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Friday, August 31, 2012

Home DIY ~ Entertaining Spaces

Although our summer days of enjoying time outdoors and about the pool are drawing quickly to a close, with autumn creeping closer, thoughts of football and indoor entertaining are capturing my attention.  With our close proximity to the local schools, our home is often the easy choice for gatherings after home football games, for Halloween and for weekend football viewing parties.  In the past, we've entertained adult guest on the main floor of our home, our lower level recreation room hosting kingdom for kids.

Now that the children are older, what was once a toy-filled play area is now a likely candidate for a more sophisticated revamp, to provide comfort and style suitable for both my teen and pre-teen guests, as well as provide more entertaining space for our adult guests.

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Certainly replacing our existing furniture will be the first thing to consider, with seating pieces well used during countless parties and sleepovers for building forts, game play and no small amount of joyful jumping.  Although I have no doubt we will be hosting overnight guests for video game competitions and giggle fests galore, providing upgraded seating will enhance everyone's enjoyment of the space.  With a fresh look, increased level of comfort and certainly a lack of kid spills and stains, adding sectionals will expand the number of guest we might comfortably host.  The addition of convertible seating or modern sofa beds will allow quick set up for expected and impromptu overnight guests.

Accommodate both children and adults in the same entertaining space by adding storage units with doors rather than open shelved storage to allow for a less cluttered look and increased organization than traditional toy boxes and bins.

Walnut Furniture, Storage Cabinets, Modern Wood Furniture

While my pre-teen son is still quite fond of all things engineering and maintains a firm grasp on a variety of  building toy collections, we still need to re-create the space in a way that provide space for his creations.  Our goal will be to provide space for him and walnut cabinets for his items, although the easy access he required as a young child is no longer required.  No more does our lower level entertaining area need to appear as a toy store, rather by adding storage units with doors, we can house his treasures when not in use.

Best paint colors for rooms with little or no natural light are white, off white, cream, beige, peach, lavender, and lighter shades of blue and yellow.

Before adding any shiny new pieces, however, certainly the quickest way to create a new look in our space is by changing the feel of a lower level space with minimal natural light is with a fresh coat of paint in a brighter hue to create the illusion of more space and feel of natural lighting.  With a large area, we can define the various areas of our space with varying shaded of the same color or draw our guests to our primary space by adding a bold, complimentary color to one wall, considering both our primarily wall colors and new furniture in making our color choice.

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The lighting one selects for an entertaining space will certainly have an impact on the feel and tone of any room.  With unbounded relish, I look forward to replacing our dated lighting fixtures for carefully positioned recessed lighting and thoughtfully chosen contemporary floor lamps to match our decor theme.

What home DIY projects are on your list for fall?
Which color combinations are top on your list?
Share your DIY tips and tricks in a comment below!
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

 Some images sourced from InteriorAddict.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.


Pam said...

I want to clean up my garden and prepare it for winter. Same goes for my patio. I'm aiming for low level, stress free projects this fall.

Minta's Creations said...

I have a lot of DIY projects...Just don't know where to start.

Crystal Threeprncs said...

I made the mistake of going SUPER dark in my main living spaces. I can't wait to paint again and brighten this place up!

Daisy TrendyMomReviews said...

I need prepare our yard for fall... it's a HUGE project!

Jai M. said...

I really like the tip about color usage with little natural lighting. I don't have a very good sense of things like that so having a definite list to go buy help in my decision making a lot.

Grace Hodgin said...

I love DIY projects and painting a room just makes it look new and clean. I'm currently making a coffee bar for the kitchen.

Samantha said...

i am so bad with DIY, lol

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