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Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Gamer's Bundles ~ Amazon Gift Code Give Away

Much to my son's chagrin, my family seems to be lagging a bit behind in regard to gaming technology.  Although it certainly feels like we just upgraded his system, he is quick and specific to point out the latest and the greatest options available, his lack of which leave him at a disadvantage of sorts.  Not one to ignore his baleful face, I found myself trying to make sense of the dizzying array of options available.

With the announcement and release of the Wii Universe, I thought for certain that it would be at the top of his list.  Considering how much he enjoys his handheld PSP, one might expect the PS3 to be a serious contender.  Misguided as I might be in the realm of gaming, his solid choice is XBox 360 with Kinect.  Based on my weak attempts at a subtle discussion on the topic, I am not convinced that he necessarily believe it to be the best upper level gaming system, however his desire to join the XBox ranks is high, primarily as most of his friends use this system and frequently discuss the latest relevant games they are conquering.

Kinect Bonus Game Bundle, XBox Bundle, Holiday Game Values

With, at least, a solid grasp on which type of system to gift this holiday season, I found myself quickly overwhelmed by the dizzying array of XBox Bundle options.  At times such as these, I appreciate the ability to browse and compare system bundles online and Amazon was my first stop.  While it was easy to compare the various bundled sets, I was surprised by how many specialty bundles are available!

Star Wars Limited Edition, Star Wars Gamer Bundle, Special XBox Bundles

With the price of adding a new gaming system to our holiday shopping list, I was happy to realize I could save by purchasing a standard bundle with Kinect, as compared to purchasing the Kinect sensor separately. Other XBox Bundles offered expanded memory at a nice savings, however, without being familiar with how much memory my son would require, I felt more comfortable in planning memory as a separate purchase.  I have to admit that the specialty bundles were very appealing, a Limited Star Wars Edition set in particular.  My son happens to share my innner geek gene and how could any Star Wars fan not be delighted with the theme of this set!

C3PO XBox controller, R2D2 XBox Game Console, E-Max Game Store

Certainly the added expense of selecting a specialty XBox Bundle causes one to pause and consider carefully, especially with the speed at which upgraded gaming systems are being introduced in the market.  In the end, I usually err on the philosophical position that one is only a child once, although I have to admit that that the fun of the Star Wars Bundle brings a childlike twinkle to my own eye!


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