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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Fitness & Conditioning ~ Off And Running

It seems as though everything about this fall involves being on the run, at least since the kid's went back to school.  The Teen Diva's schedule is no exception as we fill out college applications, navigate our way through financial aid forms and she busies herself with a fall fitness schedule to stay physically prepared for Fall Ball Tournaments  In previous years, in addition to her already busy days, she has trained and competed with the Cross Country team.

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This year, having narrowed down her sport focus exclusively to Lacrosse, her training and conditioning is focused exclusively on Lax competition.  Running miles each day, dashing off to practice with friends before organized practices begin and endless hours of pitching the the rebounder in the backyard keep her active and busy.  Thank goodness for the rebounder as prior to that savvy purchase, it was hours on end of thumping against the house, garage door or chimney.  For a time, I thought she might become taken by tennis, however over time, lacrosse is truly the sport that captured her heart and spirit.

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Never one to be satisfied with the meek or mild, the Diva has always had a penchant for the bold and daring.  This Mom is certainly glad that she has a productive means to channel her competitive spirit and natural exuberance.  Throughout her young life, participation in sports has provided her with so many gifts, beyond her Lacrosse talent.  The development of perseverance, strong work ethic, responsibility as well as time management and teamwork skills are only a few of the benefits of youth sports.  This Mom has no doubt the ability to use her energy constructively in Lacrosse has been a boon to her academic successes, as well as helped her in avoiding many of the typical perils of the teenage years.

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With all the benefits sports has provided to her, both now and those anticipated in the future, this Mom can certainly put up with a bit of thumping while she practices or treat her to a new pair running shoes after she's logged so many miles on the last pair.   Perhaps even surprise her with the the Lacrosse head she's been sighing about as being the "best lax head ever!".   She never fails to stay up to date on the latest and greatest sports gear.

Does anyone in your family run?
Do you or they prefer to run on or off road?
Any other sports fanatics in your family?
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Lax Stick Images sourced from Sports Unlimited.  Running Shoe image sourced from Millett Sports.  My disclosure policy.


Pam said...

I've always say don't run unless you are being chased. Although I seriously need to start getting more exercise.

Turning the Clock Back said...

my kids do tons of sports. I am trying. Started Taekwondo and run occasionally. Need to do more!

Beeb said...

I can't run at the moment because of an injury but my fiance jogs every day at the moment!

Crystal Threeprncs said...

No running here ever, lol. We do love sports though. Playing and watching football and baseball consume most of my families time.

Tammy said...

None of us run - we're walkers only, LOL! But I ♥ ♥ ♥ those running shoes - I think I could use them to walk too - the colors are just spectacular!

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