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Friday, December 21, 2012

Cute, Quick Solutions For Kids ~ FarmVille Animal Game Sets

As is typically the case each holiday season, I often find myself shopping behind my planned early bird schedule, coordinating most recipient gifts in accordance with which gathering is first on our calendar.  Although often we enjoy family gatherings both before as well as after the actual holiday, this year is unusual as our extended family member's busy schedules and holiday vacations necessitated some to be scheduled even into January.  I love the relief from our usual non stop holiday hopping and, in particular, the extra time to shop for my young nieces and nephews.  My sisters are always helpful in providing gift ideas to aid me in my holiday shopping for the kids, however I love to find little gems to add to our planned purchases, particularly those that work well within my holiday shopping budget.

FarmVille Mini Memory Game, Mini Game Sets for Kids

Such is the case with this adorable find from the Hasbro FarmVille collection.  Who could resist such a face?  Certainly not this Mom!  With a group of kids in the family actually connected to a centennial farm, I always delight in finding themed gifts for special occasions.

Mini Gifts For Kids, FarmVille Game Collection

Seasoned farmer or no, these adorable mini sets are perfect as quick gifts for young children!  Combining the draw of both a cuddly plush with the indelible draw of a mini collection, so popular with young children and a fun game appropriate for ages four and up, the FarmVille sets make a great addition to stocking loot, gift toppers or any occasion gifts. Designed to help keep track of the important game pieces within the cute character bag, these highly portable game sets are just right to keep on hand for welcomed distraction during travel, easy activity while waiting for an appointment or as a take along for gatherings with extended family.

FarmVille Mini Game Sets, FarmVille Board Game
Three mini sets are available in the FarmVille Collection:  Memory, Go Fish and Old Maid, each complete with 20 game cards featuring favorite FarmVille characters, a plush character bag and a bonus of 20 Farm Cash for parental access for online games!  Priced at $9.99, the FarmVille mini game sets are a budget-friendly and certain solution as gifts for young children.  Also available is a fun paced board style game, Hungry, Hungry Herd, also featuring the FarmVille favorites, suitable for ages 4 and up with a bonus of 50 Farm Cash for parents!

I have no doubt my young nieces and nephews will be tickled to receive the fun FarmVille mini game sets this holiday season.  Even my own children, tween and teen aged couldn't help but to admire them!  Filled with age appropriate game fun, beyond cute and certainly easy on the budget, this Mom is quite taken as well.

Game Collection For Kids

or from area retailers near you

Which FarmVille game set would be a hit in your family? 
Where do you find gifts for the young children in your family?
Tell me in a comment below.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I received a FarmVille mini set to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Non-original images cited above.  


Pam said...

I think that FarmVille Game is adorable. I love the sheep.

Janet W. said...

That game looks really fun and cute. I've never heard of it before! I usually find gifts for my grandsons on Amazon!

Kelly Nicholson said...

my gift for denver broncos fans,,thanks!

Rusu Alexandru said...

My favourite games:Farmville and Farmville 2.I played every day 30 minutes for 2 years.
Zynga have good games!

Anonymous said...

I love Farmville, I think I'm addicted and I love these toys!

Thomas Murphy said...

my wife and kids love farmville. they would love these

GW 65 said...

I try to play Farmville on Facebook often.

kendralula said...

I can't stand FarmVille. Or any other Facebook game for that matter...

slehan said...

I don't play FB games. I often get kids things from thrift stores.

slehan at juno dot com

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