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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mom Tips ~ Search For Family Budget Friendly Cell Service

My family and are are looking forward to this holiday season for the traditional festive reasons, as well as for a few techy ones - new cell phones!   Although we've been with the same provider for a number of years, when our contract expires in less than a month, we're looking forward to going in a different direction.

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Although our old plan and provider suited our purposes when we first signed up, as my children grew older and my husband became more tech proficient, our tech needs rapidly changed, although our plan and phones seemed to lag behind.  After a great deal of research and comparison, we've decided to make the switch to Verizon.

There are a few reasons why we have decided to go in this direction, among them and truly the deciding factor is flexibility.  Flexibility to customize the right plan to suit the whole family's needs, both collectively and individually, from selecting the perfect cell phone for each family member to the data usage plan that fits our needs.

Data needs.  Honestly, with upgrading some phones and adding a new line and device, I honestly had no idea what our true data needs might be.  Fortunately, Verizon saw bewildered me coming a mile away and it was very easy to estimate our combined monthly data need using the online data usage calculator.  Although if asked, each family member would likely volunteer that they need both a smart phone and a tablet however this Mom is making sure that our new selections will easily fit into our family budget, providing us with much needed connection without taking too big of a bite.

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Which new smart phones are on Santa's list this year?  With each member of family motivated by different features and options, our holiday cell shopping list is as varied as we are.  Of course, after having an opportunity to test the new Samsung Galaxy SIII, the Teen Diva and I are of the same mind.  Read our Samsung Galaxy SIII review.

Are you planning a new tech purchase this holiday season?
What is tops on your must have tech list?
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I was provided with a Samsung Galaxy SIII to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Some information sourced from Verizon.com.


Pam said...

I have a Verizon REbound. It's pretty neat and has lots of features I will probably never figure out.

Crystal Threeprncs said...

We don't do cell phones. The hubby has a phone paid by his job and the kids are too young still. I will be trying out the Galaxy 3 and if I like it I suppose I will have to commit to something... scary ;)

Grace Hodgin said...

My mom had Verizon and was pleased with them.

Melanie a/k/a Crazy Mom said...

We had verizon now for 6 years and love their service; I still can't get used to the price of the smartphones tho...:0(...

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