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Friday, September 14, 2012

Mother In Law Memories ~ Bingo Anyone?

This weekend, my husband and I began helping my Mother In Law prepare to sell her house.  In her late seventies now, slowing down a bit and tired of the empty rooms, she has decided to accept my Brother In Law's offer for her to live with him and his family.  Although we know the transition will be a comfort to everyone is the family, it is easy to understand that leaving a home she has lived in for so many years will be a bit of an emotional challenge.

Certainly, the process of working through all her household items will be a task, however we are fortunate in that there is no pressing deadline looming over our heads.  We can take time to help her make decisions as to what she will be bringing with her and which items will be passed on.   Certainly the experience will provide everyone involved with opportunities to re-explore memories of family days gone by, as each special  knick knack and photograph is recalled.

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Before tackling the task of sorting through stored boxes and dusty containers, we began making a short list of items she uses regularly and those things that will give her a feeling of home and comfort.  I was not surprised in the least to hear her proclaim her beloved Bingo bag as one of the first possession on the Must Take list!

Although neither my mother or my grandmothers were ever drawn into the world of Tuesday Night Bingo, my Mother In Law made it a point to introduce me to her favorite past time, nearly as soon as we had been introduced.  What an adventure that first trip to the Bingo Hall was!   Pity the newcomer as Bingo action is fast and furious I soon discovered, while trying desperately to keep up with my few cards, with expert Bingo participants, literal tables full of numbered cards before them, glanced at me, sizing me up as no competition whatsoever.

Tips For New Players

Never say Bingo unless you are very confident you actually have a Bingo.

Refrain from asking questions during game play.

Be Prepared:  Bring your own set of daubers 
and any unattractive small figure or doll.

Tread lightly through the tables of Bingo Pros, 
lest you inadvertently knock over a cherished lucky charm!

Prior to my wide-eyed introduction to the fast-paced world of the weekly Bingo night, had I considered participation, I would have likely written off the activity as a waste of time and certainly a waste of money for seniors on a limited, rigid budget.  However, despite my lack of prowess at the game, after being spiritedly encouraged into accompanying my Mother In Law on several occasions (read:  she did not allow me a choice) I began to notice reasons why Bingo actually offered some positive advantages.  

Socialization with a regular set of other seniors was certainly a positive aspect, especially after my Father In Law passed away.  With the spirit and fast-past action, I am certain the excitement of the game did wonders in getting my Mother In Law's heart pumping, as the mood of the participants grows with anticipation and effort.  Even the simple cognitive action of recognizing the called numbers and quickly matching and daubing  is a benefit in helping to keep her mind alert and exercised.

After a number of fun trips with my Mother In Law to her weekly Bingo adventures, she stopped insisting that I accompany her, rather being satisfied for me to accompany only on occasion. Although her official statement on the subject was simply that she was satisfied that she had properly introduced me to Bingo, I suspect that my lack of prowess had something to do with it!  I will admit, however, since my introduction, I did stumble across and online bingo type game of sorts, called Slingo.  I have to admit that my Bingo adventures with my Mother In Law seemed to have instilled a passion for faced-face fun as I found myself quite taken with the action, although it did lack the atmosphere of troll dolls and competitive spirited seniors to be found at the local games.  With one of my nephews soon to marry, I can't help but wonder if she will be next on my Mother In Laws list as a Bingo companion.

Has your Mother In Law introduced you to any "new" activities?
Tell me about it in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  See my disclosure policy.


Pam said...

I never knew there was so much to Bingo. I spend a lot of last summer playing at the assisted living my dad was staying at. One day I won so many times I didn't even say bingo after the first time. The residents really liked their candy!

Minta's Creations said...

I have never played Bingo in public. Although one time we went to Chick filet and they were playing bingo and my son wanted to play and before I could stop him he yelled bingo and when he didn't have bingo they made him do a dance move and he will not go to any bingo games any more..he was 6 at the time. I have played bingo online but to me it's really fast paced. I would rather play bingo on scratch offs.

Great post!

Grace Hodgin said...

" Be Prepared: Bring your own set of daubers
and any unattractive small figure or doll." LOL, I knew about the daubers but not about the unattractive small figure or doll. Really cute post. My mother in law passed before I met my husband so never got the chance to meet her.

Sassy Shopper Reviews said...

Wow, really big task to clean out a house! Glad to hear that she took your brother-in-law up on the offer. I remember the bingo days are our local fairs and the unattractive small dolls were everywhere!

Daisy TrendyMomReviews said...

I played Bingo once and since I was a newbie that won on my first try, people started boo'ing and then clapped. Awkward! A fun memory though. lol.

Turning the Clock Back said...

I havent played bingo in forever! It was always a lot of fun.

Crystal Threeprncs said...

My MIL goes to Vegas and A.C a few times a year. She took me to my first casino when I turned 21. We were there for 5 minutes, I won, and wanted to leave..lol Though I realized I'm not a big gambler, I enjoyed the fact she took me.

Samantha said...

i wish my grandma would movie in with me- or someone. it makes me nervous that she is alone

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