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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Children, Friends & Gift Giving

With a large, extended family, developing and sticking to a budget during the holidays and other special occasions is imperative for keeping my family's household budget on track.   As our children became older and involved in more activities, it seemed our list of recipients grew each year.  While I found simple ways to show our appreciation and seasonal well wishes to many on our list through careful selection of multi-unit gift packages that could be split into multiple single gifts and marathon holiday baking sessions, one addition to our annual recipient list took me by surprise.  The children's friends.

The Gift Wrap Company, Holiday Gift Wrap Sets

Of course I was touched by their thoughtfulness in wanting to give a special gift to their friends, however adding more purchases to our already lengthy list could easily push us into the holiday budget red zone.  My husband and I had already begun a tradition of donations to local charitable organizations with the children each holiday season to help reinforce the importance of focusing on the needs of others.  In keeping with that frame of mind, we decided it was important to help them in their own gift giving.

A few fine points needed to be hashed out, such as how many friends they might include and how best to handle exchanges.  With our older daughter claiming no less than a dozen BFFs at any given time and our son typically sticking to two or three friends, the discussions were a bit varied with each child however all worked out well in the end.  With an established set of friends on their personal lists, limited to the closest pals with whom the children frequently interacted with outside of school, we were easily able to communicate with the friends parents, presented the perfect excuse to set up play dates for the children during and around the holiday breaks.

With gift spending caps firmly in place from the start, both to keep exchanges on an even keel as well as to not overburden already brimming holiday budgets, our children were given opportunities to help out with special tasks around the house to earn their shopping money - an excellent way to reinforce a strong work ethic, as well as a help to Mom pre-holiday season.  All these other aspects easily falling into place, the next challenge was in finding inexpensive gifts for kids that both met the desired fun factor and fell within the limit.

The key is in finding age appropriate gifts that are as fun to receive as they are for my children to purchase.  We've had terrific success in the past with figures, mini collectibles and creative sets for younger children.  Mini creative sets with age appropriate materials were always welcomed and enjoyed, particularly those who offered the ability to add their own personal style and flair to the project.

Reusable Sticker Sets, Sticker Sets for Kids, Themed Sticker Sets

Gelarti Scene Packs  
Ages 5+    $9.99

With four fun themed sets to collect,
Forest, Nature, Ocean and Rock,
little artists will delight in creating stickers
they decorate in their own personal style
with easy grip paint pens included in the set.
Each Gelarti Scene Pack offers four themed sheets
 of reusable peel and stick stickers to decorate.

During the elementary ages, my children always delighted in gathering, sharing and trading collectibles with their friends. Shopping together to discover which characters or mini sets were currently available often provided an inside line as to which selections were highly desirable, particularly for a Mom who might not have a finger on the current trends.

Series 2 Trash Pack Figure Set, Collectible Trash Pack Figures
The Trash Pack Collectible Figures
$5.99   Ages 5+

Young collectors will be excited to add new
The Trash Pack figures to their collections.
With hundreds to collect and trade,
a five pack set adds an element of excitement
in discovering the four mystery trashies included.
Add extra dimension of fun
by collecting special Trash Pack play sets.
Although the draw of some of the treasures might be lost on Mom, my children were always quick to educate me about the benefits or powers of a particular character, which options were the latest available and the story line behind each collection.

Collectible Trash Pack Sets, Affordable Gifts For Children

Whether seeking fun, affordable gifts for your own child or helping your child find easy gifts certain to please recipients on their personal list, mini collectible figures and creative sticker sets such as offered by The Trash Pack and Gelarti Scene Packs are an excellent option.  Widely available at major retailers throughout the country and priced right for any shopping budget.

Over twenty years of making children happy

Do your children gift to their friends?
What kind of figures do your children collect?
Do you ever purchase little gifts to celebrate everyday occasions?
Tell me in a comment below.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I received assorted products from the collection of Moose Enterprise for the purpose of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Gelarti image sourced from Target.com.  Gift image credit: The Gift Wrap Company.


Pam said...

My daughter has stopped gifting to her bff's in order to squander all her money on her boyfriend.

Janet W. said...

I used to give my daughter a small amount of money to purchase something for her best friend. She usually bought jewelry from Clarie's.

Melanie said...

My kids don't really gift to their friends, they surprise them with little things all year long, but they do buy gifts for their siblings each year.

Crystal Threeprncs said...

My kids don't buy for their friends but maybe it's because I had all boys. Now that Gia is in school her BFF (as they call each other) brought her something so we returned the favor. I guess I will have to start getting use to this.

Barb W. said...

Great ideas! My sons always have a grab bag at school that seems to suit them, usually the spending limit is $5 to $10, so these would be terrific.

Grace Hodgin said...

I've always been a fan of trash packs. they are so fun

Kelly Nicholson said...

as a kid i would have ate this stuff...i was lucky to live past 10,but i made it!

looks cool

Rusu Alexandru said...

It's scary but is very funny!

Thomas Murphy said...

Ive never seen any of these toys, they seem fun.

GW 65 said...

My daughters loved dolls my son liked learning and my youngest a boy loved figurines.

slehan said...

The dollar store is my friend for little gifts like these.

slehan at juno dot com

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