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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Four Christmas Decoration Tips ~ Impress Your Guests

Christmas represents the one time of year when you can jazz up your house with decorations to the veritable borders of good taste. Of course, the Christmas tree is the hub of your decorations, along with decorations to brighten up the rest of your home interior. A Santa figurine in the foyer? Of course!

While the kitsch value of Christmas is for our own benefit as we enjoy cookies and sip eggnog around the tree, is there not an element of competition in this holiday decorating phenomenon, as well?  Certainly, the idea that we all go from house to house at Christmas time sharing tidings and holiday baked treats may be highly antiquated, however when family and neighbors gather during the festive season, we still want to impress with our own imaginative and elaborate Christmas decorations.

With this in mind, find four key Christmas decoration tips to impress your guests. Australians looking to buy quality Christmas supplies should look at OO's Christmas Decoration page

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Go for glitter

There is no such thing as too much sparkle. Even the scatter gun approach, although a bit random, is acceptable for your living room come Christmas time.

But for those wishing to be a bit more exact in their using of glitter and sparkles, there are certain ploys available. For example, make sure that shiny ornaments and other eye-catching decorations are hung on your tree close to the end of the branch to give them maximum impact.  The darker, heavier colors can be placed further into the tree, balancing out the color scheme and creating a dazzling presentation.  Do remember to put the glittery items on the foremost edges.

Let there be light

Lights add mood and atmosphere to the Christmas decorations in your home. While you might place them randomly if desired, however a more deliberate approach can create an enchanting effect. Do remember to light the tree from the top down.  It is also work the lights in towards the trunk of the tree and out again to achieve an even distribution of your festive lights. This same method of spreading lights evenly across your space may likewise be applied to the light decorations in other areas of your home. Australian readers might want to try OO’s range of Christmas lights.

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Photo Credit:  Shimelle
Go green

To truly make your Christmas decor stand out, consider decorating with natural items from the great outdoors.  Consider pine cones, sprigs of holly and other greenery.  The addition of natural elements can serve to balance the glitter and sparkle in your home, achieving a classic look in your Christmas decor. Even if you lack the availability of appropriate natural items, simply seek out decorations that have that natural green hue and appearance.

Holiday Wreath, Christmas Wreath, Christmas Craft, Natural Wreath, Eden Pictures Photography
Photo Credit:  Eden Pictures

Adding personal touches with children's lovingly crafted holiday pieces is a common Christmas practice.  Paper lanterns on the tree, necklaces of pasta and pictures on the wall all add to the charm of your holiday decorations.  Creating new holiday memories from a cozy afternoon session of creating simple Christmas crafts together as a family can be a special way to slow down and connect during the busy holiday season.

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Crystal Threeprncs said...

I love glittery pieces for the holidays. I just wish they didn't make such a mess.

I can't wait to pull out my Christmas decor!!

Pam said...

Glittery pieces are my favorite for the holidays.

Grace Hodgin said...

I like old fashion and handmade decorations. I crochet mine.

Connie Gruning said...

I love the homemade d├ęcorations. The more rustic the better!!

Turning the Clock Back said...

So happy to see the green recommendation! Natural items are a great way to decorate.

Barb W. said...

Love the ideas! I'm a fan of handmade decorations, but I also agree there's no such thing as too much sparkle on the tree.

Daisy TrendyMomReviews said...

Great ideas! I'd love to see pics of your decorations closer to the holidays. I LOVE lots of glitter!

Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom said...

Your post came just in time; I'm starting to think about HOW and WHAT to decorate this year and LOVED some of your ideas; glitter..lots of glitter is in my future and I will be back to see your decorations; I bet they will be AMAZING

Show Me Mama said...

You are absolutely right- I always go for the glitter since it looks so pretty and my daughter loves anything that sparkles. I definitely make something that is at least home made that adds a little conversation when family or friends visit. Thanks for sharing.

Donna D said...

I love glitter too, it's great for holidays, I love making home-made holdiay decorations with the grandkids it's fun spending time with them and they love making anything and we always add a lot of glitter to make our projects sparkle! nice post, I enjoyed it!
chocho1957 at hotmail.com

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