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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Must Have Fab: Great Holiday Looks With Quality Hair Products

Even the busiest of us need to take time out to pamper ourselves.  Finding an opportunity to wear that new dress, pull out our favorite jewelry pieces, treat yourself to a manicure and to try that gorgeous hairstyle or  hair styling products you have been admiring can make a weary mother feel like a princess.   Whether your style is classic or modern, demure or wild, kicking off the comfort shoes for a pair of fabulous heels can do wonders for your spirit, attitude and outlook. Of course, having the right fashions, accessories and  hair products on hand before that holiday gathering or party is essential!

Folica Hair Styling Products, Holiday Hairstyles
Photo Credit:  HotTools.com
With our long locks, the Teen Diva and I have the hair we need to try most of the hair styles we discover and adore, however it can be a challenge with our busy schedules.  Although I am happy to send the Diva for a full treatment at the salon for certain special occasions, like the formal dances she attends, most often it is easier on our budget and schedule to style ourselves at home. For the expense of one trip to the salon for an up-do, we can purchase a great new hair tool or two for our home beauty stock, as well as the perfect products to compliment!

Professional quality hair tools, hair styling products, crimpers that work

When dressing our hair for the holidays or special occasions, the Diva and I love to take our hair to a whole new dimension.  As is often bemused, most women envy hair types dissimilar than their own natural look and  we are no different.  We love to add depth, curl and volume to our straight hair.  When we discover a great new hair tool, we are nearly giddy in anticipation of the new heights and curl we might reach!

HotTools Hair Products, Folica Hair Tools, Folica Hair Products, Gifts For Women

Recently, the Diva and I added a new hair tool to our in home beauty arsenal, the Hot Tools 2" Professional Hair Crimper.  With our old crimper struggling to keep up and certainly not a professional grade model, the chore and time it required to crimp our length far outweighed the fun of a flirty, full-bodied look.  Both the Diva and I were very impressed!

Hair Tools That Work, Hair Tools That Stay Hot, Gifts For Women, How To Crimp Hair

Several factors influenced our positive opinion.  The Hot Tools Crimper is much larger than our old model, with a generous 2" plate, yet it is much lighter and significantly easier to handle.  In the past, between waiting for the old crimper to heat up and then reheat after use, crimping a full head of hair was usually out of the question.  The Hot Tools Crimper, however, heated up quickly, in a minute or two.  Crimping multiple sections in repetitive fashion was not a problem, with each crimp taking just as crisply as the one before it.  In fact, we were able to crimp the full lengths of my daughter's hair in minutes, as opposed to close to an hour!

Hot Tools Professional Crimper from Folica

The ease of using this crimper can be attributed to the wonderful features of the model.  Plus Technology and the smooth, wide gold plates heat up the Hot Tools Professional Crimper quickly, retaining heat throughout the styling session and ensure heat is distributed evenly for that crisp, consistent look we desire.  Cool Touch ridges placed on both the top and bottom tips ensure a safe and cool grip while styling.  Large conveniently placed controls  and an eight foot power cord with a swivel connection make this tool easy to work with.   Adjustable temperature control, with options from 280° degrees for fragile hair and up to 430° for thick hair, makes the Hot Tools Crimper suitable for every hair type.

Folica Hair Tools, Hot Tools Hair Crimper, Crimpers That Work, How To Crimp Hair

Looking for a fun holiday style?
Go bold volume with a sassy crimped look!

Of course, even better than finding a great new hair tool is saving to purchase even more products and beauty implements!  The Diva and I discovered a fantastic opportunity at Folica.com that you won't to miss! Whether you need to revamp your own beauty arsenal or are seeking a gift for a fabulous someone on your list, a chance to shop for free at Folica.com and their quality line up of  hair tools and products are perfect reason to explore

Holiday Wishes Come True 
With Hair Products From Folica


Folica knows your hair is your most important accessory. 

That's why in November and December they’re offering a special promotion where everyone wins up to $50 to spend on hair styling products at Folica.com.  From November 23rd to January 1st, everyone can cross great hair off their wish lists when they enter to win a credit for hair products at Folica. 1 in every 100 wins a $50 credit to spend instantly on hair care. With over 60,000 great hair products, more than 300 beloved brands and over 70,000 customer ratings and reviews, Folica.com is your one-stop shop to recreate today’s hottest hairstyles.

What new hair tools are on your wish list this year?
Which hair tool that you own could you not live without?
Tell me in a comment below!  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I received product and other compensation from Folica for the purposes of creating this feature.  The opinions above are both honest and of our own experiences.  Non-original image sources noted above.  Video courtesy of HotTools.  


Crystal Threeprncs said...

Oh, how I loved my crimper. I have a beach wave now, basically a crimper and I must admit. I still love it!

Pam said...

I think my daughter would like a crimper but a good flat iron is on my list.

Grace Hodgin said...

We had all these types of tools when my daughter was at home. Good hair is essential.

Barb W. said...

Gotta love a good crimper, it's been ages since I used one, I may just need to re-update my style!

Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom said...

My Sister in law has a good Crimper n her wish list and since I have no clue what a good crimper is I'm soo thankful for your product review; I soo know what I will get her for Christmas. Thank you soooo much

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