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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mr. Bear & The 'Honey Do' List

Although I'm yet a bit salty over the death of my arbor vitae at the hands of my over zealous husband, I do have to take a moment to acknowledge what a champion he has been, especially over this past year.  Our household is typically dual income, with the exception of this past year while I've been at home recuperating from foot surgery.  Although I am certainly now available to my family and my husband at their whim, as opposed to our typical schedule which is a boon in many ways, there are some distinct disadvantages to our current situation as the Hubs would be quick to point out.  In fact, over the course of this past year, he has developed a penchant for bearish grumbling and his concerns for his own well-being are increasing.

Bear Grumbling, Zoo Animals, Mr. Bear
Photo Credit:   Ryan E. Poplin
Top Bear Grumbles ~ The Ever Present Wife

Over the past months I have certainly come to appreciate the extra time I have to coordinate our family, sans my typical 60 hour + career time, according to Mr. Bear, my skills in delegation are cramping his style.  In fact, I've noticed he is beginning to grimace each time he hears me sweetly call, "Honey", knowing full well what is likely in store.  Another addition to his 'Honey Do' List.

He most certainly has a point.  With atypical leisure time on my hands and our home mid way through renovation, I have more than enough time to consider, contemplate and create new game plans for our remodeling efforts.  Hence, the list grows.

Intrusion upon his Bear time is certainly another contender for the top of his grumble list.  In a pattern started long ago, our work schedules are typically timed to maintain the maximum parental presence in the house that our careers allow.  Although this arrangement can add to Mr. Bear's less than sunny disposition upon occasion due to lack of a full night's sleep, over the past year I have come discover there were some inherent positives to our arrangement - Mr. Bear time.  

With his arrival home from work much earlier than either the kids return from school and certainly much earlier than my usual weary end of work day, Mr. Bear had grown accustomed to have a bit of peace and solitude in the nearly empty house during the day.  Free to kick back and lounge with the Lab, relaxing with any number of guy shows, from the latest sports report to some fishing channel, Mr. Bear enjoyed his quiet sanctity.  It's not a wonder he quickly disappears to the den after work, for fear of being corralled into someone's latest grand idea. 

Honey Pot, Honey Jar, Drizzle of Honey, Honey Drips, Sweet
Photo Credit:  Siona Karen
I can certainly understand his point of view as I know how much I looked forward to the quiet evening house with the rest of the family snuggled in and sleeping.  Although he may be a bit bearish, he is still such a Prince Charming to me.  Even though his is still stuck with trips to the grocery, I might just have to add a few extra items to his list and appeal to his sweeter side with something special from the kitchen.  After all, a gal can certainly get more on her 'Honey Do' list completed when she applies a bit of honey herself!

How are the household duties shared in your house?
Do you stick to gender traditional duties or mix it up?
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Minta's Creations said...

I love this post and I'm sure my husband would definitely agree with it. I do the housework although not much of it lately since I have been going twitter parties which(can be very addictive) but he does a Lot- like helping the boys with homework, going grocery shopping he even puts gas in my car and cooks..He is definitely my Prince Charming..but like yours he can definitely become a grumbling bear! I always have a "Honey Do list" or the boys have a "Daddy please do list" Love this post!

Pam said...

Since I've been home I do most of the household chores and mow the lawn as well. My poor husband has enough honey do lists on his hands taking care of my inlaws and my dad's property! :)

Crystal Threeprncs said...

Hmm, when it comes to the kids it's pretty mixed, when it comes to the home I do it. When I worked it was split 50/50 - actually he probably did more since he fixed dinner as well. Since I am home now, I don't see a reason I shouldn't do it.He has a stressful job and is in this hot Florida sun 8-10 hours a day. If I can do it, I will when I have the time. If I can't, he will when he has the time. Neither of us or picky with household chores. It will get done eventually by someone ;)

Turning the Clock Back said...

I do not mow the lawn and he does not clean toilets. Works for us. He helps when I ask him to (cleaned the shower last week because I haven't had time and things are growing in it!) and I do the gardening and flower planting. I think as long as what mom and dad do works for them then gender roles can work. If mom likes mowing and dad likes cooking, go for it!

Daisy TrendyMomReviews said...

We are pretty much 50/50, although hubby prefers more outdoor chores and I prefer indoor.

Samantha said...

we are 50/50

Closer to Lucy said...

I have to say that my husband is pretty good at helping out with some tasks. He does all of our grocery shopping and a weekly run to Target,and cuts the grass without being reminded. That's were it ends though.

Having just had surgery myself, I feel like such a nag having to ask him to do things that I normally do. I'm painfully aware of an overflowing sink right now :(

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