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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Must Have Fab: Exploring Human Colours of ELLIS FAAS

ELLIS FAAS Human Colours, Fine Cosmetics,  Ellis Faas Portolio
Photo Credit:  Ellis Faas Photography
Although there are any number of topics on which the Teen Diva and I do not see eye to eye, we do have a few shared passions, among them all things fabulous.  That dress, that shoe, that something extraordinarily special.  Just as the Diva, elated by a new discovery is quick to share it with her gal pals, I feel the same thrill when I discover something exceptional to share.  The Human Colours of Ellis Faas certainly falls into that category.

Fine Cosmetics, ELLIS FAAS Cosmetics, Creamy Cosmetics

As a middle years mother, I readily admit that my devotion to the exquisite has suffered from distraction, just as my attentiveness to my own needs and wants has waned in my dedication to motherhood.  Even so, the immediate recognition of something particularly spectacular has not been lost over the years, nor the desire to revisit that inner fabulousness, certainly not the need to treat myself.  We all deserve to be pampered and to gift to ourselves, with time, with self-care and whatever else might strike a special chord.

Fine Cosmetics, Human Colours, Only Tested on Super Models

Much like the Teen Diva herself, my moods and tastes cover a wide gambit, tending to run in the extremes, with my preferences varying from soft and subtle to bold and brilliant.  My passions are the same.  With this naturally occurring juxtaposition of personality, it is no surprise that we both were so taken with ELLIS FAAS cosmetics and delighted in the chance to explore the creamy collection.

Ellis Faas: Photographer, Artist
Photo Credit:  Ellis Faas Profile
Ellis Faas, a native of Amsterdam, launched her own cosmetics line in 2007 and holds a resume that speaks volumes of her life experiences and path to launching this divine line.  With a long history of passion for photography in the genres of documentary, portrait, over-stylized fashion and beauty, combined with an interest in cosmetics from her youth, Faas trained in make-up and special effects in Paris before opening her own studio in Amsterdam which would become the country's first  "make-over studio".

ELLIS FAAS Human Colours Cosmetics, Gifts For Women

Faas was discovered in 1999 by photographer Mario Testino and through their work and travel to the world fashion centers, she met French fashion editor Emmanuelle Alt who in turn introduced Faas to Carl Lagerfeld.  Through her work with Lagerfeld, Faas went on to design make-up for Lagerfeld's fashion shows for Fendi and Chanel, later working for many of the major cosmetics houses, including Clinique, Lancome, MAC and L'Oreal.

Creamy Lip Color, Easy Lip Color Application, Smooth lip makeup, long lasting lip color

Exploring the ELLIS FAAS collection online together was a treat in itself for both the Diva and I, with one gorgeous shade for lip or eye after another.  Akin to a child in a candy store, we would each be hard pressed to identify one line or color as our ideal.  Certainly Faas' stunning photography dressing the site adds to the visual appeal and has an enchanting effect on visitors.  We both appreciated the ease of navigating from one delicious collection to another, as well as the wealth of information available, from ingredients to usage suggestions and even videos addressing application.

No scent    No taste     No creasing.

No parabens      No animal testing.

Fine cosmetics, signature cosmetics, creamy cosmetic application, easy cosmetic application

Given an opportunity to test several items from the creamy collection, both the Diva and I were very pleased, in the quality and application, the gorgeous effects as well as with the oh, so stylish delivery from the Ellis Faas signature applicators.  With just a twist, we were treated to Taupe E107 from the creamy eye collection and Blood Red L101 and Pale Peach L108 from the creamy lip collection.  Soft, rich and vibrant, these stunning colors were smooth and long-lasting, easy to apply from the soft applicator brushes and tips.

Lengthening Mascara, Creamy Mascara, Fine Cosmetics,

Of course, to complete the perfect eye look, one needs a quality mascara.  ELLIS FAAS offers a wonderful solution for thick, lengthened lashes for bold, dramatic appeal.  Again, we were pleased with both the application and result.  This mascara promises to lift, lengthen and separate and it certainly delivers!

Fine Gifts For Women, Bold Cosmetics, Designer Cosmetics, Must Have Fab


Introducing a brand revolutionary in its Human Colours concept
that makes products suitable for anyone - regardless of skin tone, age or style.

How do you treat yourself?

What fabulous products are on your holiday wish list?
Tell me in a comment below! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I received stunning products from the ELLIS FAAS creamy collection to explore for the purposes of creating this feature. The opinions above are both honest and of my own experiences. Cited photos and some information sourced from various ELLIS FAAS sites.


Barb W. said...

I love a good lipstick! At holiday time, I love to spruce up my makeup selections and enjoy finding a festive outfit or two, as well.

Pam said...

I want to try these too! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Melanie said...

Thanks for introducing me to a new company; I'm excited to check them out and see what kind of goodies I can find to spoil myself; I do know I'm in dyer need of a good mascara.

Grace Hodgin said...

This company is new for me as well. Glad to find out about them.

Crystal Threeprncs said...

This sound great! You know how I love my makeup. Great photos BTW!!

Gianna said...

I love those colors.

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