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Monday, December 10, 2012

Family Finance: Future Plans & Best Places To Retire In US

When my husband and I first met, our connection was immediate, in part due to our complimentary personalities and likely an even larger part due to our common threads.  We enjoy many of the same activities and in our early talks about life, we found we were in agreement about the all important questions of where to raise our family, the values important to instill in our children and even the best places to retire.  With younger dreams of adult freedom once our children entered college, we imagined ourselves enjoying the easy life from a glorious wooded retreat along the banks of Lake Michigan with interior lakes and rivers nearby to feed our fishing passion.

Of course, those easy dreams were not plans we found time to explore in great detail other than the far too infrequent quiet moments by the fire, refreshing ourselves for another round of the fun of everyday life.   Now that retirement is much closer on the horizon, we've found our easy talks are transitioning to more concrete discussions, often with more questions than answers.   With so many bumps along our life's road, we are concerned about whether our current financial plans are adequate to meet our goals, especially with the expense of college education for two looming on the horizon.  Is our dream retirement within our reach and is our long held dream the best choice for us?

We are both encouraged by our renewed determination to meet our long term goals and dreams, although a bit concerned that evaluating our current plan may be beyond our ken.  At this point, we are both in agreement that we need to reach out for competent assistance to make certain we are on the right path.  All the aspects to consider are, quite frankly, overwhelming.

One such example is in regard to our long held dream for our golden years.  Is Michigan the best place for us to spread out our comfortable roots?  We were recently reading an interesting article on the best places to retire and were surprised by what we discovered.   According to the article, many looking ahead to retirement consider cost of living and health care as top concerns, however it was suggested that several additional factors are just as important, including quality of daily life, wealth of opportunities and activities and  local culture.  As the article suggested we might be, my husband and I were surprised by some of the suggested best locales.

Best Places To Retire In The US 1

Austin, Texas
Clearwater, Florida
Fort Collins, Colorado
Marquette, Michigan
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Portland, Oregon
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Walnut Creek, California

Although my husband and I were pleased to note the beautiful Marquette of Michigan on the short list, reading about the wealth of offerings from some of the other locations certainly gave us pause to consider beyond what is truly our vacation ideal to the reality of every day life as a future retiree, as well as the funds needed to allow us to enjoy the activities and adventures we might like.  On a positive note, while we may not be as solidified in our retirement dream location, we've certainly uncovered a number of other important factors to consider in making this important choice in the future, as well as motivation to ensure we are on the right financial track to accomplish whatever we determine is our true retirement ideal.

Have you decided where you would like to retire?
What considerations are tops on your list?
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Information sourced from Genworth Financial  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  My Disclosure Policy. 1 - Best locations to retire suggested by CBSNews.com Article.


Grace Hodgin said...

It is always interesting to see where people want to retire. I think my husband will stay put where we are as we are content.

Crystal Threeprncs said...

Well, since I'm from New York, it's the unspoken rule that all New Yorkers retire to Florida, right? Since I have already moved there, looks like we will stay put lol Or if I have my way, move back home! Either way we have sometime to think about it :)

Barb W. said...

I'd love to go some place warm! Love the way snow sparkles, but the older I get, the less I like the cold weather that accompanies it. Interesting to see the list of top locations.

Pam said...

I plan to retire to Costa Rica and adopt a herd of cats.

Melanie said...

I love to dream where to retire; well.. Clearwater made the list and is only a cat jump from my house, I may use that as an alternative if my actual plan to move back home to Germany will fail; I soo want to have a Summer home in Germany and a winter home in Florida. Am I asking too much??

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