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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Designer Vision Solutions To Screen Blindness & Short Arm Syndrome

As each year passes, I find myself spending more and more time creating and completing tasks on my computer system.  Work aside, I now handle a plethora of other family and personal tasks online, which naturally increases my time in front of the screen.  From updating our family calendar, managing our precious family photos, tackling budget management and bill paying tasks, shopping online as well as countless other activities, are all performed by the not-so friendly glare of my computer screen.

With the number of tasks completed at the computer increasing, this Mom has been experiencing a less than welcomed increase of another nature, Middle Years Mom Vision.  At first, I chalked up some of my symptoms to spending more time at the computer.  Certainly it was an issue caused by the glare of the screen that was interfering with my previously strong vision and causing my eyes to "tire" and the screen to blur after a long session online.  Taking a break from my computer duties for an hour or two would usually correct the issue.

Of course, how ironic was it, to find that every piece of readable material I ran across to be printed in such a small and un-Mom friendly font!  From trying to enjoy the luxury of quiet Mom time with a new book from a favorite author to attempting to glean vital breaking information presented, much to close for comfort, by my children about school or sports events, this Mom Vision issue seemed to be taking over.  After finding myself pleading, "Not so close, please," for the umpteenth time, I decided it was time to do a bit of blurry research. The fact that my arms were not long enough to hold printed material at comfortable distance for reading played a part in my decision as well.  Could it possibly be time for reading glasses?

Designer Reading Glasses, Designer Frames, Frames For Women

I found a quite helpful, if not slightly disheartening, article from the American Optometric Association entitled, Adult Vision: 41-60 Years Of Age   Although the information within was quite enlightening, I'll readily admit that finding myself clumped into this age bracket more than a bit uncomfortable.  

From this article, I learned about a condition called presbyopia, the inability of the eye to focus on near work and reading.  According to the AOA, this loss of focus power happens gradually over one's lifetime and upon hitting the lovely age of 40, one's eyes have lost the flexibility needed to handle close focus needed for reading clearly.   With increasing changes to one's vision during the period of 41-60, maintaining a regular schedule of vision exams is important, however many Middle Moms can find relief simply by sporting a pair of single vision reading glasses.

Women's Designer Reading Glasses, Chic Reading Glasses

This Middle Mom is not one to go quietly into that beastly age bracket.  If a pair of reading specs will ease my need to stretch my arms beyond their capacity and help me to complete my computer and reading tasks without mini-breaks, I'm ready to take the plunge.  However, age bracket or no, the glasses will need to be fabulous.

Fortunately, I discovered a lovely through my not so clear vision, ReadingGlasses.com.  With an enchanting selection of designer frames from such houses as Betsey Johnson, CliC, Judith Lieber, Kate Spade and countless more, I can browse through a wide selection of gorgeous specs and select from single vision, progressive no line bifocals, sun readers and even designer sunglasses.  Using the easy search tools, I can narrow my choices by selecting styles to fit my face width and frame style preferences, as well as by color and magnification.

Innovative Reading Glasses, Glasses For Women On The Go

If you are like this Mom, with an active on-the-go lifestyle or perhaps you are challenged in finding glasses that fit just right or you simply have a penchant for the latest advances, I encourage you to explore the collection of Clic Magnetic Frames available at ReadingGlasses.com.  This designer collection of frames is available in a wide variety of frame styles, widths and colors and offers a unique design element - a magnetic closure at bridge.  This innovative design prevents slipping in any head position and prevents wear and stretching from frequently taking reading glasses on and off.  Perfect for this busy Mom, not to mention my husband who is notoriously tough on frames!

Are you a Middle Mom?  
Do you experience screen blindness or short arm syndrome?
At what age did you find you needed vision assistance?
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you to ReadingGlasses.com for pairing with me on this Middle Mom vision exploration.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences. Images sourced from ReadingGlasses.com.


Samantha said...

pretty! my little guy might need glasses....

Crystal Threeprncs said...

I think a lot of my headaches are due to starring to see the computer screen. One day I will get my eyes checked. These glasses are pretty

Pam said...

I love those reading glasses. I need increased light when I read now. Boo on middle mom syndrome.

Beeb said...

You know what? I've always had perfect vision, but I actually wear a pair of clear, non-RX specs sometimes just because I like how they look! I've always liked them as a fashion accessory, LOL.

Beeb said...

You know what? I've always had perfect vision, but I actually wear a pair of clear, non-RX specs sometimes just because I like how they look! I've always liked them as a fashion accessory, LOL.

Closer to Lucy said...

Just got my first pair of eye duds...for the computer. I like them...they're cute :)

Minta's Creations said...

I like the choices of design that they have. I too have reading glasses. It amazes me the forms they send home from school are on neon colored paper but the print you need a magnifying glass to read..I think those pretty reading glasses are much better than carrying around a magnifying glass.

Daisy TrendyMomReviews said...

I just visited their site and they have so many cute ones. I love that they have comments like "Best Fit to Face Size: Narrow". I am debating on this pair: http://www.readingglasses.com/maui-jim-atoll/?variantid=28089

Heather Smith said...

I've been lucky so far... but I get my eyes checked every few years to make sure!

Sassy Shopper Reviews said...

It's funny you post this because my new job requires me to sit in front of the computer screen for 8 to 10 hours and I'm really afraid of what that's going to do to my vision. I've been a contact wearer for years, but love having at least one pair of glasses around the house. These ones are really cute, great site.

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