify those who must be accompanied into the pool or watched with extra care.

Review The Pool Rules
Before allowing child or teen guests access to the pool area, review the pool rules.  Identify the shallow and deep areas of the pool, if they are not marked.  Be certain your guests know the safety rules and expectations in regard to diving into the pool, running around the pool apron as well as safety rules for the sue of slides and diving boards.  Point out safety equipment and procedures for when a fellow swimmer is in trouble.

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Towel, Anyone?
While some guests will come prepared with swim suit, towel, sunscreen and goggles, many will forget an essential.  Avoid the temptation to purchase extra beach towels of low quality as your supply will be put to great use.  Rather, stock up on extra supplies off season when selection in stores are reduced.

Give Them A Break
If your guests get out of control or forget about adhering to the important safety rules, do not hesitate to give them a break, allowing everyone to take a step back and calm down.  Providing plenty of seating pool side as well as outside of the pool area is very helpful, as well as luring them out of the pool with snacks.

Provide Safe Storage
Few teens travel without a cell phones, as well as many of your younger guests.  Establishing a water safe zone for glasses, cell phones and other valuables will prevent unexpected and costly crises.   Despite your best efforts, water accidents will happen.  Keeping a mid sized container of dry rice at the ready will provide a possible rescue for soggy electronics.

Enough Fun In The Sun?
Ensuring your swimming guests avail themselves to sunscreen is essential to preventing dangerous sunburns from the enhanced strength of sunlight reflecting off the pool water.  For longer gatherings, it is wise to give everyone a break from swimming occasionally.  Providing seating and activities outside of the pool area will accommodate guests who may not desire to swim as long as others, keeping horseplay at bay.

Fuel Their Fun
Anticipating regular summer swimming guests is best when stocking your entertaining supplies for the summer.  Pick up easy to serve summer fruits, such as cantaloupe and watermelon during your weekly shopping trips.  Keeping the supplies you'll need to prepare a quick feast on the grill are essential.  Preparing pitchers of iced tea and lemonade are an ideal  for serving to your guests and much less costly than offering single serve drinks.

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Outdoor Serving
Save your good entertaining sets for indoor parties.  Glassware pool side with so many slippery hands and bare feet is not recommended.  Select festive plastic serving sets in bold summer colors and fun designs for your outdoor entertaining.   Feed guests outside of the immediate pool area when possible.  Kids, pools and food do not necessarily mix, as you'll easily discover the first time you have to skim food from your pool.

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Crystal said...

Great tips, great post. Thanks for sharing

Pam said...

Those are great tips for hosting a pool party. Our neighbor has a pool. She doesn't care when we use it but requests an adult be with the kids. I think that is fair and an excellent safety measure.

Closer to Lucy said...

I'll be helping with a pool party as a farewell to summer event next week...great tips! Love the dishes but seriously appreciate the when to call it quits insight :)

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