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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall Gardening ~ Rescuing Grapevines ~ Amazon Gift Code Give Away

Much to my dismay I have found myself back on pedal restrictions which means I am left once again with the frightening prospect of sending my husband out into the gardens.  Learning a woeful lesson post his recent mishap in over-trimming my arbor vitae, this Mom is certainly taking it upon herself to take a more verbal and directive role in our outdoor projects this weekend, even if not a physically active one.

Completely outfitted with both binoculars and a whistle, I am more than happy to keep my poor husband company and take prompt and decision action to prevent further landscaping crises.  Fortunately so, as I spotted him eyeing our creeping wild grape vines with garden shears in hand.  

Creeping Vines, Michigan Grape Vines, Garden Vines, Native Grape Vines

Although my creeping grape vines enjoyed our warm and humid summer and will require a solid cutting back later this fall, with plans to create grapevine wreaths from the lengths of vine, we will wait a bit longer before any pruning takes place.  I prefer to wait until we have had opportunity to enjoy their showy fall colors draped over our fence and find it easier to cut away longer pieces of vine once the leaves have fallen.

DIY Decor, DIY Wreath, DIY Grapevine Wreath, Holiday Wreath

I find the look of the dried vine with its delicately curled tendrils so appealing and take care in trimming the vine to preserve the best of nature's sculpting, winding to feature the best pieces prominently.

Nature's Sculptures, Grape Vines, Vine Wreath, DIY Wreath, Holiday Wreath

Creating a grape vine wreath is truly very simple; an easy DIY Decor project that anyone with access to wild growing vines can quickly master.  While I prefer using my own grape vines, one could certainly use any other type of vine, even Kudzu, to create wreaths of varying texture, even interweaving varies vine types in the same wreath.

Preparing Vine
  • Cut long lengths of vine
  • Remove any remaining leaves, taking care to protect tendrils
  • Wrap in diameter slightly larger than ideal wreath size to allow for shrinkage during drying
  • Tuck new vine pieces into existing wreath to increase fullness
  • Secure with floral wire or other craft wire 
  • Dry two to three days, either indoors or outdoors in warmer climates
Decorating Vine Wreath

Supplies needed:  floral or craft wire, garden shears, craft scissors 

As desired: wire-edged or regular ribbon, silk or natural, dried flowers, pine boughs, craft supplies or paint

Adding decorative items to a grape vine wreath is simple and easy, as most items can easily be tucked within the layers of vine.  Larger, heavier items may require use of simple wire wrapping to secure.


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