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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Top Seven Pool Safety Tips

Whether your pool hosts only family or a regular parade of water loving swimming guests, taking time to ensure the safety of those enjoying a refreshing dip is a paramount responsibility for backyard pool owners.

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Safety Tip:  Enclosure Pool Area With Safety Fence
Most communities require that all residential in ground swimming pools are enclosed by a safety fence to prevent the unwary from accidentally taking a swim.  This Mom recommends both enclosing your backyard as well as installing a separate fence to the pool area, as well as installing top of door locking mechanisms for pool area entry points.  Locking mechanisms located out of the reach of young children will help ensure young, ambitious swimmers always have permission and supervision before entering the pool area.

Safety Tip:  Stock Pool Area With First Aid Kit & Rescue Devices
Mount Safety Flotation Rings and poles in a convenient, easy to access area around your pool.  Unexpected situations can arise on land or in water and having the equipment you need to safely help a panicking swimmer can make all the difference in a time of emergency.  Teach all family members how to use rescue devices, such as Safety Rings and Poles and practice helping a troubled swimmer at the beginning of each swim season.

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Safety Tip:  Invest In A Quality Pool Alarm
Whether you have adventurous teens or toddlers on a mission, installing a pool alarm in your backyard swimming pool will help alert parents to unauthorized entry and will add a layer of backup security in the event of a gate inadvertently left open or door left unlocked.  Test alarm once a month.

Safety Tip:  Cover Pool Rules With New Swimming Guests
Don't assume your swimming guests are competent in the pool.  Take some time to acquaint new swimming guests with your pool safety rules, the locations of safety equipment and safe diving areas for your pool.  Talk with them about their swimming experience and observe their swimming skills.

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Safety Tip:  Install A Floating Safety Rope Between Deep and Shallow Ends of Pool 
Particularly important with younger or inexperienced swimmers, installing a floating safety rope between the shallow and deep ends of your in ground swimming pool will help swimmers to stay within the safer confines of the shallow area.  These ropes are easy to install and remove as desired and are an excellent way to help ensure inexperienced swimmers don't drift or float into deeper waters where they make panic.

Safety Tip: Inspect Pool Area For Repair Needs At Pool Closing and Opening
When closing your pool for the season, inspect all steps, entry handrails and pool apron and repair or make plan to check any areas that may be showing wear.  A secure pool entry and exit areas are essential for preventing pool accidents.  Keeping pool apron smooth and free of tripping hazards will help ensure your swimmers are able to safely walk around your pool's perimeter tripping or unexpectedly plunging into the pool.

Safety Tip:  Install A Pool Safety Cover Off Season
With both hard and mesh safety covers for in ground pools now readily available, the savvy pool owner is best served by using one of these safety covers off season than the traditional poly covers.  Not only are they easier to use and more effective in keeping leaves and debris out of your pool, they are an excellent  resource to ensure guest and family safety during the closed pool season.

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Closer to Lucy said...

Great advice, we don't have a pool but take advantage of a neighbor's saltwater pool at every opportunity. Thanks for the reminder that safety is a priority.

Pam said...

This is good advice for anyone with a pool. We all need to remember basic safety rules.

Crystal Threeprncs said...

Great tips. I'm always nervous with my kids and pools.

Daisy TrendyMomReviews said...

Great tips. I'm so nervous with my toddler around pools.

Grace Hodgin said...

Great post and I think those alarms are really a must have.

kierran campbell said...

I make it a point to secure my kid's safety by adding up tampa pool fences in our pool area. Especially now that we often conduct pool parties.

Kenneth Chang said...
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Anonymous said...

These are truly helpful and I will remember these as the summer days approach. I hope to read more of your useful posts.

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Damon Tolles said...

There are a ton of ways to outfit your pool with stylish and secure accessories. There are companies that do glass pool fencing in Perth, maybe there are some in your neck of the woods.

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