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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Home DIY: Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Bathroom

Whether you are motivated to remodel your bath due to the prior misguided placement of carpeting or outdated tile, you are in good company as we all have been the victims of  poor DIY design efforts at one time or another.  Planning for a bathroom remodel certainly is not an easy task to undertake, however, following a few DIY design basic principals will help ensure you get it right this time! 

Create a beautiful bathroom sanctuary to impress guests and for your family to enjoy by avoiding these DIY bathroom pitfalls: 

10. Ignoring The Importance Of Details

You could spend thousands in creating an elegant spa-like bathroom, but if you skimp on faucets, fixtures and fittings, these additions will negatively impact the overall look and feel of your space. .Rather, invest in quality faucets, cabinets and a nice chrome heated towel rail.  You will save money in the long run, avoiding end result frustration and the need to replace lesser quality pieces too soon for comfort.

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9. Tile Transfers And Short Cuts

While there is little doubt that remodeling your bath can be time-consuming and costly process, take the time to investigate the decor options available to you, weighing the pros and cons of cheap, time saving options. Tile transfers may be applied to your bath quickly, however the less than professional look you will achieve will stick around.   In regard to bathroom decor, you get the look that you pay for.

8.  Rubber Ducks and Novelty Themes

You many be tempted to decorate your bath with fun and inviting themes to delight your young bathers, however take to make bathroom selections that are classic and will be appropriate in the years to come.  Children will outgrow this year's favorite quickly.  Make decor choices that will please everyone into the future, adding themed touches only in non-permanent ways.  A shower curtain can easily be replaced but technicolor tile cannot.

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7. Window Dressings

Although bath dressing sets are readily available, with coordinated  mats, shower and window curtains, add your own flair and style by selecting pieces individually.  Rather than purchase items you don't need, save funds by selecting the perfect pieces for your new look.  Add easy to care for blinds in the bath or consider obscured or mirrored glass to add privacy and flair to suit.  Curtains can hold in moisture from the bath and require frequent cleaning.

6. Bright Paint Colors

Before you succumb to that appealing vibrant paint sample and dip your brush, take a moment to consider the mood it will create in your space.  Bathroom planning and design experts will advise that best paint choices for bathroom are neutral color palettes or calming blues or greens.

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5. Dark Colors In Small Spaces

In contrast, dark colors on your bathroom walls will make your space appear smaller. If your space generously sized, navy, black or gray color schemes can be used, however do place mirrors to add light.  Choose tub, shower, toilet and sink fixtures in neutral colors which will contrast with your darker walls and retain their classic appeal for years to come.

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4. Carpeting The Bath

Covering your bathroom in carpet is among the most grievious, poor choices a homeowner can make. Few decor choices have the ability to turn off a potential buyer as finding carpet in the bath.  Rather, select a high quality tile that will complete your other bath decor selections and provide safety and warmth with washable floor mats with rubber backing which can be easily cleaned and inexpensively replaced.  Consider instead, Bamboo, a waterproof wood option, is gaining popularity as an ideal choice for the bath.

3. Inadequate Storage & Clutter

Keep your new bath free of clutter by selecting vanities and cabinets that will provide the accessible storage you and your family need.  Having a place for all your bathroom necessities, from towels, to cleaning products, bathing and beauty items will help you keep your new bath tidy as well as eliminate unwelcomed hassle in performing your daily routines.  For bathrooms of modest size, select smaller a free-standing shelving unit or a wall cabinet with mirrored front..

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2. Poor Layout & Design

Is your toilet the focal feature of the room? Does your door collide with your vanity when you open it? These are among common bathroom layout problems.

When preparing your new bath layout, not only must you take careful measurements prior to selecting fixtures and furnishings, you must also attend to the flow of the space for use and consider the room’s focal point in your design.  Explore lighting options to put your new space in its best light by brightening small spaces and placement that will create the appearance more ceiling height. Significant changes to your existing bathroom layout might require a plumber and electrician.  Be certain to rely on professionals for important tasks you are not qualified to tackle.  Specialty jobs completed right the first time will save you money in the long run..

Prior to making any purchases, consult with the professionals working on your bathroom remodel and ensure your choices are appropriate and practical.  You’ll want to work with a made-to-measure virtual plan which will enable to view how your new bathroom will look and avoid making costly mistakes you’ll regret.

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1. Incorrect Fixtures Size Choices

Less is more, and space saving is an important factor in bathroom planning and design. Maximise space and increase your home’s value with room-appropriate fixtures that will add to the appeal of your space without making it feel crowded or small.  If your space will not comfortably accommodate both a bath and a shower, do not force the issue, rather select a tub/shower combination.  If there is any doubt as to whether you have space available for the corner bath or Jacuzzi, don’t dwell on disappointment or make a decision that will be not be functional.  Focus on the features that are best suited for your space. Smaller sized toilets and corner basins are perfect for difficult tiny second restrooms and heated towel racks accomplish two tasks in one,

Rebecca Brown is passionate about home improvement. She recommends investing in a high quality bespoke bathroom planning and design makeover from Ream. Their talented designers and manufacturers produce detailed plans of your dream bathroom, creating stunning rooms across Kent, London and South East England. Explore more bathroom inspiration.

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Amy F said...

I have a windowsill of rubber duckies that I love...but at least I didn't theme my bathroom around them. That's OK, right? :)

Pam said...

Hmmm....my kids had a bunch of rubber duckies when they were younger but they are gone and replaced with a soothing tile pattern.

Terri said...

I love your rubber ducks, Amy!!

Crystal Threeprncs said...

Hehe, I did rubber ducks once as well. Now I stay clear of any designs in the kids bathroom.

Turning the Clock Back said...

Our bathroom is carpeted and I hate it ncant wait til I can remodel!

Samantha said...

i HATE my bathroom! LOL

Daisy TrendyMomReviews said...

lol, My bathroom is a masterpiece, but we went silly with my toddlers bathroom with turtles wall decals, a froggy potty, ..., if there is a cute animal bathroom decoration, I probably have it in his bathroom.

Daisy TrendyMomReviews said...

Oh, and yes, I need help. My husband gave me the intervention to stop going crazy with decorating my toddlers bathroom. :)

Heather Smith said...

I bucked the trend and painted my tiny powder room a fabulous dark cranberry color... it may look smaller and darker, but I love the richness of it!

Beeb said...

We recently (Well, in the last few years) completed a total bathroom overhaul. Good tips!

Closer to Lucy said...

I could not agree more..carpeted bathrooms are just wrong :0

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