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Monday, December 24, 2012

Fairies and Friends ~ The Powerful Draw of Minis

From the time my children were little, the draw of mini collectible figures has been undeniable, if not a bit confusing.  Whether mini creatures, figures, play sets or even creative supplies or games, the younger the child, the smaller the item, the greater the appeal.

Almost comically, one of the children would discover a new offering of miniatures that they simply couldn't live without, as evident by their dreamy sigh.  As Mom, I would also emit a sigh, one of bewilderment and concern, over the likelihood that such small components would ever be kept track of long enough for more than a day or so of play.

Miniature Figure Gift Sets, Miniature Fairy Gift Sets

Could I have possibly been more mistaken!  Miniature characters, their pint-sized world play sets and even more tiny accessories seemed to be regarded and cared for like nothing else in my home.  Never far out of hand, the draw of these cherished treasures seemed nothing short of magical.

With my youngest now at a ripe old age,  beginning his transition from the rich imaginary play of toys to the more sophisticated world of technology, I had to ask him what about minis was so enchanting.  For him, the draw was two-fold, the fun of creating and playing with your own mini universe, as well as the importance of maintaining a collection.  Both motivators did indeed make perfect sense.

Sunscope Fairy & Ladybug Pet, Sprinkle Fog Fairy & Hummingbird Pet, Sea Breeze Fairy and Ant Pet, Morning Haze Fairy & Luna Moth Pet

My son and his friends, as well as his older sister before him, have long delighted in collecting, comparing and trading various items, whether figures, characters, cars or cards.  The ability to create one's own special world, however, was just a logical, as younger children begin to master more of the world around them and begin the journey to become independent, usually much earlier and more rapidly than a mother would ever dream.

Mini Collectible Figures, Littlest Pet Shop Fairy Figures
Shimmering Sky Prism Fairy & Bat Pet
Ages 4+     $4.99

Littlest Pet Shop Fairies
Collect individual mini Fairies figures
and their special pets as single sets,
add to the fun of play with play sets
and explore collections 
of pets, accessories and more!

find at HasbroToyShop.com 
or from area retailers near you

With these motivators considered, it was easy to understand why new characters for my niece's Littlest Pet Shop Fairies collection were so high on her list of must haves this season.  Easy to locate, both online and in store and with a very budget friendly price tag, I was happy to pick up a number of sets, both to gift now and for special occasions in the future.

What types of miniatures do your children collect?
Do they stay true to one type or have multiple collections?
Tell me in a comment below.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I received various products to explore for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Non-original images sourced above.  


Pam said...

I think these littlest pet shop dolls are so cute!

Janet W. said...

These little fairies are so cute! My grandson hasn't started collecting anything yet except stuffed animals!

Crystal Threeprncs said...

So cute. My daughter is a big fan of Littlest Pet Shop products.

Barb W. said...

Adorable! Minis really are the rage and so enticing, aren't they? My sons love the mini vehicles right now.

Grace Hodgin said...

My grand daughter collected these Pet Shop figures. These are really cute.

Kelly Nicholson said...

if i was a young girl..wow!...no.but it would make a great gift

april vendetti said...

Even though we are adults my friend and I always exchange a littlest pet shop toy with each other on Christmas. It makes us feel like little girls.

Rusu Alexandru said...

All girls like to have one this!
It's a pretty gift!

Anonymous said...

so cute! my niece would love these!

Thomas Murphy said...

My daughter would get a kick out of these!

GW 65 said...

My granddaughter would love it.

slehan said...

I've never been one to collect these kind of things. If you know a kid who likes this, a trip to the dollar store is good.

slehan at juno dot com

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