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Monday, October 22, 2012

Creative Kid Project Survival Tips ~ Amazon Gift Code Give Away

For the past couple of years, each fall has meant the beginning of an adventure for my family.  An adventure involving countless rolls of duct tape, rubber bands, PVC pipe and Gorilla Glue, along with a saintly level of patience.  An adventure otherwise known as Destination Imagination.

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Photo Credit:  Bill Ebbesen
With a group of mini type A engineers, full of ideas and simply bursting with enthusiasm and energy, my husband and I have had the rewarding and often challenging job of trying to guide them through an annual creative problem-solving challenge, without interfering with their process.

The Destination Imagination program is an outstanding outlet to foster creativity in young minds, providing them with the freedom to choose the challenge they want to tackle and the room to experiment, fail, re-evaluate and develop successful strategies.  Of course, with a group of 8-11 year old children, all of whom are blessed with strong leadership characteristics, we've discovered a few techniques to be imminently helpful in surviving the seven month creation and competition season.

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Creative Kid Project Survival Tips

You can NEVER have enough duct tape on hand.

Smaller groups are more productive groups.

The answer to questions involving the term "blow torch" is always "no".

If you can hear yourself think, it's time to do a head count.

Take the Tylenol BEFORE you leave the house.

Great meetings always begin with a 15 minute jog.


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