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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Home: Putting Your Best Home Forward

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Holiday Fantasy

The gifts are found and wrapped with care.  The ingredients for your signature holiday dishes awaiting your careful preparations.  Your home transformed into a holiday wonderland, with trimmings and trappings carefully placed.  Everything is ready to greet your guests.  Your family, fresh and pressed waits calmly, with grace, to welcome them.

Holiday Reality

Wouldn't that be lovely!  More realistically, your children are fussing and wreaking havoc without intent on the efforts you've made at preparing for a holiday gathering, at least one of them having managed to lose or stain part of their planned holiday outfit.  

Your attention diverted as is so easy for it to be, you've forgotten an essential ingredient while at the grocery or managed to fuddle a recipe beyond the point that cranberry sauce can cover your folly.  In the holiday lights and candles are illuminating all the small (and large) cleaning tasks that your busy schedule did not permit you to tackle.  Your husband has his "honey do" mufflers on and simply cannot hear your pleas as he sits engrossed in some sporting event or another.

Although you could melt into a corner, full of despair, a savvy mother knows just how to encourage her family to action and the charm she uncovers, not to mention the aspects of her efforts that miraculously turned out as planned, with distract her guests from her holiday shortcomings.

It's All In The Motivation

The savvy, yet frantic holiday host knows that discovering and availing herself to her family's motivations is the key to rallying the troops for holiday emergencies.

Remove Distraction
Just as the family dog will follow you to the ends of the earth while you are holding one of his favorite juicy morsels, the children will quickly snap to attention when you are holding their personal lifelines, most likely their cell phones.

Positive Encouragement
Telling your dear husband that you think it is sexy when he does any particular household chore or errand will result in a hearty round of laughter.  It will also result in mission accomplished.  You don't believe me?  Give it a try and you'll become a believer.  Better yet, view this video of the Dusterson's!

Divide And Conquer
If you are truly running behind in preparing your home, divide the troops up with a few quick tasks that will have the greatest impact on your holiday guests.
  • Vacuum - even a quick run over carpeted areas and rugs will dramatically improve the look of your home
  • Dust - quickly accomplished with a quality mother's helper, like Endust, serving shiny surfaces and clean scent in your wake
  • Tote It - those empty totes are hanging around for a reason - and the reason is to store away your clutter quickly in an emergency before your guests arrive
  • Bathrooms -  delegate the other tasks to your family and assign yourself to bathroom duty.  Short cuts in other tasks might go unnoticed however you want to ensure your bathrooms sparkle
Working together as a team to solve holiday gathering emergencies means the whole family will have more time to relax and enjoy your event, stress-free!
Quick Holiday Cleaning Tips, Save On Endust, Endust Coupons
Before - After With Endust

Prepare For Holiday Reality

Keep easy emergency supplies on hand throughout the holiday entertaining season.  Specialty crackers and cookies can be a blessing to serve your hungry guests when your cooking schedule goes awry.  A party sized frozen entree and appetizers waiting in the freezer can be another excellent solution. 

Certainly, running out of vital cleaning supplies can sink your holiday gathering ship before it has sailed.  Check your stock of bathroom, floor,  glass cleaner and Endust before heading to the store to purchase your holiday meal ingredients.  Grabbing an extra package is never a bad idea during the holiday season. 

Save On Your Shopping

Take advantage of special sales and offerings all the supplies you'll need during the holiday season, cleaning products included!  Remember to grab your cleaning product coupons on your way out the door and keep an eye out for bonus packages to save even more!.   By watching The Dusterson's video, you'll immediately be rewarded with a $1.00 coupon for use on your Endust purchases and if you "like" or share the video, you'll be awarded with a $2.00 coupon for Endust!

Endust Bonus Package, Endust Coupons, Save On Endust

Quick clean ups and holiday spruce ups.
Relax and enjoy your gathering with 


How do you spruce up for the holidays?
What are your holiday gathering SOS tips?
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Endust. I received a product sample to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for participating.  The opinions above are both and of my own experiences.


Pam said...

Yep, that's so true. I used to tell my husband I thought it was sexy for a husband to cook dinner. After several burnt dinners, I decided it was sexier when he didn't cook dinner.

Grace Hodgin said...

My definition of sexy is a man that will wash the dishes!

Barb W. said...

I have yet to get our decorations up - way too far behind! Thanks for the inspiration and great tips, though!

Any guy that cooks (well) and/or does the dishes is totally a keeper :)

Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom said...

Well.. my husband is totally sexy, he will cook and clean...shhh just don't tell him I said that all out loud... He is amazing.. We are all done decorating but before we decorate we have to dust EVERYTHING!! Endust always does a great job on my side...

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