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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Family Movie Night: Happiness Is...A New Peanuts Movie Collection!

I can still remember the excited my sisters and I shared each holiday season as we discovered that a Peanuts special would be aired on television.  Year after year, we never failed to be delighted by the story of Linus and his commitment to The Great Pumpkin, as well as his determination to tactfully avoid Sally's charms.  To groan along with Charlie Brown on Valentine's Day or to admire his dogged perseverance during football and baseball season.  We admired Lucy's stalwart dedication as she wooed Beethoven and chuckled at the odd couple antics of Peppermint Patty and Marcy.

Favorite Peanuts Characters, Charles M. Schultz comics, New Peanuts movie

As much as I enjoyed the story lines of the whole Peanuts gang, Snoopy is truly the character that stole my young heart, his dedication to creativity and unbridled imagination, certainly paving the way for my later appreciation and devotion to the antics of Bill Watterson's beloved characters, Calvin and Hobbes.

As parents, my husband and I have enjoyed revisiting those fond memories from our youth and sharing Peanuts movies with our own children.  Although they are growing up quickly, we still enjoy taking time out together to watch these family favorites during the holidays.

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I was thrilled to learn of the new collection in the Peanuts series, Happiness Is...Peanuts.  Go, Snoopy, Go! and am looking forward to sharing it with my family this Thanksgiving holiday.  Packed with six stories included in the DVD, I am certain that each of us will find a new favorite.

Happiness Is...Peanuts.  Go, Snoopy, Go! 
includes six features

It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown
Peppermint Patty 
Rainy Day
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Pick up a DVD to share with your own family 
this holiday season from Warner Home Movies!

from Warner Home Movies and  That's What She Said!

Which Peanuts characters or features are your favorites?
Do you share movies you loved as a child with your own children?
Which ones?
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I  received various film titles to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences. 


Pam said...

My favorite was always snoopy too. I liked to watch him lying on top of his doghouse and thinking about various schemes.

Ellie Augustin said...

OH I am SO happy I found this post! I have to get this for my kids! I actually just introduced my kids to Charlie Brown last year again although I would have it on each year last year was the 1st where they all paid attention and really loved it. Especially my little girl who is 5 she LOVED it and made me look for more movies. She loves Snoopy of course and those laughs from her are priceless I love Peppermint Pattie I love when she says Chuck Ha.. :) Thanks so much for the chance!

Barb W. said...

This certainly takes me back to my childhood! Love the Charlie Brown movies and comics. Snoopy and Woodstock are still my favorites. We watch the holiday movies with our children and they certainly love them, too.

Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom said...

Ohhhhhh I love Peanuts; hahah let me give you a hint how much we love Peanuts.. My pup's name is Charlie Brown and Hubby's beagle is named... Snoopy'....:-) Will have to check out this DVD to have a fun Family Movie night, too

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