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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Life Proof Tech Protection ~ @OtterBox Peace Of Mind

If you are a Mom like me, you do not purchase a new techy gadget on a whim.  You take time in exploring all your options, comparing features, prices and benefits before taking a new techy plunge.  Certainly a reasonable thing to do considering the expense and commitment to adding a new cell phone or tablet to your family's communications portfolio.

I like to take advantage of seasonal specials, online rebates and either customer loyalty or new customer bonus deals to keep my financial outlay at a minimum, particularly since everyone in the family is now in need of tech on the go.  I scored a great deal on a new Samsung Galaxy SIII during the holiday melee of techy bargains for myself, the new iPhone 5 for the Teen Diva and Droid Razor HD models for my son and husband.  Even with the deal hunting and research, as a techy veteran, I know that keeping the phones functional and free of everyday life mishaps is as important as finding the best deal.

New Smart Phones, Best Smart Phones, Busy Mom Smart Phone

Techy gadgets, everyday life mishaps and I have an uncomfortable, even unpleasant history.  No amount of lecturing, cajoling and pleading with my family can prevent every accident.  When it comes to protecting our tech gear, many lessons about how to survive with our devices and budget in tact have been part of a long term learning process.

A great example is the day we learned that our young Labrador Retriever, seemingly noticing that the Teen Diva was as attached to her cell phone as he was to his tennis balls, decided it would be fun for everyone to play cell phone fetch.  For those unfamiliar with the game of "cell phone fetch", this high-spirited game involves dropping any phones left in the pool area within Labrador reach into the pool for swimmers to fetch.  Oh, yes.  True story.

Then there are the frequent additions to our woeful take, involving small jean pockets, gravity and sidewalks as well as mysterious tales of phone dropped from school desks after being jostled by a passerby.  Particularly mysterious as the phones are not to be out within the classroom?

Whatever the tale of woe might be, accidental, act of nature or through lack of preventative measure, the insurance care program you've been diligently paying for over countless months frequently seems to be lacking in coverage for the precise category of catastrophe you have experienced.  If you are fortunate to encounter an issue that is covered, the required co-payment itself is motivation enough to consider more effective protective measures.

Cases for iPhones, Hot iPhone Case Colors
OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone 5
When my teen daughter tries to educate me on some random subject in which she feels she is particularly savvy and I am shamefully out of touch upon, she is often met with raised eyebrows.  However, on the subject of tech safeguarding, I was recently thrilled by an inspired suggestion she'd made - OtterBox™ cases for smart phones.

Layers of Smart Phone Protections, Best Smart Phone Cases
Layers of OtterBox protection
After a brief review of the smart phone cases offered online by OtterBox, I knew they were worth further exploration and a likely candidate to help keep my family's phones safe and functional.  I loved that I could find a variety of styles, features and popular case colors for each of new smart phone models!  Each style of case seems to offer layers of protection and features suitable for a wide range of user needs.

Pink Smart Phone Case, Nature Themed Smart Phone Case, Pink OtterBox Case
Pink Realtree Camo iPhone 5 OtterBox Defender Case
A case perfect for everyone in the family!  I preferred the softer look of the white and gunmetal gray case and the Teen Diva locked in on the bolder, fashion colors right away.  My son was glad to find his favorite color blue in a bright hue and my husband honed in to the Realtree Camo version with a gleam in his eye

Camo Smart Phone Cases, Smart Phone Cases for Guys
Orange Realtree Camo OtterBox Smart Phone Cases
A case perfect for everyone in the family!  I preferred the softer look of the white and gunmetal gray case and the Teen Diva locked in on the bolder, fashion colors right away.  My son was glad to find his favorite color blue in a bright hue and my husband honed in to the Realtree Camo version with a gleam in his eye.

I am looking forward to putting the OtterBox protective smart phone cases to the test, both for my peace of mind and to save my family's budget from everyday techy catastrophes.  Stay tuned to find out our take!

Layers of protection 
for smart phones and tech gadgets 

What are your tips for keeping your tech gadgets safe?

Have you ever tried an OtterBox?
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I will be testing an OtterBox Smart Phone case courtesy of OtterBox and MomBloggersClub.  The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences.  Sourced images cited above


Pam said...

My daughter has an otterbox to protect her iPhone too.

debijackson said...

My son would appreciate this. debbie jackson
djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

karenmed409 said...

Have not tried Otterbox, and don't have an iphone.. I am interested in the other cases for my Kindle Fire. The only tips I can suggest is what I tell the kids when they are near the pool, keep their iPod's in a ziploc bag.. and if it happens to drop in the pool.. I keep a container of dry rice for them to dunk their ipod in to help absorb the water right away.. did this trick 2x last summer and worked very well.. another tip.. don't leave any of your gadgets in the car in the summer heat.

Jenn "Rook No. 17" said...

I just got an iPad Mini for Hanukkah. Definitely need to put it in an OtterBox before it takes a dive!

Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven) said...

I have not thought Iran outerbox. I have been looking for something else to try. Not all cases really do protect your phone.

Janet W. said...

I have an otterbox case for my iPhone. It's been wonderful! I don't have to worry too much when my grandson is holding my phone because I know it's well protected if it gets dropped.

Aimee C said...

I wanted one of these awhile ago and forgot, thanks for the reminder. We are a clumsy family and need OtterBox in our lives!

ufg8trj said...

I bought a generic one and I should have spent the money for one of these, the screen is much clearer!

Kelly Nicholson said...

its about time i get one of these..thanks

april vendetti said...

I love these boxes. I will never own another smart phone without an outterbox. I drop my phone so much and it protects it so well.

Tamara B. said...

An Otterbox is the only thing I trust with our techy items. Love how they honor their warranty too!

Rusu Alexandru said...

The Otterbox is good because protect and save your phone if you drop down!

brich2222 said...

Well built to protect the gadget for sure. THey have a great selection too

Gianna said...

Keeping them out of kids reach is a good start!

Anonymous said...

i love their cases! I'm always dropping my phone

Thomas Murphy said...

I have dropped my phone before and these are definitely great for kids. I wish I had one of these.

GW 65 said...

Never heard of Otterbox I think its a great idea.

kendralula said...

I use a similar product on my iPhone, made by Griffin. My phone definitely would not still be functioning were it not for that case. Otterboxes (and similar) are definitely worth the investment.

slehan said...

I am so behind in the tech world that I don't even have a device that needs protection like you get with Otterbox. I'll keep them in mind for when I do.

slehan at juno dot com

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