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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Creating Blooming Fall Gardens ~ Amazon Gift Code Give Away

Have you planted your fall perennials and bulbs?  If not, now that the harsher summer weather is wrapping up is a great time to revisit your outdoor garden beds.  Fall flowers are hearty and provide a welcome splash of color for the cooler fall season, often holding their blooms well past first frosts.

Whether adding fall blooming plants to an existing bed, to a container or creating a new bed in your yard, hearty seasonal flowers are available in a wide range of colors to help you create cohesive or bold effects. Painted Daisy or Chrysanthemum can be found in a veritable rainbow of hues, including white, yellow, gold, bronze, pink, purple and red.

Gardening Tip
Cut down fall flowering plants to base before regular snow fall. Your perennial plants will bloom again next fall, even more brilliantly now that the roots are fully incorporated in the soil of your bed.

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Define your beds and garden spaces with decorative borders which can be created from eco-friendly trims or inter-locking panels with the look of stone.  To add your own flair to your garden, create your own decorative pavers and stepping stones for the garden.  With molds, you can easily create the shapes, textures and colors to make your garden area unique and enchanting.

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Gardening Tip
Adding a fresh layer of mulch to your seasonal beds will help protect your plants root systems during even the harshest weather.  Mulch protects your blooming plants during the hot and dry seasons, as well, holding in moisture and protecting soil from becoming dry.

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Create interest with decorative elements placed throughout your garden with planters and weather-resistant decor.  Experiment with placement to achieve the perfect balance. Use both plants and decor elements to vary height, color, shape and texture in your garden.

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Before the crisp air of fall makes way for the bitter chill of winter, take stock of your fall garden and make plans for colorful additions for next year.  Finding areas in need of blooming companions in your garden and determining which colors will compliment is easiest to accomplish while your fall plants are in bloom.

Gardening Tip
Most annual as well as less hardy perennials plants from your garden can be transferred to a container and housed indoors over the winter, eliminating the need to grow or purchase new plants each year.   Plan your winter storage carefully, before dig.  Even indoors, your plants will need space, attention and light to thrive.


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